Of Education and Health

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That education plays a key role in our individual and social lives is not in question. The benefits to society of imparting knowledge either formally, in schools, or informally, in sundry settings, many acknowledge and indeed, crave. Few would dispute the need to educate our children to prepare them for the invariably challenging sojourn through life ahead. Not also, many would contend that we all need lifelong education on a variety of issues relevant to our lives, not to mention those we have to deal with as members of a group, community, even country, and as humans. We tend to conceptualize education in general terms, an atavistic relic we cannot ignore, one that nonetheless, limits our perspectives on this vital issue in profound ways, yet surprisingly belies an even deeper contraption of a worldview on its relationship to health that not just undermines the potency of both, but in particular operating in tandem. It is not difficult to see the act and process of imbibing knowledge and skills in both domains separately creating an enabling environment for the achievement of their respective goals. It is a different matter, however, conceptualizing the fundamentals common to both and upon which neither, not predicated, would not eventually wither. There is no gainsaying the eclectic dimensions of education for instance, from musings to discourses, and the transition from the simplistic to the intricate bidirectional in most societies, despite the inherence of the tendency of transition being from the former to the latter as societies become increasingly complex, although as we will argue, desirable, is instructive. Placing the philosophy of education astride developments in multiple domains capable of influencing it therefore, is the persistence of this bidirectional motion, whose significance might not be immediately obvious, other than for example, the moot point about the value of education itself if not perpetual.




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