Study Examines Relationship Between Hemispheric Dominance and Cell Phone Use

A study by Michael D. Seidman, M.D., of the Henry Ford Health System, West Bloomfield, Michigan, and colleagues examined if an association exists between sideness of cell phone use and auditory hemispheric dominance (AHD) or language hemispheric dominance (LHD).

An Internet survey was randomly e-mailed to 5,000 individuals, 717 surveys were completed. Sample questions surveyed which hand was used for writing, whether the right or left ear was used for phone conversations, as well as whether a brain tumor was present.

According to the results, ninety percent of the respondents were right handed, and 9 percent were left handed. Sixty-eight percent of the right-handed people used the cell phone in their right ear, 25 percent in the left ear, and 7 percent had no preference. Seventy-two of the left-handed respondents used the cell phone in their left ear, 23 percent used their right ear, and 5 percent had no preference.

“An association exists between hand dominance laterality of cell phone use (73 percent) and our ability to predict hemispheric dominance. Most right-handed people have left-brain LHD and use their cell phone in their right ear. Similarly, most left-handed people use their cell phone in their left ear,” the study concludes. (JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2013;139(5):466-470.