A Mystic Health Voyage

An examination of the fundamental architectures of the human experience would reveal an approach to constructing the political in which the contemporary generalizations evident in the operations of its players might situate. The social for example becomes distinct from the customary public versus private, even if the context vis-à-vis both remains fuzzy, and given the seeming cacophony, that mystifies both also the portended. The debates over the nature and extent of authority becomes moot, as the blurring of authority itself given the fuzziness of the elements of the situations purportedly to control perplexes more than edifies. That we could not jettison the exigencies ominous in this scenario is retiring, and we struggle to reconstruct the intellectual framework on which the architectures predicate, cognizant of the costs of delay tarrying. The existential rubrics that underpin much of the prevalent themes in every generic domain become evident, and the epigenesis contingent upon which, albeit even if cryptic is at once, also evident. As does the interchange characteristic of the expression, not to mention the evolution of each domain, our perception of the value inherent in the domains sires tendencies in us, which by default aggregate to illuminate the grandeur of the totality of this expression. We start to enjoy the knowledge and appreciation of the transactions between expressional modes contributory to this manifestation, in keeping with the emotional attributes required for the incremental expression of our existential goals.


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