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27 Oct 2018 Medical News Today Feed
10 Sep 2016 Findings Suggest Electric Fan Use by Elderly During Extreme Heat Could Be Harmful
28 Aug 2016 Use of Feeding Tubes Decreases among Nursing Home Residents with Advanced Dementia
22 Oct 2015 Racial Differences in Outcomes, Costs of Care in Older Men with Prostate Cancer
15 Oct 2015 Test May Help Identify Patients Appropriate for Home Monitoring Device for Progression of AMD
25 Sep 2015 Hearing Impairment Associated With Increased Risk of Death
22 Sep 2015 ICU Admission for Older, Low-Risk Patients With Pneumonia Associated With Improved Survival, With Little Difference in Costs
15 Sep 2015 Factors Examined That May Contribute to Higher Risk of Death Following Hip Fracture Surgery Compared to Hip Replacement
29 Aug 2015 Two studies in the August 25 issue of JAMA examine the effect of physical activity and nutrient supplementation on cognitive function
27 Jul 2015 Insulin Resistance, Glucose Uptake in the Brain in Adults at Risk for Alzheimer
24 Jul 2015 Microbleeds, Diminished Cerebral Blood Flow in Cognitively Normal Older Patients
5 Jul 2015 Study Examines Association Between Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs, Memory Impairment
28 Jun 2015 Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators Underused Among Older Patients After Heart Attack
3 May 2015 Certain Genetic Factors Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis Severity, Risk of Death and Response to Treatment
13 Apr 2015 Bone Mineral Density Improved in Frail Elderly Women Treated with Zoledronic Acid
6 Apr 2015 Many Nursing Home Residents Die, Don’t Walk after Lower Extremity Revascularization
4 Apr 2015 Metformin Does Not Improve Heart Function in Patients Without Diabetes
16 Mar 2015 Study Examines Memory and Effects on the Aging Brain
13 Mar 2015 Cochlear Implantation Associated with Improved Speech Perception, Cognitive Function in Older Adults
23 Jan 2015 Patient Older Age Not an Issue in Revision Cochlear Implantation
12 Jan 2015 Study Suggests Some Older Adults Potentially Overtreated for Diabetes
27 Dec 2014 Extreme Heat in U.S. Associated With Increased Risk of Hospitalization Among Older Adults
21 Dec 2014 Feeling Younger Than Actual Age Meant Lower Death Rate for Older People
1 Dec 2014 Anticholesterol Rosuvastatin Not Associated with Reduced Risk for Fractures
22 Nov 2014 Once-Daily, Low-Dose Aspirin Does Not Reduce Risk of CV Death and Other Adverse Outcomes in Older Patients with Certain Risk Factors
12 Nov 2014 Use of Hospice Care by Medicare Patients Associated With Lower Rate of Hospitalization, ICU Admission, Invasive Procedures and Costs
27 Oct 2014 Traumatic Brain Injury Associated with Increased Dementia Risk in Older Adults
24 Sep 2014 Clinical Trial Examined Treatment for Complicated Grief in Older Individuals
8 Sep 2014 Patients with Advanced Dementia Continue Receiving Medications of Questionable Benefit
27 Aug 2014 APOE, Diagnostic Accuracy of CSF Biomarkers for Alzheimer Disease
18 Aug 2014 Studies, Commentary Examine Cancer Screenings in Older Patients
11 Aug 2014 Normal Cognition in Patient Without Apolipoprotein E, Risk Factor for Alzheimer
30 Jul 2014 Research Letter Examines Pacemaker Use in Patients with Cognitive Impairment
21 Jul 2014 Comparing Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatments
15 Jul 2014 Study Finds Decrease in Incidence of Stroke, Subsequent Death
6 Jul 2014 Drug Everolimus Does Not Improve Overall Survival in Patients with Advanced Liver Cancer
15 Jun 2014 For Patients Receiving Metformin to Treat Diabetes, Addition of Insulin Associated With Increased Risk of Death
1 Jun 2014 Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity Program For Older Adults Reduces Mobility Problems
29 May 2014 Study Examines Risk Factors for Sagging Eyelids
7 May 2014 Multidimensional Frailty Score Helps Predict Postoperative Outcomes in Older Adults
3 May 2014 Conservative Management of Vascular Abnormality in Brain Associated With Better Outcomes
26 Apr 2014 Quality Improvement Program Helps Lower Risk of Bleeding, Death Following Stroke
10 Apr 2014 Patients Over 65 Have More Complications after Colorectal Cancer Surgery
22 Mar 2014 Using Age to Distinguish Normal From Abnormal Blood Test Results Appears to Safely Exclude Lung Blood Clots in Older Patients
10 Mar 2014 Insulin-Related Hypoglycemia, Errors Related to Emergencies, Hospitalizations
1 Mar 2014 Medication to Treat High Blood Pressure Associated With Fall Injuries in Elderly
26 Feb 2014 Older Fathers Associated with Risk for Psychiatric, School Issues in Children
22 Feb 2014 Medication to Treat Agitation for Alzheimer Disease Shows Mixed Results
18 Feb 2014 Home-Based Exercise Program Improves Recovery Following Rehabilitation for Hip Fracture
27 Jan 2014 Byproduct of Pesticide DDT in Blood Associated with Increased Alzheimer Risk
23 Jan 2014 Study Examines Outcomes, Volume of Geriatric Trauma Cases
31 Dec 2013 Use of Vitamin E By Patients With Mild to Moderate Alzheimer Disease Slows Functional Decline
30 Dec 2013 Hypothyroidism Not Associated With Mild Cognitive Impairment in Study
25 Dec 2013 Study Examines Inosine to Increase Urate Levels in Patients with Parkinson Disease
18 Dec 2013 Antihypertensives Appear Associated With Lower Risk for Dialysis in Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease
14 Dec 2013 Acid-Suppressing Medications Associated with Vitamin B12 Deficiency
24 Nov 2013 Older Adults Experience More Vision Difficulties at Home
15 Nov 2013 No Association Between Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Alzheimer Disease, Dementia
9 Nov 2013 Testosterone Therapy Following Coronary Angiography Associated With Increased Risk Of Adverse Outcomes
26 Oct 2013 Less Sleep Associated with Brain Imaging Findings of Alzheimer Disease in Elderly
20 Oct 2013 Study Finds High Variability Among Primary Care Physicians in Rate of PSA Screening of Older Men
10 Oct 2013 Study Examines Characteristics of Thyroid Cancer
28 Sep 2013 Combining Diet and Exercise for Knee Osteoarthritis Produces Greater Improvement in Knee Pain, Function
12 Sep 2013 Travel Patterns of Older Adults Impacted by Visual Impairment
9 Sep 2013 Brain Circuitry Loss May Be Sign of Cognitive Decline in Healthy Elderly
25 Aug 2013 Study Evaluates Relationship Between Spinal Fluid Biomarkers of Alzheimer Disease And Brain Functional Network Integrity On Imaging Studies
13 Aug 2013 Healthy Diet, Moderate Alcohol Associated With Decreased Risk, Progression of Kidney Disease in Patient with Diabetes
4 Aug 2013 High Pain Sensitivity and Low Pain Tolerance Appear to be Associated with Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease
29 Jul 2013 Treatment for Back Pain Varies Despite Published Clinical Guidelines
14 Jul 2013 Seizures Late in Life May be an Early Sign of Alzheimer Disease
8 Jul 2013 Older Age Associated with Disability Prior to Death, Women More At Risk Than Men
23 Jun 2013 Earlier Treatment Following Stroke Onset Associated With Reduced Risk of In-Hospital Death, Higher Rate of Discharge to Home
19 Jun 2013 Screening Colonoscopy Associated With Increased Survival Duration and Rates For Patients With Colon Cancer
11 Jun 2013 Study Suggests Association Between Hypoglycemia, Dementia in Older Adults With Diabetes
10 Jun 2013 Replacing Carbohydrates, Animal Fat With Vegetable Fat May Reduce Risk of Death in Men With Prostate Cancer
1 Jun 2013 Research Letter Evaluates Relationship Between Glucosamine Supplementation and Increased Intraocular Pressure in Patients with Glaucoma
12 May 2013 Study Examines Cognitive Impairment in Families With Exceptional Longevity
6 May 2013 Adding Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Lutein/Zeaxanthin to Formulation Does Not Further Reduce Risk of Progression to Advanced AMD
22 Apr 2013 Study Evaluates Mobile Acute Care of the Elderly (MACE) Service Vs. Usual Elder Care
21 Apr 2013 Study Suggests Glucocerebrosidase Gene Mutations Are Risk Factor For Dementia With Lewy Bodies
20 Apr 2013 Treatment for Heart Failure Involving Cell Therapy, High-Dose Ultrasound Results in Modest Improvement in Measure of Cardiac Function
9 Apr 2013 Study Finds Similarity in Genes Associated With Alzheimer Disease Among African Americans and Individuals of European Ancestry
6 Apr 2013 Study Examines Lack of Communication Between Health Care Staff, Elderly Patients and Their Families About Advanced Care Plan
5 Apr 2013 Clinical Trial Finds Improvement in Cognitive Function But No Difference Between Group’s After Physical, Mental Activity in Older Adults
1 Apr 2013 Study Examines Lack of Communication Between Health Care Staff, Elderly Patients and Their Families About Advanced Care Plan
25 Mar 2013 Mild Cognitive Impairment at Parkinson Disease Diagnosis Associated with Increased Risk for Early Dementia
20 Mar 2013 Study Suggests Combination of Hypertension, Genetic Risk Factor for Alzheimer Disease May be Associated with Increased Brain Amyloid Deposits in Cognitively Normal Adults
11 Mar 2013 Study Suggests Many Colonoscopies for Older Adults May be Inappropriate
4 Mar 2013 Review of Clinical Trials Finds Pharmacologic Therapy Associated with Relief for Patients with Restless Legs Syndrome
17 Feb 2013 Study Finds Difficulty Obtaining Pricing, Varying Costs for Total Hip Replacement
11 Feb 2013 Emergency Department Crowding May be Associated with Acute Coronary Syndrome-Induced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms
21 Jan 2013 Hearing Loss May Be Related to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
7 Jan 2013 Maintenance Therapy With Calcium-Channel Blocker to Suppress Premature Labor Does Not Significantly Reduce Adverse Perinatal Outcomes
31 Dec 2012 Late-Life Depression Associated with Prevalent Mild Cognitive Impairment, Increased Risk of Dementia
27 Dec 2012 Analyses of 10 Studies Suggests that Blood Transfusion is Associated with Increased Risk of Death for Patients with Heart Attack
1 Dec 2012 Anticoagulation Treatment For Longer Than Three Months After Aortic Valve Replacement Associated With Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Death
18 Nov 2012 Physical Exercise Improves Gait Speed, Muscle Strength, Fitness in Patients with Parkinson Disease
12 Nov 2012 Fasting Time Prior to Blood Lipid Tests Appears to Have Limited Association With Lipid Levels
25 Oct 2012 Study of Patients Ages 90 and Older Links Poor Physical Performance, Increased Odds of Dementia
20 Oct 2012 Lower Use of Chloride in Intravenous Fluids For Critically Ill Patients Associated With Decreased Risk of Kidney Injury
29 Sep 2012 Study Examines Delayed, Misdiagnosis of Sporadic Jakob-Creutzfeldt Disease
24 Sep 2012 Study Analyzes Variations in Antibiotic Prescribing Among Older Patients
25 Aug 2012 Addition of Carotid Artery Wall Thickness to Risk Model Associated With Small Improvement in Prediction of Heart Attack, Stroke
14 Aug 2012 Strategy Appears to Help Rule-In, Rule-Out Heart Attack Within 1 Hour
2 Aug 2012 Older Patients Have Lower Risk of Hip Fracture After Cataract Surgery
18 Jun 2012 Study Links Loneliness in Older Individuals to Functional Decline, Death
30 May 2012 Acupuncture Appears Associated with Improvement in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
29 Apr 2012 Study Examines Relationship Between 2 Proteins Associated with Alzheimer Disease
1 Apr 2012 Study Examines Link Between Blood Biomarkers and Risk of Alzheimer Disease
31 Mar 2012 Warfarin for Stroke Prevention Related to Low Rate of Residual Stroke in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
20 Mar 2012 Clinical Trial Examining Effects of Antioxidants for Alzheimer Disease on Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers
17 Mar 2012 Statin Use Appears Associated with Modest Reduction in Parkinson Disease Risk
14 Mar 2012 Treatment of Intestinal E Coli Infection With Antibiotic Appears to Reduce Duration of Bacterial Carriage
16 Feb 2012 Chemical Marker that Binds to Brain Deposits May Help Identify Persons At-Risk For Future Cognitive Decline
25 Jan 2012 Study Suggests Association Between Cognitive Activity and Brain Protein Related to Alzheimer Disease
11 Jan 2012 Study Examines Accuracy of Prognostic Tools Used to Predict Mortality Among Older Adults
9 Jan 2012 Active Lifestyle Associated With Less Alzheimer Disease-Related Brain Change Among Persons With APOE ?4 Genotype
5 Jan 2012 Changes Seen in Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels Before Onset of Alzheimer Dementia
14 Dec 2011 Cognitive Decline in Patients with Parkinson Disease Associated With Certain Patterns of Brain Volume Decreases
13 Dec 2011 Cancer Screening Among Older Adults Appears Common
23 Oct 2011 Sterilization Method for Dialyzer Membrane Used For Hemodialysis Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Low Platelet Counts
16 Oct 2011 Small Study Shows Association Between Medication and Reduction in Brain Amyloid Levels Related to Alzheimer Disease
18 Sep 2011 Study Evaluates Intranasal Insulin Therapy for Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment or Alzheimer Disease
14 Aug 2011 More Frequent Visual Field Testing May Lead to Earlier Detection of Glaucoma Progression
8 Aug 2011 Deep Brain Stimulation Effects May Last for 10 Years in Patients With Parkinson’s Disease
24 Jul 2011 Two Studies Evaluate the Association Between Physical Activity and Lower Rates of Cognitive Impairment
10 Jun 2011 Study Finds Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment May Also Have Some Functional Impairment
1 Jun 2011 Fracture Prediction Methods May Be Useful For Patients With Diabetes
30 May 2011 Elevated Levels of Certain Biomarkers Among Elderly Patients With Heart Failure Symptoms Associated With Increased Risk of Death
9 May 2011 Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment Common in ‘Oldest Old’ Women
28 Apr 2011 Tai Chi Appears to Benefit Quality of Life for Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
14 Apr 2011 Routine Laboratory Test Data Predicts Progression to Kidney Failure for Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
29 Jan 2011 Brief, Individualized Counseling Improves Sleep in Older Adults With Insomnia
16 Jan 2011 Anti-Epileptic Drugs Associated With Increased Risk of Fracture in Older Adults
10 Jan 2011 Nursing Home Closures Clustered in Poor, Minority Areas
6 Jan 2011 Walking Speed Associated With Survival in Older Adults
13 Dec 2010 Opioid Use Associated With Increased Risk of Adverse Events Among Older Adults
27 Nov 2010 Exercising to Piano Music Appears to Help Reduce Falls Among Older Adult
4 Oct 2010 Exercise Associated With Lower Rate of Fractures in Elderly Women
2 Oct 2010 Outcomes of Communication About End-of-Life Care Appear to Differ Between Black and White Patients
18 Sep 2010 Pilot Study Demonstrates Safety of Diabetes Medication for Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease
11 Aug 2010 Three Biomarkers in Spinal Fluid Appear Helpful to Classify Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease
31 Jul 2010 Delirium in Elderly Patients Associated With Increased Risks of Death, Dementia and Institutionalization
13 Jul 2010 Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Cognitive Decline
8 Jul 2010 Plasma Protein Appears to Be Associated With Development and Severity of Alzheimer’s Disease
22 May 2010 Cochlear Implants Slightly Less Beneficial in Older Patients
16 May 2010 Parkinson’s Disease Treatments Associated With Compulsive Behaviors
15 May 2010 Genetic Variations Associated With Alzheimer Disease, But Do Not Help Predict Risk
17 Apr 2010 Individuals With Alzheimer’s Disease May Lose Muscle Mass
14 Apr 2010 Advancing Age Associated With Increased Risk of Complications, Death After Implantation of Cardiac Devices
11 Apr 2010 Worsening Memory Associated With Later Alzheimer’s Disease
7 Mar 2010 Having Greater Purpose in Life Associated With a Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
28 Feb 2010 Hospitalization for Acute Care or Critical Illness Associated With Greater Likelihood of Subsequent Cognitive Decline for Older Adults
17 Jan 2010 Study Examines Prescribing of Antipsychotic Medications for Nursing Home Residents
24 Nov 2009 Psychotropic Medications Associated With Risk of Falls in Older Adults
21 Oct 2009 Study Examines Complications of Thyroid Surgery in Older Patients
19 Sep 2009 Difficulties With Daily Activities Associated With Progression To Dementia
26 Jun 2009 An Estimated 4 Percent of Older U.S. Men Have Dry Eye Disease
13 May 2009 Eating Fish, Nuts and Olive Oil May Be Associated With Reduced Risk of Age-Related Blindness
23 Apr 2009 Severe Hypoglycemia Associated With Increased Risk of Dementia for Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes
22 Apr 2009 Cognitive Behavior Therapy Helps Older Adults With Anxiety Reduce Worry, Improve Mental Health
15 Apr 2009 Aspirin and Similar Drugs May Be Associated With Brain Microbleeds in Older Adults
26 Mar 2009 Vitamin D Supplements Associated With Reduced Fracture Risk in Older Adults
27 Feb 2009 Type of Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication May be Associated With Increased Risk for Shingles
11 Feb 2009 Older Adults Who Experience Osteoporotic Fracture Have Increased Risk of Death For 5 - 10 Years
16 Jan 2009 Diabetes Associated With Different Types of Brain Injury in Patients With Dementia
13 Jan 2009 Elderly May Have Higher Blood Pressure in Cold Weather
26 Dec 2008 Among Older Adults, Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications Are Commonly Used Together
16 Dec 2008 Age-Related Farsightedness May Affect More than 1 Billion Worldwide
28 Nov 2008 Association Between Depression, Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events Appears To Be Largely Explained By Change in Health Behaviors
21 Aug 2008 Study Examines Testing Model to Predict and Diagnose New Cases of Dementia
23 Jul 2008 Memory Impairment Associated With Sound Processing Disorder
15 Jul 2008 New Criterion May Improve Identification of Dementia Risk in Highly Educated Older Adults
15 Apr 2008 Blood Urate Levels Associated With the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease
12 Feb 2008 Learning Disabilities Associated With Language Problems Later in Life
11 Feb 2008 Autopsy Findings Suggest End of Decline in Coronary Disease Rates
31 Jan 2008 Study Finds Increasing Rates of Diabetes Among Older Americans
17 Jan 2008 Low Testosterone Levels Associated With Risk of Fracture in Men Over 60
1 Jan 2008 Testosterone Supplementation for Older Men Appears to Have Limited Benefit
17 Dec 2007 High Blood Pressure Associated With Risk for Mild Cognitive Impairment