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1 Feb 2012 Study Finds Substantial Variability in Rate of Additional Surgery After Partial Mastectomy
29 Jan 2012 Positive Affirmation Appears to Improve Medication Adherence in Hypertensive African-Americans
25 Jan 2012 Study Suggests Association Between Cognitive Activity and Brain Protein Related to Alzheimer Disease
24 Jan 2012 Increased Exposure to Compound Widely Used in Food Packaging Associated With Reduced Immune Response to Vaccinations For Children
22 Jan 2012 Study Evaluates Relationship Between Blood Potassium Levels After Heart Attack and In-Hospital Mortality
21 Jan 2012 Prevalence of Obesity in U.S. Still High, With Little Change in Recent Years
20 Jan 2012 Replacing Medicare Visual Acuity Screening with Dilated Eye Exams Appears Cost Effective
12 Jan 2012 Statin Use in Postmenopausal Women Associated with Increased Diabetes Risk
11 Jan 2012 Study Examines Accuracy of Prognostic Tools Used to Predict Mortality Among Older Adults
10 Jan 2012 Persons With Dementia Have Higher Rate of Hospitalizations
9 Jan 2012 Active Lifestyle Associated With Less Alzheimer Disease-Related Brain Change Among Persons With APOE ?4 Genotype
8 Jan 2012 Heart Attack Patients in the U.S. More Likely To Be Readmitted to the Hospital Than Patients In Other Countries
5 Jan 2012 Changes Seen in Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels Before Onset of Alzheimer Dementia
3 Jan 2012 When Overeating, Calories, Not Protein, Contribute to Increase in Body Fat
2 Jan 2012 Schizophrenia Diagnosis Associated With Progressive Brain Changes Among Adolescents
1 Jan 2012 Hypertension Treatment Associated With Long-Term Improvement in Life Expectancy
28 Dec 2011 Rate of Cochlear Implant Failure, Reimplantation Appears to be Low Among Children
22 Dec 2011 Cancer Survivors Have Increased Risk of Cutaneous Melanoma
20 Dec 2011 Sleep Disorders Common Among Police Officers
19 Dec 2011 Sunless Tanning Products Associated With Reduced Exposure to UV Radiation Among Women
18 Dec 2011 Analysis Examines Outcomes of Procedures Such as Angioplasty, Stent Placement at Hospitals Without Cardiac Surgery Capability
15 Dec 2011 AMD Prevalence Similar Among Three Major Ethnic Groups in Asia
14 Dec 2011 Cognitive Decline in Patients with Parkinson Disease Associated With Certain Patterns of Brain Volume Decreases
13 Dec 2011 Cancer Screening Among Older Adults Appears Common
12 Dec 2011 Study Does Not Find Increased Risk of Serious Cardiovascular Events Among Young and Middle-Aged Adults Who Use ADHD Medications
11 Dec 2011 Study Examines Trends in Quality of Care and Health Care Spending for Depression
9 Dec 2011 Post-partum Psychiatric Episodes Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Bipolar Affective Disorder
8 Dec 2011 State Policies Mandating Physical Education and Recess Associated With Increase In Overall In-School Physical Activity Among Children
6 Dec 2011 Childhood Maltreatment Associated With Cerebral Gray Matter Reductions in Adolescents
30 Nov 2011 Patients Requiring Transfer to Another Facility for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Rarely Meet Recommended Guidelines for Transfer to Treatment Times
29 Nov 2011 Hospital Readmission Occurs Frequently For Patients With Certain Type of Heart Attack Who Receive PCI
28 Nov 2011 Smoking Cessation Interventions Appear To Be Effective For Some Current Smokers
27 Nov 2011 Laser Removal May Be Advantageous for Treating Precancerous Skin Lesions
23 Nov 2011 Study Evaluates Association Between Urinary Salt Excretion and Risk of Cardiovascular Events or Death
21 Nov 2011 Treatment of Acne Using Oral Antibiotics Associated With Reporting Symptoms of Sore Throat
20 Nov 2011 Study Examines Racial and Ethnic Variations in Substance-Related Disorders Among Adolescents
14 Nov 2011 Certain Medications Used for Diseases Such as Rheumatoid Arthritis Not Associated With Increased Risk of Hospitalization For Serious Infections
13 Nov 2011 Neuromuscular Warm-Up Associated With Reduction in Lower Extremity Injuries in Adolescent Female Athletes
11 Nov 2011 Small, Preliminary Study Finds Abnormal Number of Neurons in Brains of Children with Autism
10 Nov 2011 Web-Based Intervention Appears Ineffective for Preventing Weight Gain in Adolescents
9 Nov 2011 Removing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages from Schools Associated With Reduced Access To, But Not Consumption of These Beverages Among Adolescents
8 Nov 2011 Certain Medications Used for Diseases Such as Rheumatoid Arthritis Not Associated With Increased Risk of Hospitalization For Serious Infections
7 Nov 2011 Study Characterizes Epigenetic Signatures of Autism in Brain Tissue
2 Nov 2011 Recipients of Organ Transplants at Increased Risk For Broad Range of Cancers
1 Nov 2011 Low Levels of Alcohol Consumption Associated With Small Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

31 Oct 2011 Probability Model Examines Proportion of Women Who Survive Following Detection of Breast Cancer Through Screening
30 Oct 2011 Non-Targeted HIV Testing in Emergency Departments Identifies Only a Few New Cases, French Study Finds
28 Oct 2011 Researchers Identify Factors Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Clot Within Coronary Stent
25 Oct 2011 Yoga and Stretching Exercises Beneficial for Chronic Low Back Pain
23 Oct 2011 Sterilization Method for Dialyzer Membrane Used For Hemodialysis Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Low Platelet Counts
22 Oct 2011 More Surgery in Early-Stage Laryngeal Cancer Treatment; More Chemoradiation for Advanced-Stage Patients
19 Oct 2011 Survey of Hair Professionals Finds That Some Report Looking For Skin Cancer Lesions on Customers’ Scalp, Neck and Face
18 Oct 2011 Hospitalization for Heart Failure Among Medicare Patients Has Declined Substantially
17 Oct 2011 Undergoing Bariatric Surgery Associated With Obese Family Members Adopting Healthier Lifestyles
16 Oct 2011 Small Study Shows Association Between Medication and Reduction in Brain Amyloid Levels Related to Alzheimer Disease
15 Oct 2011 Maternal Use of Folic Acid Supplements in Early Pregnancy Associated With Reduced Risk of Severe Language Delay in Children
13 Oct 2011 Behavioral and Educational Interventions Appear to be Effective for Patients with Poorly Controlled Diabetes
11 Oct 2011 Use of Vitamin E Associated With Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
10 Oct 2011 Certain Dietary Supplements Associated With Increased Risk of Death in Older Women
9 Oct 2011 Compliance by Children’s Hospitals With Quality Measure For Asthma Care Not Associated With Reduced Readmission Rates
6 Oct 2011 Same-Day Discharge After Elective Coronary Angioplasty or Stent Placement Not Associated With Increased Risk of Death, Rehospitalization
5 Oct 2011 Dietary Supplements For Patients After Lung Injury Do Not Appear to Improve Outcomes; May Be Harmful
4 Oct 2011 Suspects of Child Abuse Homicide Are Convicted at Rates Similar to Suspects of Adult Homicides, Study Finds
3 Oct 2011 Certain Therapies Appear Beneficial in Reducing PTSD Symptoms in Some Trauma Survivors
28 Sep 2011 Increased Caffeinated Coffee Consumption Associated With Decreased Risk of Depression in Women.
27 Sep 2011 Atypical Antipsychotics Appear to Be Effective For Only Few Off-Label Uses
25 Sep 2011 Prediction Models Help Determine Likelihood of Erectile Function After Treatment for Prostate Cancer
24 Sep 2011 Evaluation of Trends in Pediatric Psoriasis Outpatient Health Care Delivery Finds Some Treatment Variability
23 Sep 2011 Addition of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Drug Treatment of Pediatric OCD Results in Improvement of Symptoms
21 Sep 2011 Preterm Birth Associated With Higher Risk of Death in Early Childhood, Young Adulthood
20 Sep 2011 Depression Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke and Stroke-Related Death
19 Sep 2011 Association Found Between Percentage of Minority Trauma Patients in a Hospital and Increased Odds of Dying
18 Sep 2011 Study Evaluates Intranasal Insulin Therapy for Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment or Alzheimer Disease
17 Sep 2011 Large Increase Seen in Number of Lymph Nodes Evaluated for Colon Cancer, But No Corresponding Rise in Node-Positive Cancers
16 Sep 2011 Association Found Between Long-Term Use of Nonaspirin Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Renal Cell Cancer
15 Sep 2011 Stronger Graduated Driver Licensing Programs For Teens Show Mixed Results for Rates of Teen Involvement in Fatal Crashes
14 Sep 2011 U.S. Public May Not Be Aware of Important Uncertainties About Drug Benefits and Harms, but Explaining These Uncertainties Might Improve Their Choices
12 Sep 2011 Study Finds No Association Between Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Use of Statins Among Patients With Prior Stroke
11 Sep 2011 Medical Schools Spend Small Amount of Time Teaching Content Related to Health of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Patients
8 Sep 2011 Burnout, Work/Life Dissatisfaction Commonly Reported by Internal Medicine Residents
7 Sep 2011 Study Examines Prevalence of Unconscious Race and Social Bias Among Medical Students
6 Sep 2011 Use of Technology-Enhanced Simulation For Training of Health Care Professionals Associated With Improved Skills, Patient Outcomes
4 Sep 2011 Use of Procedure To Increase Circulation Before and After Angioplasty or Stent Placement Does Not Appear to Provide Benefit
30 Aug 2011 Study Finds Association Between Blood Biomarker and Risk of Death
25 Aug 2011 Patients Discharged From a Hospital at Increased Risk of Unintentional Discontinuation of Medications for Chronic Diseases
24 Aug 2011 Diastolic Dysfunction Appears to Worsen Over Time; Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Heart Failure
23 Aug 2011 Diet That Combines Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Results in Greater Decrease in LDL Than Low-Saturated Fat Diet
18 Aug 2011 Study Evaluates Pressure Device Worn on the Ear at Night As Treatment for Scar Tissue
16 Aug 2011 New Analysis Indicates That Risk of Bladder Cancer From Smoking Greater Than Previously Reported
15 Aug 2011 Vitamin D Levels Appear to Be Associated With Risk of Skin Cancer, Although Relationship Is Complex
14 Aug 2011 More Frequent Visual Field Testing May Lead to Earlier Detection of Glaucoma Progression
13 Aug 2011 Younger Black Patients Undergoing Dialysis Have Higher Risk of Death Compared to White Patients
12 Aug 2011 Blood Loss From Laboratory Testing Associated With Hospital-Acquired Anemia for Patients With Heart Attacks
11 Aug 2011 Sleep-Disordered Breathing Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Cognitive Impairment or Dementia Among Older Women
10 Aug 2011 Age and Severity of Heart Failure Associated With Impairment in Verbal Memory
8 Aug 2011 Deep Brain Stimulation Effects May Last for 10 Years in Patients With Parkinson’s Disease
7 Aug 2011 Studies Evaluate Programs to Transition Care of Patients After Hospital Discharge
5 Aug 2011 Test Measuring Blood Glucose Control May Help Improve Ability to Predict Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Events in Patients With Diabetes
2 Aug 2011 Withdrawal From Heavy Cigarette Smoking Associated With Brain Imaging Changes in Regions Related to Mood Regulation
1 Aug 2011 Self-Medication of Anxiety Symptoms With Drugs or Alcohol Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Substance Use Disorders
31 Jul 2011 Overall Rate of Chronic Health Problems for Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Children Does Not Appear to Increase In Adolescence
30 Jul 2011 Detection of Occult Metastases in Lymph Nodes Not Associated With Overall Survival in Early-Stage Breast Cancer
29 Jul 2011 Researchers Identify Genetic Mutations Associated With Diseases of the Esophagus
28 Jul 2011 Test Measuring Blood Glucose Control May Help Improve Ability to Predict Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Events in Patients With Diabetes
25 Jul 2011 Antibiotic Appears to Be More Effective Than Cranberry Capsules for Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
24 Jul 2011 Two Studies Evaluate the Association Between Physical Activity and Lower Rates of Cognitive Impairment
22 Jul 2011 Therapy Associated With Reduced Rate of Chemotherapy-Induced Early Menopause For Women With Breast Cancer
21 Jul 2011 Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Associated With Hearing Loss in Adolescents
20 Jul 2011 Cardiac Disorder May Affect Broader Range of Patients Than Previously Reported
14 Jul 2011 Neighborhood Fast Food Availability Related to an Individual’s Fast Food Consumption
10 Jul 2011 In Homes Where Child Abuse Reports Have Been Substantiated, Study Identifies Groups at Higher and Lower Risk for Further Reports and Abuse
9 Jul 2011 Small, Rural Hospitals Show Poorer Results on Measures of Quality of Care, Patient Outcomes
8 Jul 2011 Healthy Lifestyle Associated With Low Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in Women
7 Jul 2011 Patients With Eating Disorders Have an Elevated Rate of Death
6 Jul 2011 Length of Parental Military Deployment Associated With Children’s Mental Health Diagnoses
5 Jul 2011 Study of Twins Suggests Genetic Component of Autism Spectrum Disorders May Be Moderate, Environmental Component May Be Substantial
3 Jul 2011 Quality of Hospital Care in U.S. Territories Appears Lower Than in U.S. States
28 Jun 2011 In Chronic Kidney Disease, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Seems More Accurate Than Office Blood Pressure Measurement in Predicting Subsequent Health Events
27 Jun 2011 Diastolic Dysfunction of the Heart Associated With Increased Risk of Death
26 Jun 2011 Most Heart Attack Patients Needing Procedure Such As Balloon Angioplasty At Another Hospital Not Transferred in Recommended Time
24 Jun 2011 Intranasal Corticosteroid Treatment Appears Beneficial for Children With Obstructive Sleep Apnea
23 Jun 2011 Intensive-Dose Statin Therapy Associated With Increased Risk of Diabetes
21 Jun 2011 Analysis of Studies Evaluates Tonsillectomy Techniques
19 Jun 2011 Number of Paid Malpractice Claims Similar Between Inpatient and Outpatient Settings
17 Jun 2011 Type 2 Diabetes Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke and Cardiovascular Problems, but Metabolic Syndrome Is Not
15 Jun 2011 Extensive Television Watching Linked With Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and All-Cause Death
14 Jun 2011 Patients With Early-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease and Elevated Levels of Certain Hormone More Likely to Experience Poorer Outcomes
13 Jun 2011 Bariatric Surgery Among Older, High-Risk Patients Not Associated With Reduced Mortality
12 Jun 2011 Diversion of Ambulances Associated With Increased Risk of Death For Heart Attack Patients
11 Jun 2011 Adherence to Certain Dietary Pattern Associated With Lower BMI in Adolescent Girls
10 Jun 2011 Study Finds Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment May Also Have Some Functional Impairment
9 Jun 2011 Study Identifies Genetic Mutations Associated With Cancer Risk for Hereditary Cancer Syndrome
8 Jun 2011 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Associated With Improved Depressive Symptoms for Patients in Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
7 Jun 2011 Study Suggests Association Between Childhood Bullying and Adult Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration
5 Jun 2011 Following Colorectal Cancer Surgery, Longer Delay To Beginning Chemotherapy Associated With Worse Survival
4 Jun 2011 Childhood Cancer Survivors At Increased Risk of Certain Tumors in Middle-Age
1 Jun 2011 Fracture Prediction Methods May Be Useful For Patients With Diabetes
31 May 2011 Study Finds No Association Between Having Organ Transplant Surgery at Nighttime and Poorer Survival After One Year
30 May 2011 Elevated Levels of Certain Biomarkers Among Elderly Patients With Heart Failure Symptoms Associated With Increased Risk of Death
26 May 2011 Certain Medications Associated With Increased Risk of Urinary Retention in Men With COPD
25 May 2011 Physicians’ Group Releases Top 5 Recommendations for Improving Primary Care
24 May 2011 Initially Healthy Women With New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation May Have Increased Risk of Premature Death
23 May 2011 Low-Risk Patients Screened for Heart Disease Tend to Receive More Preventive Care and Testing, but Their Outcomes May Not Be Any Different
22 May 2011 No Objective Evidence of Skin Infestation Apparent in Patients With Diagnosis of Delusional Infestation
21 May 2011 Reminding Surgical Staff of Phlebotomy Costs Appears to Affect Utilization
20 May 2011 Economic Factors Associated With Increase in Closures of Emergency Departments
19 May 2011 Study Links Obesity to Increased Risk of Developing Postoperative Infection Following Colon Surgery
17 May 2011 Implementation of Telemedicine Intervention in ICUs Associated With Better Outcomes for Patients
15 May 2011 Administration of Erythropoietin to Patients With Heart Attack Who Undergo Coronary Intervention Procedures Does Not Reduce Size of Heart Muscle Involvement; Associated With Higher Rates of Adverse Events
12 May 2011 Patients Often Do Not Receive Optimal Medical Therapy Before and After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
11 May 2011 Since Introduction of New Screening Tool, Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis Rates Have Increased but Related Deaths Have Not Decreased Accordingly
9 May 2011 Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment Common in ‘Oldest Old’ Women
8 May 2011 Physicians and Nurses Caring for Pediatric Patients Communicate Better in Small Teams, Study Finds
7 May 2011 Structured Exercise Training Associated With Improved Glycemic Control for Patients With Diabetes
5 May 2011 Rate of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgeries Decreases Substantially
4 May 2011 Study Finds Autism-Related Early Brain Overgrowth Slows By Age 2 Years
1 May 2011 Activation of Biomarker Appears Associated With Improved Survival Among Obese Patients With Colorectal Cancer
30 Apr 2011 Vitamin E or Metformin May Not Be Effective for Treating Liver Disease in Children and Teens
29 Apr 2011 Low Health Literacy Associated With Higher Rate of Death Among Heart Failure Patients
28 Apr 2011 Tai Chi Appears to Benefit Quality of Life for Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
27 Apr 2011 HIV Infection May Be a Risk Factor for Heart Failure
25 Apr 2011 Study Tests Interventions Targeting Multiple Health-Related Behaviors, Including HIV/STD Transmission Prevention in African American Couples
24 Apr 2011 Virtual Surgery Shows Promise in Personalized Treatment of Nasal Obstruction
23 Apr 2011 Airway Abnormalities Appear To Be Uncommon Among Well-Appearing Babies With Apparent Life-Threatening Events
22 Apr 2011 Previous-Day Alcohol Consumption Appears to Affect Surgical Skills On Virtual Reality Simulator
20 Apr 2011 Study Finds Decrease in Length of Hospital Stay After Hip Replacement, But Increase in Hospital Readmissions
18 Apr 2011 Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders Associated With Poor Surgical Outcomes Even for Non-Emergency Procedures
17 Apr 2011 Lengthening Dosing Schedule For HPV Vaccine May Provide Effective Option for Expanding Use of Vaccine
14 Apr 2011 Routine Laboratory Test Data Predicts Progression to Kidney Failure for Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
12 Apr 2011 Persons With Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, But Without Symptoms, Still Shed Virus
11 Apr 2011 Combined Use of Three Markers For Kidney Disease May Help Predict Risk of Kidney Failure, Death
10 Apr 2011 Prevalence of ‘Flattened Head’ in Infants and Young Children Appears To Be Increasing
9 Apr 2011 Risk of Death From Opioid Overdose Related to Higher Prescription Dose
7 Apr 2011 Partner Controlling Behaviors Appear To Be Associated With Relationship Violence
5 Apr 2011 Longer-Term Follow-up of Users of Estrogen Therapy Finds Some Changes in Risks
4 Apr 2011 High-Impact Sports Associated With Increased Risk of Stress Fracture Among Adolescent Girls
3 Apr 2011 Report to nation finds continued declines in many cancer rates
31 Mar 2011 Periocular Treatment Improves Eye Comfort and Quality of Life For Patients With Facial Paralysis
30 Mar 2011 ‘Digital Divide’ Appears To Exist in Adoption of Online Personal Health Records
29 Mar 2011 Conflicts of Interest are Prevalent Among Writers, Reviewers of Cardiovascular Clinical Practice Guidelines
28 Mar 2011 Enhanced Cleaning of ICUs Associated With Reduced Risk of MRSA Transmission
24 Mar 2011 Newborn Hearing Screenings Do Not Appear to Identify All Children At Risk for Hearing Loss
22 Mar 2011 Occasional Physical, Sexual Activity Associated With Short-Term Increased Risk of Heart Attack, Cardiac Death, Although Absolute Risk Is Small
21 Mar 2011 Melanoma Diagnosis in Women Associated With Higher Socioeconomic Status
20 Mar 2011 High-Dose Use of Antiplatelet Drug After Stent Placement Does Not Reduce Risk of Heart Attack, Death, For Certain Patients
18 Mar 2011 Regions That Have Higher Rate of Diagnoses Among Medicare Patients Have Lower Fatality Rate For Chronic Conditions
16 Mar 2011 Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake Associated With Reduced Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Women
15 Mar 2011 Prevalence of Heavy Smokers in U.S. Decreases
14 Mar 2011 Heavy Drinking Associated With Increased Risk of Death From Pancreatic Cancer
13 Mar 2011 Study Examines Prevalence and Severity of Bipolar Disorder Worldwide
12 Mar 2011 Study Examines Prevalence of Eating Disorders Among Adolescents
11 Mar 2011 Young Adults With Chronic Illnesses Have Poorer Educational, Vocational, and Financial Outcomes
10 Mar 2011 Conflict of Interest, Funding Information Seldom Reported in Meta-Analyses of Randomized Controlled Trials
8 Mar 2011 Trauma Patients Have Higher Rate of Death for Several Years Following Injury
7 Mar 2011 Media Character Use on Food Packaging Appears to Influence Children’s Taste Assessment
6 Mar 2011 Among Women With Prior Breast Cancer, Mammography Screening Detects Early-Stage 2nd Cancer, But May Be Less Accurate Than in Women Without Prior Breast Cancer
5 Mar 2011 Low Health Literacy Associated With Greater Variability in Following Prescription Drug Instructions
4 Mar 2011 Older Patients Concerned About Adverse Effects of Beneficial Medications for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
3 Mar 2011 High-Cost Hospitals Do Not Appear to Have Better Survival Rates For Sepsis Patients
2 Mar 2011 Nitric Oxide Does Not Appear to Improve Treatment of Sickle Cell Pain-Attacks
1 Mar 2011 Gene Variations Associated With Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
28 Feb 2011 Studies Find Clinicians Important Influencers to Help Overweight and Obese Patients Deal with Weight and Related Health Issues
27 Feb 2011 Influence of Skin Cancer On Quality of Life Appears More Substantial For Women
26 Feb 2011 Patient Education Helps Earlier Detection of Skin Lesions After Kidney Transplant
24 Feb 2011 Use of Nitrates May Increase Bone Strength
23 Feb 2011 Cell Phone Use May Have Effect on Brain Activity, But Health Consequences Unknown
22 Feb 2011 Surgery Sooner Rather Than Later Better for Children with Perforated Appendicitis
21 Feb 2011 Gastric Bypass Surgery Associated With Improved Health Outcomes
20 Feb 2011 Substantial Proportion of Pediatric Admissions, Costs Accounted for by Small Percentage of Patients with Frequent Readmissions
19 Feb 2011 Higher Levels of Compound in Blood Associated With Lower Risk of Respiratory Disease
14 Feb 2011 Indoor Coal Use Associated With Possible Impairment of Early Childhood Growth
13 Feb 2011 Kinship Caregivers Receive Fewer Support Services than Foster Parents Despite Lower Socioeconomic Status
12 Feb 2011 Relatively Few Young Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders Receive Assistance After High School
9 Feb 2011 Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia Associated With Subtle Loss in Brain Volume
8 Feb 2011 Contact With the Criminal Justice System May Be Associated With Suicide Risk
7 Feb 2011 Psychotic Illness Appears to Begin at Younger Age Among Those Who Use Cannabis
4 Feb 2011 Cancer Drug Used in Combination with Other Therapies Associated With Increased Risk of Death
3 Feb 2011 Wide Variation Exists in Receipt of Recommended Medications For Medicare Managed Care Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
1 Feb 2011 For-Profit Hospice Agencies More Likely To Have Patients Requiring Lower Skilled-Care Needs, Longer Lengths of Stay
30 Jan 2011 Minimally Invasive Technique Appears Helpful to Reanimate Facial Paralysis
29 Jan 2011 Brief, Individualized Counseling Improves Sleep in Older Adults With Insomnia
27 Jan 2011 Occurrence of Stroke After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Appears To Be Decreasing
26 Jan 2011 Following Stroke, Admission to Designated Stroke Center Hospitals Associated With Reduction in Risk of Death
24 Jan 2011 Smoking May Be Associated With Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
23 Jan 2011 Quality Improvement Intervention for ICUs Results in Increased Use of Evidence-Based Care Practices
22 Jan 2011 Clinicians Cite Time, Patient Embarrassment as Barriers to Performing Skin Cancer Exams
21 Jan 2011 Follow-Up Program Helps Detect Melanoma Earlier in High-Risk Patients
20 Jan 2011 Few Surgeons Seek Help for Suicidal Thoughts
19 Jan 2011 Many Vulnerable Patients Have Poor Access to Trauma Care
17 Jan 2011 Patients Using Warfarin Have Higher Risk of Death After Trauma
16 Jan 2011 Statin Risks May Outweigh Benefits for Patients With a History of Brain Hemorrhage
14 Jan 2011 Many Recommendations Within Practice Guidelines Not Supported by High-Quality Evidence
13 Jan 2011 Behavioral Therapy Program Reduces Incontinence Following Radical Prostatectomy
12 Jan 2011 Private Room Intensive Care Units Associated With Lower Infection Rates
10 Jan 2011 Nursing Home Closures Clustered in Poor, Minority Areas
6 Jan 2011 Child and Youth Victimization Less Hidden from Authorities
5 Jan 2011 Clostridium Bacteria Infecting Increasing Numbers of Hospitalized Children
3 Jan 2011 Brain Imaging Studies Examine How Anti-Smoking Medications May Curb Cravings
30 Dec 2010 Prenatal Iron/Folic Acid Supplementation For Mothers In Nepal Associated With Improved Functional Outcomes of Children
29 Dec 2010 Outcomes After Recurrence of Oral Cancer Vary by Timing, Site
27 Dec 2010 Most Patients Can Speak and Swallow After Combination Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer
26 Dec 2010 About One-Fifth of Women, Less Than 7% of Men Report Use of Indoor Tanning
25 Dec 2010 Racial Disparities Evident in Early-Stage Liver Cancer Survival
23 Dec 2010 Researchers Find Association Between Activity of Certain Stem Cell Genes and Outcomes for Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
21 Dec 2010 Gene Alteration Identified That Predisposes to Syndrome With High Risk of Cancer
20 Dec 2010 Transferring Trauma Patients May Take Longer than Two Hours—But Not for the Most Serious Injuries
19 Dec 2010 Study Identifies Genetic Mutations Associated With Tumor of Adrenal Gland
18 Dec 2010 High Levels of “Good” Cholesterol May Be Associated With Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
15 Dec 2010 Use of Methods to Protect Lungs After Brain Death Increases Number of Lungs Suitable for Donation
14 Dec 2010 Maintaining High Physical Activity Level For Many Years Lessens Weight Gain Going Into Middle Age
13 Dec 2010 Opioid Use Associated With Increased Risk of Adverse Events Among Older Adults
12 Dec 2010 Mindfulness-Based Therapy Helps Prevent Depression Relapse
11 Dec 2010 Adolescents Who Perpetrate Dating Violence Also Likely to Have Perpetrated Violence Involving Siblings or Peers
9 Dec 2010 Sports Participation Does Not Guarantee That Children Get Enough Physical Activity
8 Dec 2010 Young Children Who Attend Group Child Care Centers Get More Infections Then, But Fewer During School Years
7 Dec 2010 Including Smoking Cessation Program With Treatment for PTSD Shows Higher Rate of Quitting
6 Dec 2010 Young Children Who Attend Group Child Care Centers Get More Infections Then, But Fewer During School Years
4 Dec 2010 Teens Who Recover from Hard-to-treat Depression Still at Risk for Relapse
30 Nov 2010 Dosing Directions, Measuring Devices Appear Highly Inconsistent For Many Common Children’s Liquid Medications
29 Nov 2010 Personalized Multimedia Program May Help Prevent Falls in Patients Without Cognitive Impairment
27 Nov 2010 Lower-Income Families With High-Deductible Health Plans May Put Off Care Because of Costs
26 Nov 2010 Less Invasive Method For Determining Stage of Lung Cancer Shows Benefits
25 Nov 2010 Combining Aerobic and Resistance Training Appears Helpful for Patients With Diabetes
23 Nov 2010 Depression May Be Both Consequence of and Risk Factor for Diabetes
22 Nov 2010 High Alpha-Carotene Levels Associated With Longer Life
21 Nov 2010 Study Examines Relationship Between Autoimmune Skin Disease and Neurologic Disorders
14 Nov 2010 Having First-Degree Relative With Atrial Fibrillation Associated With Increased Risk For This Disorder
13 Nov 2010 Study Finds Significant Variation Among Medical Centers Regarding Surveillance of Bloodstream Infections
12 Nov 2010 Wide Variation in Risk of Death From Heart Disease in England Largely Attributed to Population Characteristics
11 Nov 2010 Obesity in Adolescence Significantly Associated With Increased Risk of Severe Obesity in Adulthood
10 Nov 2010 Fructose-Rich Beverages Associated With Increased Risk of Gout in Women
8 Nov 2010 Drug Regarded as Alternative to Standard Treatment for Preventing Relapse of Certain Type of Vasculitis Does Not Appear as Effective
4 Nov 2010 High-Calorie Beverages Still Widely Available in Elementary Schools
2 Nov 2010 Veterans With Bipolar Disorder May Have Increased Risk of Suicide
1 Nov 2010 Childhood Sexual Abuse May Be a Risk Factor for Later Psychotic Illness
14 Oct 2010 No Cardiovascular Benefit Observed for Pine Bark Extract
4 Oct 2010 Exercise Associated With Lower Rate of Fractures in Elderly Women
2 Oct 2010 Outcomes of Communication About End-of-Life Care Appear to Differ Between Black and White Patients
30 Sep 2010 Lifestyle Intervention for Overweight Patients With Diabetes Provides Long-Term Benefits
28 Sep 2010 Medical Imaging May Detect Unrelated Diseases in Research Participants
27 Sep 2010 Self-Management Counseling for Patients With Heart Failure Does Not Improve Outcomes
26 Sep 2010 Shorter Length of Biological Marker for Patients With Aplastic Anemia Associated with Higher Rate of Relapse, Death
25 Sep 2010 Botulinum Toxin May Offer Temporary Drooling Relief in Children With Neurological Disorders
24 Sep 2010 Use of Sunless Tanning Products Common in Teens, May Encourage Sun Safety in Women
23 Sep 2010 Swallowing Disc Batteries Can Cause Severe Injury in Children
22 Sep 2010 Delay in Performing Appendectomy Not Associated With Adverse Outcomes
21 Sep 2010 Postoperative High Blood Sugar Appears to Be Associated With Surgical Site Infection
20 Sep 2010 Studies Identify Risks for Complications in Women Undergoing Mastectomy and Immediate Breast Reconstruction
19 Sep 2010 Educational Intervention May Help Medical Students Adapt Care for Patients Who Require Variation From Standard Care
18 Sep 2010 Depressed Medical Students More Likely to Associate Stigma With Depression
16 Sep 2010 Asthma Medication May Benefit Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
15 Sep 2010 Protein-Based Biomarkers in Blood Serum Could Classify Individuals With Alzheimer’s Disease
13 Sep 2010 Diet and Exercise Intervention for Patients at Risk for Heart Disease Improves Quality of Life and Appears Cost-Effective
7 Sep 2010 Using Lower-Dose Heparin During Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Does Not Appear to Reduce the Risk of Major Bleeding
2 Sep 2010 Home-Based Intervention May Provide Some Benefit to Patients with Dementia and Their Caregivers
1 Sep 2010 Babies Born Past Term Associated With Increased Risk of Cerebral Palsy
31 Aug 2010 Prophylactic Surgeries Associated With Lower Risk of Cancer for Women With BRCA1/2 Gene Mutations
29 Aug 2010 Genetic Variations Associated With Development of End-Stage Kidney Disease in Chinese Patients with Diabetes
25 Aug 2010 Use of Certain Antiviral Drugs During Pregnancy Not Associated With Increased Risk of Major Birth Defects
24 Aug 2010 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Appears Beneficial for Adults With ADHD
22 Aug 2010 Hair Color, Socioeconomic Status Among Risk Factors for Recurring Basal Cell Carcinoma
16 Aug 2010 Certain Types of Vena Cava Filters May Fracture and Fragment, Causing Potentially Life-Threatening Complications

15 Aug 2010 Visits to Emergency Departments Increases in Recent Years

14 Aug 2010 Use of Certain Drugs to Treat Osteoporosis not Associated With Increased Risk of Esophageal or Gastric Cancer

11 Aug 2010 Three Biomarkers in Spinal Fluid Appear Helpful to Classify Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

9 Aug 2010 Larger Waist Associated With Greater Risk of Death

3 Aug 2010 Advocacy Intervention Does Not Produce Meaningful Improvement in Depression Among Abused Chinese Women

2 Aug 2010 Brief Interventions in Emergency Departments May Help Reduce Violence and Alcohol Abuse Among Adolescents

1 Aug 2010 Study Examines Hospital Complication Rates of Bariatric Surgery

31 Jul 2010 Delirium in Elderly Patients Associated With Increased Risks of Death, Dementia and Institutionalization

30 Jul 2010 Genetic Risk Score Associated With Breast Cancer Risk; Predictive of Type of Disease

29 Jul 2010 Childhood Cancer Survivors May Have Abnormal Long-Term Cardiac Function

27 Jul 2010 Most Men With Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Receive Aggressive Treatment

25 Jul 2010 Report Examines Relationship Between Nasal Zinc Gels and Loss of Sense of Smell

24 Jul 2010 Trauma Patients Undergoing Emergency Operations May Be Able to Receive Transfusions of Their Own Blood

21 Jul 2010 Obesity in Early Adulthood Associated With Increased Risk of Psoriatic Arthritis

19 Jul 2010 HIV Vaccines Can Induce HIV Antibodies in Trial Participants, Which May Cause a False-Positive HIV Test Result

17 Jul 2010 Most Physicians Support Reporting Impaired, Incompetent Colleagues; But Many Do Not When Faced With This Situation

16 Jul 2010 Substantial Regional Differences Exist in the Treatment for End-Stage Kidney Disease in Older Adults

15 Jul 2010 Study Finds Childhood Cancer Survivors Still Have Higher Risk of Death 25 Years Later, From Cancer, Circulatory Diseases

14 Jul 2010 Eating Foods Rich in Vitamin E Associated With Lower Dementia Risk

13 Jul 2010 Couple-Focused Intervention Appears Effective in Reducing HIV Risk Behaviors Among African Americans

11 Jul 2010 Length of Biological Marker Associated With Risk of Cancer

10 Jul 2010 Glucosamine Appears to Provide Little Benefit For Chronic Low Back Pain

8 Jul 2010 Plasma Protein Appears to Be Associated With Development and Severity of Alzheimer’s Disease

6 Jul 2010 Kids Now See Fewer Television Ads for Sweets and Beverages, But More for Fast Food

6 Jul 2010 Kids Now See Fewer Television Ads for Sweets and Beverages, But More for Fast Food

5 Jul 2010 Abused Children Appear Likely to Have Mental Disorders as Young Adults

4 Jul 2010 Cancers of Sweat Glands, Other Skin-Related Structures May Be Increasing in United States

3 Jul 2010 Review of Dying Patients’ Charts Identifies Need for Improvement in End-of-Life Care

2 Jul 2010 Aggressive Control of Cardiac Risk Factors Might Not Benefit All Patients With Diabetes

1 Jul 2010 Report Examines Whether Statins Prevent Death in High-Risk Individuals Without Heart Disease

30 Jun 2010 Increased Bicycle Riding and Brisk Walking Associated With Less Weight Gain in Women

28 Jun 2010 Type 2 Diabetes Medication Rosiglitazone Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke, Heart Failure and Death, Compared to Pioglitazone

26 Jun 2010 Being Obese, Weight Gain During and After Middle Age Associated With Increased Risk of Diabetes Among Older Adults

24 Jun 2010 Psoriasis Associated With Cardiovascular Disease and Increased Mortality

22 Jun 2010 Early Stages of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Associated With Smoking, Cholesterol Levels

21 Jun 2010 Portable Media Players Associated With Short-Term Hearing Effects

17 Jun 2010 About One-Tenth of Soldiers Returning from Iraq May Be Impaired by Mental Health Problems

16 Jun 2010 Childhood Hardships Associated With Pregnancy Troubles in Adulthood

13 Jun 2010 Study Examines ICU Outbreak of Staph Aureus With Resistance to Methicillin and Linezolid

12 Jun 2010 Second-hand Smoke Associated With Psychiatric Distress, Illness

9 Jun 2010 Excess Oxygen in the Blood Following Resuscitation From Cardiac Arrest Associated With Increased Risk of In-Hospital Death

8 Jun 2010 Study Finds Lapses in Infection Control Practices at Ambulatory Surgical Centers

6 Jun 2010 For Heart Failure Patients, Risk of In-Hospital Death Has Decreased; Readmission Rate Has Increased

5 Jun 2010 Receiving Treatment for Heart Attack Past Recommended Times Associated With Significantly Increased Risk of Death

30 May 2010 Respiratory Virus Appears to be Commonly Identified Among Kenyan Children With Severe Pneumonia

29 May 2010 Control of High Blood Pressure Improving in U.S., But Prevalence Not Decreasing

27 May 2010 Study Finds H1N1 Associated With Serious Health Risks for Pregnant Women

26 May 2010 Beta-Blockers May Be Associated With Benefits in Patients With Lung Disease

24 May 2010 Study Finds High Prevalence of Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury

23 May 2010 Flexible Treatment Intervention Associated With Greater Improvement in Anxiety Symptoms

22 May 2010 Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery Becoming More Common in Medicare Population

20 May 2010 Retinoid Use Not Associated With Fracture Risk

19 May 2010 Focusing on Appearance May Reduce Tanning in Young Women

18 May 2010 Significant Number of Fathers Experience Prenatal, Postpartum Depression

16 May 2010 Eating Nuts Associated With Improvements in Cholesterol Levels

15 May 2010 Study Finds Poorer Cognitive Performance Among Adults With Sickle Cell Anemia

9 May 2010 Use of Antibiotic By Children and Teens With Cystic Fibrosis Does Not Result in Improved Lung Function

8 May 2010 Chemotherapy After Gastric Cancer Surgery Appears to Provide Survival Benefit

6 May 2010 Receiving Vaccine for Pneumonia By Men Not Associated With Reduced Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke

29 Apr 2010 High Doses of B Vitamins Associated With Increased Decline in Kidney Function for Patients With Kidney Disease From Diabetes

28 Apr 2010 Use and Costs of Diagnostic Imaging Increasing for Patients With Cancer

27 Apr 2010 Adding Measure of Calcium in Coronary Arteries to Traditional Risk Factors Associated With Improved Prediction of Heart Disease Risk

26 Apr 2010 Greater Chocolate Consumption May Be Associated With Higher Depression Scores

25 Apr 2010 Higher Consumption of Dietary Added Sugars Associated With Unfavorable Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

21 Apr 2010 Study Suggests Indoor Tanning May Be an Addictive Behavior

20 Apr 2010 Use of Certain Anticonvulsant Medications May Be Associated With Increased Risk of Suicide

18 Apr 2010 Patients Without Health Insurance, or Those With Financial Concerns, More Likely to Delay Seeking Care For Heart Attack

17 Apr 2010 Donor Age, Tissue Preservation Techniques Not Associated With Corneal Transplant Failure
14 Apr 2010 Advancing Age Associated With Increased Risk of Complications, Death After Implantation of Cardiac Devices
13 Apr 2010 Women Who Eat Foods With High Glycemic Index May Be at Greater Risk for Heart Disease
12 Apr 2010 Study Identifies Food Combination Associated With Reduced Alzheimer’s Disease Risk
11 Apr 2010 Worsening Memory Associated With Later Alzheimer’s Disease
8 Apr 2010 Exercise Associated With Reduced Effects of Obesity Gene in Teens
7 Apr 2010 Girls at Risk for Depression May Not Process Reward and Loss Properly
5 Apr 2010 Exercise Associated With Reduced Effects of Obesity Gene in Teens
30 Mar 2010 Case Managers Help Low-Income Women Receive More Timely Breast Cancer Diagnosis
26 Mar 2010 Study Evaluates Costs and Benefits Associated With New Colon Cancer Therapies
22 Mar 2010 Combining Weight-Focused Counseling, Medication Helps Women Quit Smoking
20 Mar 2010 Highly-Focused, Potent Radiation Treatment Provides Targeted Tumor Control and May Improve Survival For Patients With Inoperable Lung Cancer
17 Mar 2010 Media Reports May Paint Overly Optimistic View of Cancer
16 Mar 2010 Studies Reveal Substantial Increases in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers
13 Mar 2010 Women Who Drink Moderately Appear to Gain Less Weight Than Non-Drinkers
12 Mar 2010 Studies That Compare Effectiveness of Medications Often Do Not Include Nonpharmacologic Therapies, or Focus on Safety, Cost
11 Mar 2010 Vaccinating Children For Flu May Help Prevent Transmission, Protect Those Who Are Not Vaccinated
9 Mar 2010 Donating Kidney Does Not Appear to Significantly Increase Long-Term Risk of Death
7 Mar 2010 Having Greater Purpose in Life Associated With a Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
6 Mar 2010 Teens With More Screen Time Have Lower-Quality Relationships
3 Mar 2010 Study Examines Outcomes Associated With Anemia Management for Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease
2 Mar 2010 Elderly Patients Who Survive ICU Stay Have High Rate of Death in Following Years
1 Mar 2010 Parents Whose Children Are Dying of Cancer May Consider Hastening the Process
28 Feb 2010 Hospitalization for Acute Care or Critical Illness Associated With Greater Likelihood of Subsequent Cognitive Decline for Older Adults
26 Feb 2010 Studies Examine Team Approaches to Hospital Care
24 Feb 2010 Lower-Cost Hospital Care Is Not Always Lower in Quality
23 Feb 2010 Strategies Help Clinicians Say ‘No’ to Inappropriate Treatment Requests
21 Feb 2010 Prevalence of Childhood Chronic Health Conditions Has Increased
17 Feb 2010 Reduced Kidney Function and High Levels of Protein in Urine Associated With Increased Risk of Death, Heart Attack and Kidney Failure
9 Feb 2010 Lower Levels of Serotonin in Brain Tissue Associated with SIDS
8 Feb 2010 Findings Suggest Performing Single Ultrasound To Detect Blood Clot May Be Sufficient for Some Patients
7 Feb 2010 Individuals With Body Dysmorphic Disorder See Their Own Faces Differently
5 Feb 2010 Antidepressant May Result in Improved Cognitive Function After Stroke
3 Feb 2010 Exercise May Increase Volume in Certain Brain Areas of Patients With Schizophrenia
2 Feb 2010 Fish Oil May Reduce the Risk of Psychotic Disorders in High-Risk Individuals
31 Jan 2010 Managing Weight
29 Jan 2010 Physical Activity Associated With Healthier Aging
24 Jan 2010 Complications Common, Often Linked to Trauma in Children Receiving Cochlear Implants
23 Jan 2010 Synthetic, Dissolving Plates Ease Repairs of Nasal Septum Defects
21 Jan 2010 Cochlear Implants Associated With Improved Voice Control Over Time in Children Who Are Deaf
20 Jan 2010 Model Estimates Risks and Benefits of Bariatric Surgery for Severely Obese
19 Jan 2010 Study Examines Association Between Omega-3 Fatty Acid Levels and Chromosome Marker of Biological Aging in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease
17 Jan 2010 Program May Prevent Knee Injuries in Young Female Soccer Players
16 Jan 2010 Bifocals May Slow Progression of Nearsightedness in Children
15 Jan 2010 Rate of Funding for Biomedical Research Slowing, Decreasing in Recent Years
14 Jan 2010 African Americans with Diabetes Who Consume More Calories, Sodium More Likely to Have Severe Eye Disease
13 Jan 2010 Exercise Associated With Preventing, Improving Mild Cognitive Impairment
10 Jan 2010 More U.S. Patients Receive Multiple Psychotropic Medications
8 Jan 2010 Few Americans With Major Depression Receive Adequate Treatment
7 Jan 2010 Analysis Suggests That Benefit of Antidepressant Medications Varies With Severity of Depression Symptoms
5 Jan 2010 Childhood Metabolic Measurements May Predict Diabetes Development Years Later
3 Jan 2010 Findings Suggest Cardiovascular Devices Often Approved By FDA Without High-Quality Studies
1 Jan 2010 JAMA Launches New Series on Care of the Aging Patient
31 Dec 2009 Use of Telemedicine For ICU Patients Not Associated With Improvement in Survival, Shorter Hospital Stays
29 Dec 2009 Ginkgo Biloba Does Not Appear to Slow Rate of Cognitive Decline
27 Dec 2009 Older Adults May Have a Higher Risk of Complications and Death After Abdominal Surgery
25 Dec 2009 Imaging Tests Identify Role of Allergies in Chronic Sinus Disease
24 Dec 2009 Twin Study Identifies Factors Associated With Skin Aging
23 Dec 2009 One Dose of H1N1 Vaccine May Provide Sufficient Protection for Infants and Children
17 Dec 2009 Physical Activity Associated With Lower Risk of Mortality in Men With History of Colon Cancer
15 Dec 2009 Studies Quantify Radiation Doses, Cancer Risks from CT Scans
14 Dec 2009 Regular Coffee, Decaf and Tea All Associated With Reduced Risk for Diabetes
12 Dec 2009 Antiepileptic Drugs Not Associated With Increased Risk of Suicide Attempts in Patients With Bipolar Disorder
10 Dec 2009 Difficult Childhood May Increase Disease Risk in Adulthood
9 Dec 2009 Higher Blood Lead Levels Associated With Depression, Panic Disorder in Young Adults With Low Levels of Lead Exposure
8 Dec 2009 Antidepressant May Change Personality While Relieving Symptoms
5 Dec 2009 Criteria Based on CT Image of Change in Tumor After Chemotherapy May Help Predict Overall Survival
2 Dec 2009 Study Finds That Infections are Common in ICUs World-Wide
29 Nov 2009 Comparison of High vs. Low Hospital Volume for Angioplasty Finds Little Difference in Mortality Rates
28 Nov 2009 Severe and Chronic Pain in Multiple Areas Associated With Increased Risk of Falls in Older Adults
27 Nov 2009 Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising May Be Associated With Increased Medicaid Pharmacy Expenses
25 Nov 2009 Adverse Heart Effects of Rofecoxib May Have Been Identified Years Earlier
24 Nov 2009 Psychotropic Medications Associated With Risk of Falls in Older Adults
22 Nov 2009 Study Examines Challenges of Diagnosing Neurofibromatosis Type 1–like Syndrome
20 Nov 2009 Prevalence of High LDL, or ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Levels Decreases in U.S.
19 Nov 2009 Treatment With Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 Associated With Increased Risk of Cancer, Death
18 Nov 2009 Surgical Errors Remain a Challenge In and Out of the Operating Room
17 Nov 2009 Uninsured More Likely to Die after Trauma
15 Nov 2009 Findings Suggest Lipid Assessment in Vascular Disease Can Be Simplified, Without the Need to Fast
14 Nov 2009 Long-Term Statin Use Associated With Decreased Risk of Gallstones Requiring Surgery
12 Nov 2009 Persistent Pain Common For Many Women 2 to 3 Years After Breast Cancer Treatment
11 Nov 2009 Exposure to Several Common Infections Over Time May Be Associated With Risk of Stroke
9 Nov 2009 Mood Improves on Low-Fat, but not Low-Carb, Diet Plan
8 Nov 2009 Study Examines Associations Between Antibiotic Use During Pregnancy and Birth Defects
7 Nov 2009 Many U.S. Children May Live in Families Receiving Food Stamps
5 Nov 2009 TV Exposure May Be Associated With Aggressive Behavior in Young Children
4 Nov 2009 Genes and Environment May Interact to Influence Risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
3 Nov 2009 Nicotine Patch Plus Lozenge Appears Best for Smoking Cessation
31 Oct 2009 Significant Regional Variations Exist Regarding Proximity to Burn Centers
30 Oct 2009 Patients Starting Dialysis Have Increased Risk of Death
29 Oct 2009 Alternative to Pap Test Does Not Appear To Be Better For Detecting Cervical Cancer
27 Oct 2009 Use of Antipsychotic Medications by Children and Adolescents Associated With Significant Weight Gain
25 Oct 2009 Use of Omega-3 With Treatment for Depression in Patients With Heart Disease Does Not Appear to Provide Benefit
24 Oct 2009 Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease Associated With Risk of Subsequent Hip Fracture
21 Oct 2009 Recommended Treatment for Heart Failure Often Underused
20 Oct 2009 Aggressive Microdermabrasion Induces Wound-Healing Response in Aging Skin
17 Oct 2009 Healthy Neighborhoods May Be Associated With Lower Diabetes Risk
14 Oct 2009 Most H1N1 Patients With Respiratory Failure Treated With Oxygenating System Survive Illness
13 Oct 2009 Critical Illness From 2009 H1N1 in Mexico Associated With High Fatality Rate
12 Oct 2009 H1N1 Critical Illness Can Occur Rapidly; Predominantly Affects Young Patients
11 Oct 2009 Intensive Telephone Depression Care Program Offers Substantial Benefits at a Moderate Cost
10 Oct 2009 Many Childhood Cancer Survivors Have Uncomplicated Pregnancies, Healthy Babies
8 Oct 2009 Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Associated With Some Adverse Outcomes in Newborns
7 Oct 2009 Cocaine Vaccine May Help Some Reduce Drug Use
5 Oct 2009 Mediterranean Diet Associated With Reduced Risk of Depression
3 Oct 2009 New Study Evaluates Surgical Masks vs. N95 Respirators for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Workers
1 Oct 2009 Electronic Alerts About Abnormal Imaging Test Results Do Not Always Result in Timely Follow-Up
30 Sep 2009 Survey: Men May Not Be Adequately Involved in Decisions About Prostate Cancer Screening- Second Study Attempts to Quantify Benefits, Risks
29 Sep 2009 At-Home Care May Be An Alternative to Hospital Care for Elderly Patients With Chronic Heart Failure
26 Sep 2009 Many Medical Schools Report Incidents of Students Posting Unprofessional Content Online
24 Sep 2009 Nationwide Study Examines Youth Access to Indoor Tanning
23 Sep 2009 Study Examines Treatment and Outcomes for Nasal Fractures
22 Sep 2009 Tanning May Be Associated With Moles in Very–Light-Skinned Children
21 Sep 2009 Alcohol in Bloodstream Associated With Lower Risk of Death from Head Injury
19 Sep 2009 On-the-Job Pesticide Exposure Associated With Parkinson’s Disease
17 Sep 2009 Study Finds Increased Risk of Death For Patients With Celiac Disease-Related Disorders
15 Sep 2009 Outcomes Appear to Be Improving For Conservative Management of Localized Prostate Cancer
13 Sep 2009 Soldiers Who Have Intense or Traumatic Combat Experiences Exhibit Evidence of Cognitive Changes
12 Sep 2009 Maternal Literacy Level Associated With the Cognitive Home Environment
9 Sep 2009 Genetic Variations May Underlie Multiple Psychiatric Conditions
8 Sep 2009 Study Examines Association Between Childhood Bullying and Later Psychiatric Hospitalization, Treatment
3 Sep 2009 Study Evaluates Use of Corticosteroids and Antiviral Agents for Treatment of Bell Palsy
27 Aug 2009 Genetic Variation Associated With Poorer Response, Cardiovascular Outcomes With Use of Clopidogrel
26 Aug 2009 Hip Fracture Rates Decline in Canada
25 Aug 2009 Risk of Death Following Acute Coronary Syndromes Different For Men, Women; Attributable to Various Factors
23 Aug 2009 Overall Antibiotic Prescription Rates for Respiratory Tract Infections Decreasing
22 Aug 2009 Death Rate Decreases Following Hospitalization for Heart Attack
20 Aug 2009 Palliative Care Intervention for Patients with Advanced Cancer Provides Quality of Life and Mood Benefits
19 Aug 2009 Dermatologist Skin Examinations Detect More, Thinner Skin Cancers Than Patients Identify Themselves
18 Aug 2009 Antioxidants Not Associated With Increased Melanoma Risk
15 Aug 2009 Aspirin Use After Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis Associated With Improved Survival
13 Aug 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Be Associated With Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease
11 Aug 2009 High Adherence to Mediterranean-Type Diet, Increased Physical Activity Associated With Reduced Risk of Alzheimer Disease
10 Aug 2009 Breastfeeding Associated With Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer Among Women With Family History
4 Aug 2009 Evidence-Based Prevention is Goal of Largest Ever Study of Suicide in the Military
3 Aug 2009 Major NIMH Research Project to Test Approaches to Altering the Course of Schizophrenia
1 Aug 2009 Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Share Genetic Roots
29 Jul 2009 Adult Cancer Survivors at Increased Risk of Psychological Distress
28 Jul 2009 Study Examines Modern-Day Course of Type 1 Diabetes
23 Jul 2009 Adhering to Healthy Lifestyle Habits Associated With Reduced Lifetime Risk of Heart Failure
22 Jul 2009 Adopting Low-Risk Dietary and Lifestyle Factors Related to Lower Incidence of High Blood Pressure
20 Jul 2009 Clotting in Veins Close to Skin May Be Associated With More Dangerous Deep-Vein Blood Clots
17 Jul 2009 Research Identifies Network of Altered Genes That Appear to Play Role in Development of Brain Tumors
16 Jul 2009 Active Commuters Have Fewer Heart Disease Risk Factors
15 Jul 2009 Research Identifies Network of Altered Genes That Appear to Play Role in Development of Brain Tumors
14 Jul 2009 Condoms Associated With Moderate Protection Against Herpes Simplex Virus 2
10 Jul 2009 Internet-Based Intervention May Improve Insomnia
8 Jul 2009 Reduced-Dose Schedule for Pneumococcal Vaccine in Infants Shows Effectiveness
7 Jul 2009 Online Computer Games Could Encourage Children to Eat Healthy Foods
6 Jul 2009 Sugar Substitute Appears to Prevent Early-Childhood Cavities
3 Jul 2009 Compared to Conventional Risk Factors, Certain Biomarkers May Have Limited Added Benefit For Predicting Cardiovascular Events
1 Jul 2009 Findings of Genetics Study Does Not Support Causal Association of C-Reactive Protein With Coronary Heart Disease
29 Jun 2009 Boys With Intermittent Eye Deviation Appear More Likely to Develop Mental Illness
26 Jun 2009 An Estimated 4 Percent of Older U.S. Men Have Dry Eye Disease
25 Jun 2009 Heart Electrical Conduction Abnormality Believed Not to be Serious May Pose Cardiovascular Risks
24 Jun 2009 Migraines With Aura in Midlife Associated With Increased Prevalence of Brain Lesions in Older Age
23 Jun 2009 Being Overweight, Obese During Early Adulthood Associated With Greater Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
22 Jun 2009 Therapy Helps Improve Outcomes for Patients With Severe Sepsis
21 Jun 2009 Study Compares Less Invasive CT-Scan Based Screening Method To Colonoscopy For Patients at Increased Risk of Colorectal Cancer
19 Jun 2009 Topical Application of Chemotherapy Drug May Improve Appearance of Aging Skin Through Wound-Healing Response
18 Jun 2009 Psoriasis Associated With Cardiovascular Disease and Increased Mortality
17 Jun 2009 Cognitive Impairment Associated With Reduced Survival Among Both African-American and White Older Adults
16 Jun 2009 Dose-Reduction Techniques Associated With Decreased Amount of Radiation Exposure From Cardiac Scans Without Impairing Image Quality
15 Jun 2009 Donor Stem Cell Transplantation Associated With Survival Benefit For Patients With Leukemia
12 Jun 2009 Genetically Elevated Levels of Lipoprotein Associated With Increased Risk of Heart Attack
11 Jun 2009 Easier Access to Media By Children Increases Risk For Influence on Numerous Health Issues
10 Jun 2009 Study Redefines Roles of Alcohol, Smoking in Risk for Pancreatitis
9 Jun 2009 Less Sleep Associated With High, Worsening Blood Pressure in Middle Age
8 Jun 2009 Plant-Based, Low-Carb Diet May Promote Weight Loss and Improve Cholesterol Levels
7 Jun 2009 Childhood Health Disparities Can Have Life-Long Health Effects
4 Jun 2009 TV Noise Associated With Fewer Verbal Interactions Between Infants and Parents
3 Jun 2009 Changing Residences Associated With Increased Risk of Suicidal Behavior Among Children
2 Jun 2009 Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Helps Prevent Depression Among At-Risk Teens
1 Jun 2009 Antidepressant Does Not Appear to Reduce Repetitive Behaviors in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
29 May 2009 Use of Acid-Suppressive Medications Associated With Increased Risk of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia
28 May 2009 Intervention Helps Reduce Pain and Depression
27 May 2009 Inner Ear Balance Disorders Common, Associated With Falls Among Older Americans
25 May 2009 Evidence Supports Use of Web- and Computer-Based Programs to Help Adults Quit Smoking
22 May 2009 Vaccine Records of Internationally Adopted Children May Not Reflect Protection Against Disease
19 May 2009 Policies on Organ Donation After Cardiac Death Vary Considerably Among Children’s Hospitals
15 May 2009 Low and High Levels of Hormone in Men With Heart Failure Associated With Increased Risk of Death
14 May 2009 Diet and Exercise Intervention Helps Older, Overweight Cancer Survivors Reduce Functional Decline
13 May 2009 Eating Fish, Nuts and Olive Oil May Be Associated With Reduced Risk of Age-Related Blindness
12 May 2009 Women Who Follow Blood Pressure–Lowering Diet Have Reduced Risk for Heart Failure
11 May 2009 Real and Simulated Acupuncture Appear More Effective Than Usual Care for Back Pain
8 May 2009 Complication and Death Rate No Better at Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence than at Other Hospitals
7 May 2009 Episode of Rapid, Irregular Heart Rhythm Before or After Cardiac Catheterization Associated With Increased Risk of Death Within 3 Months
6 May 2009 Elevated Level of Certain Protein in Urine Linked to Increased Risk for Blood Clots
5 May 2009 Program Helps Reduce Hospital and Emergency Department Use Among Homeless Adults With Chronic Illnesses
1 May 2009 Computerized Organization of Patient’s Medications Associated With a Lower Risk of Adverse Drug Events
30 Apr 2009 Interventions Appear Related to Reduced Risk of Adverse Drug Events
28 Apr 2009 High Co-Payments Associated With Delay in Starting Drug Therapy in Patients with Chronic Diseases
27 Apr 2009 Lifestyle Factors Related to Risk of Diabetes Among Older Adults
24 Apr 2009 Study Examines Outcomes of Gastric Bypass Surgery in Morbidly Obese and Superobese Patients
23 Apr 2009 Radiation Exposure Associated With More Aggressive Thyroid Cancer, Worse Outcomes
22 Apr 2009 Psoriasis Associated With Diabetes and High Blood Pressure in Women
15 Apr 2009 Aspirin and Similar Drugs May Be Associated With Brain Microbleeds in Older Adults
13 Apr 2009 Review Identifies Dietary Factors Associated With Heart Disease Risk
11 Apr 2009 Exercise Training Improves Health Status of Heart Failure Patients
9 Apr 2009 Studies Indicate Exercise Training May Provide Some Benefit for Patients With Heart Failure
8 Apr 2009 Studies Investigate Childhood Obesity, Diabetes and Related Conditions
7 Apr 2009 Children With Low Self-Control More Likely to Become Overweight Pre-Teens
2 Apr 2009 Program That Emphasizes Housing for Homeless Persons with Alcoholism Associated with Reduced Alcohol Use and Health Care Costs
31 Mar 2009 Use of Antibacterial Associated With Reduced Risk of Catheter-Related Infections
27 Mar 2009 Family History Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Clots
26 Mar 2009 Increasing Number of Americans Have Insufficient Levels of Vitamin D
25 Mar 2009 Program Helps Improve Management of Chronic Pain
24 Mar 2009 Smokers May Have Increased Risk of Pancreatitis
23 Mar 2009 Eating Red and Processed Meat Associated With Increased Risk of Death
20 Mar 2009 Narcolepsy Drug Being Used to Improve Cognitive Performance Affects Brain Dopamine Activity, Suggesting Potential For Abuse and Dependence
19 Mar 2009 Use of Religious Faith to Cope With Advanced Cancer Associated With Receiving Intensive Medical Care Near Death
18 Mar 2009 Medication Does Not Appear to Reduce Progression of Atherosclerosis
17 Mar 2009 New Type of Botulinum Toxin Appears to Be Well Tolerated and May Help Reduce Forehead Wrinkles
16 Mar 2009 Vitamin C Intake Associated With Lower Risk of Gout in Men
12 Mar 2009 Parkinson Disease Treatment Strategies Appear to Have Similar Long-Term Effects on Disability
11 Mar 2009 Insomnia Often Appears to Be a Persistent Condition
10 Mar 2009 Metabolic and Neurological Disorders May Share Common Risk Factors
4 Mar 2009 Statement of Anthony S. Fauci. MD, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health on National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, March 10, 2009.
3 Mar 2009 Swimming lessons do not increase drowning risk in young children.
27 Feb 2009 Genetic Identification of Marker in Lymph Nodes Appears Associated With Risk of Colorectal Cancer Recurrence
26 Feb 2009 Male Infertility Associated With Testicular Cancer
25 Feb 2009 Vitamin B and Folic Acid May Reduce Risk of Age-Related Vision Loss
24 Feb 2009 Women With Diabetes Before or During Pregnancy At Significantly Increased Risk of Experiencing Depression
23 Feb 2009 Calcium Associated With Lower Risk of Cancer in Women
19 Feb 2009 Demonstration Projects of Coordinated Care Programs for Medicare Beneficiaries With Chronic Illnesses Find That Most Do Not Show Benefit
18 Feb 2009 New Surgical Technique Shows Promise for Improving Function of Artificial Arms
15 Feb 2009 Mediterranean Diet Associated With Lower Risk of Cognitive Impairment
12 Feb 2009 Ongoing Statin Therapy Associated With Lower Risk of Death
11 Feb 2009 Obesity During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Risk of Birth Defects
5 Feb 2009 Study Examines Association Between Mental Illness and Violent Behavior
4 Feb 2009 Hormone Level During Pregnancy May Identify Women at Risk for Postpartum Depression
3 Feb 2009 Teen Media Exposure Associated With Depression Symptoms in Young Adulthood
30 Jan 2009 Many Women Who Survived Childhood Cancer Do Not Undergo Recommended Breast Cancer Screening
28 Jan 2009 Weight loss in overweight and obese women reduces urinary incontinence.
26 Jan 2009 Nutritional Supplementation Program Helps Prevent Weight Loss Among Children in African Country
23 Jan 2009 Medication May Provide Some Benefit for Older Adults With Anxiety Disorder
22 Jan 2009 Abnormal Heart Function Associated With Reduced Capacity For Exercise
21 Jan 2009 Study Compares Two Non-Surgical Treatments for Reflux Disease
20 Jan 2009 Retinoid Cream Associated With Death in Clinical Trial, but Relationship Does Not Appear Causal
18 Jan 2009 Use of Antidepressants Associated With Improvement in Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
17 Jan 2009 Treadmill Exercise Improves Walking Endurance For Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease
16 Jan 2009 Job Strain Associated With Stroke in Japanese Men
13 Jan 2009 Elderly May Have Higher Blood Pressure in Cold Weather
12 Jan 2009 Getting Less Sleep Associated With Lower Resistance to Colds
10 Jan 2009 Not All Antipsychotics Created Equal: Analysis Reveals Important Differences
9 Jan 2009 Treatment Involving Deep Brain Stimulation for Patients With Advanced Parkinson Disease Provides Benefits
8 Jan 2009 Brain Circuit Abnormalities May Underlie Bulimia Nervosa in Women
6 Jan 2009 Childhood Trauma Associated With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
5 Jan 2009 Teens Frequently Mention Risky Behaviors on Social Networking Sites
1 Jan 2009 New Tool Developed to Predict Colorectal Cancer Risk
29 Dec 2008 Psychiatric Patients Have Greater Usage of Mental Health Services With Insurance Plans That Provide Equal Cost Sharing
26 Dec 2008 Among Older Adults, Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications Are Commonly Used Together
23 Dec 2008 Longer Sleep Duration Associated With Lower Incidence of Calcification in Coronary Arteries
22 Dec 2008 Certain Factors Associated With Attrition During Graduate Medical Education Training
18 Dec 2008 Study Examines Association of Race and Insurance Status With Presentation and Surgical Treatment of Diverticulitis
17 Dec 2008 Higher Levels of Obesity-Related Hormone Found in Patients With Psoriasis
16 Dec 2008 Allergies Alone Not Associated With Increased Risk of Nighttime Breathing Problems
15 Dec 2008 Breathing Problems During Sleep Associated With Calories Burned at Rest
13 Dec 2008 Use of Steroid Medication to Reduce Nausea and Vomiting Following Tonsillectomies Associated With Increased Risk of Post-Operative Bleeding in Children
12 Dec 2008 Financial Incentives Appear Effective For Short-Term Weight Loss
11 Dec 2008 Unintentional Overdose Deaths Associated With Nonmedical Use of Prescription Pain Relievers
10 Dec 2008 Neither Vitamin C or E Associated With Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer, or Other Cancers
9 Dec 2008 Supplementation With Vitamin E or Selenium Does Not Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer
5 Dec 2008 Flu Vaccine Associated With Reduced Illness, Less Impairment of Academic Performance Among College Students
4 Dec 2008 Symptoms of Depression Associated With Increase in Abdominal Fat
3 Dec 2008 Psychiatric Disorders Common Among College-Age Individuals; Few Seek Treatment
2 Dec 2008 Childhood Social Program Leads to Better-Functioning Young Adults
1 Dec 2008 One-Third of Farm Workers’ Children Lack Health Insurance
30 Nov 2008 Gene Variation For Persons With Diabetes Associated With Increased Risk of Coronary Artery Disease
29 Nov 2008 Use of Inhaled Corticosteroids For COPD Does Not Appear to Improve Survival, But May Increase Risk For Pneumonia
28 Nov 2008 Under New Liver Transplantation Allocation System, Improvement Seen Regarding Disparities For Black Patients, But Not for Women
26 Nov 2008 Diabetes Medications in Same Class Carry Different Risks of Heart Failure, Death
25 Nov 2008 High Blood Pressure in the Doctor’s Office May Not Predict Heart Risks
24 Nov 2008 Mammograms May Detect Some Cancers That Would Have Otherwise Regressed
21 Nov 2008 Widely-Used Cancer Drug Associated With Significantly Increased Risk of Blood Clots
20 Nov 2008 Gingko Biloba Does Not Appear to Prevent Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease
19 Nov 2008 Immediate Breast Reconstruction More Common Among Residents of Wealthier, Better-Educated Communities
18 Nov 2008 Study Helps Identify Beachgoers at Increased Risk of Skin Cancer
17 Nov 2008 Indigo Ointment May Help Treat Patients With Psoriasis
16 Nov 2008 Rates of Psychosis Higher Among Minority Groups in Britain
15 Nov 2008 PTSD Symptoms Associated With Increased Risk of Death After Heart Events
14 Nov 2008 Living With Smokers May be Associated with Inadequate Access to Food
13 Nov 2008 Parents’ Wartime Deployment Associated With Children’s Behavior Problems
12 Nov 2008 Precipitation Levels May Be Associated With Autism
7 Nov 2008 Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death Appears Increased Within 30 Days of Heart Attack
6 Nov 2008 Folic Acid, B Vitamins Do Not Appear to Affect Cancer Risk
5 Nov 2008 Extended-Treatment With Combination Medication for Opioid-Addicted Youths Shows Benefit
31 Oct 2008 Diabetes Treatment Becomes More Complex, Costly
30 Oct 2008 Statins Associated With Lower Risk of Death from Pneumonia
28 Oct 2008 Collaboration Between States, Federal Government Key to Health Care Reform
27 Oct 2008 Comprehensive Tax Reform Could Play Important Role In Creating Health Care Reform
24 Oct 2008 High Number of Children and Teens in U.S. Uninsured Despite Having a Parent With Health Insurance
23 Oct 2008 Chest Scans May Help Monitor Spread of Head and Neck Cancer in High-Risk Patients
22 Oct 2008 Study Compares Results of Allergy Patch Tests Between Children and Adults
21 Oct 2008 Study Documents Safety Problems for Biological Products
20 Oct 2008 Race and Insurance Status Associated With Death from Trauma
17 Oct 2008 Study Examines How and Why Some Children Become Chronically Abused by Peers
15 Oct 2008 Scientists Restore Movement to Paralyzed Limbs through Artificial Brain-Muscle Connections
10 Oct 2008 Individuals With Social Phobia See Themselves Differently
9 Oct 2008 Bipolar Disorder in Children Appears Likely to Continue into Young Adulthood
7 Oct 2008 Using a Fan During Sleep Associated With Lower Risk of SIDS
3 Oct 2008 Medications Commonly Prescribed for COPD Associated With Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Death, Heart Attack or Stroke
2 Oct 2008 Millisecond brain signals predict response to fast-acting antidepressant
24 Sep 2008 Study Examines Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Monitoring Strategy in Countries With Limited Resources
23 Sep 2008 Calorie Restriction Does Not Appear to Induce Bone Loss in Overweight Adults
22 Sep 2008 Model Highlights Benefits and Risks of Cervical Cancer Screening Methods
18 Sep 2008 Adults With Aortic Valve Disorder Experience Subsequent Cardiac Events, But No Reduction in Survival Rates
17 Sep 2008 Incontinence Affects a Substantial Proportion of Women; Prevalence Increases With Age
16 Sep 2008 Higher Urinary Levels of Chemical Used in Plastic Food and Beverage Containers Associated With Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes
14 Sep 2008 Study Examines Relationship Between Low Birth Weight and Psychiatric Problems in Children
11 Sep 2008 Pain Appears Common Among Patients With Parkinson’s Disease
9 Sep 2008 Physical Activity Associated With Reduced Risk for Obesity in Genetically Predisposed
8 Sep 2008 Older Women Who Get Little Sleep May Have a Higher Risk of Falling
2 Sep 2008 PET Scans Help Identify Mechanism Underlying Seasonal Mood Changes
1 Sep 2008 Children of Older Fathers More Likely to Have Bipolar Disorder
29 Aug 2008 Preliminary Report Suggests Allopurinol Appears To Lower Blood Pressure in Adolescents With Hypertension
27 Aug 2008 Consumption of Nuts, Corn or Popcorn Not Associated With Increased Risk of Diverticulosis in Men
22 Aug 2008 Silver-Coated Endotracheal Tubes Appear to Reduce Risk of Pneumonia Associated With Ventilator Use
21 Aug 2008 Study Examines Testing Model to Predict and Diagnose New Cases of Dementia
20 Aug 2008 Arsenic Exposure May Be Associated With Type 2 Diabetes
19 Aug 2008 B Vitamins and Folic Acid Not Effective for Reducing Risk of Death or Major Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
18 Aug 2008 U.S. Immigrant Children May Be Less Physically Active than U.S.-Born Children
14 Aug 2008 Reserve and National Guard Personnel at Increased Risk of Alcohol-Related Problems After Return From Combat Deployment
13 Aug 2008 Older Runners Appear Less Likely to Become Disabled, May Survive Longer
12 Aug 2008 Some Obese Individuals Appear “Metabolically Healthy,” Without Increased Cardiovascular Risk
7 Aug 2008 Positive Parenting Associated With Less Aggression in Early-Maturing Teen Girls
6 Aug 2008 Estrogen Relieves Psychotic Symptoms in Women With Schizophrenia
5 Aug 2008 Less Time Spent in Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Associated With Being Overweight Among Children and Teens
4 Aug 2008 HIV Treatment Widely-Used in Developing Countries May Be Less Effective When Used With Anti-TB Therapy
1 Aug 2008 New research results explain how dormant tumour cells become active in later years.
31 Jul 2008 Thyrotropin Levels Associated With Alzheimer’s Disease Risk in Women
30 Jul 2008 Study Examines Prevalence of Hearing Loss in the U.S.
29 Jul 2008 Dietary Factors Appear to Be Associated With Diabetes Risk
28 Jul 2008 Current Exercise Recommendations May Not Be Sufficient for Overweight Women to Sustain Weight Loss
23 Jul 2008 Use of Sildenafil Associated With Improvement in Antidepressant-Related Sexual Dysfunction in Women
21 Jul 2008 Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing May Reduce Wrinkles Over Long Term
20 Jul 2008 Early-Life Nutrition May Be Associated With Adult Intellectual Functioning
18 Jul 2008 Relationship Violence Appears Common Among College Students
17 Jul 2008 Study Examines Anti-Clotting Therapy Following Cardioembolic Stroke
16 Jul 2008 Some Antidepressants Associated With Gastrointestinal Bleeding
15 Jul 2008 Visual Impairment May Be Associated With Higher Suicide Risk
20 Jun 2008 Treated Diabetes Associated With Increased Risk for Depression
9 Jun 2008 Study Examines Risk Factors for Development of Eating Disorders
4 Jun 2008 Low Vitamin D Levels Appear Common in Healthy Children
2 Jun 2008 Long-Term Cannabis Users May Have Structural Brain Abnormalities
25 May 2008 Family History May Be Associated With Susceptibility to Shingles
13 May 2008 Study Documents Prevalence of Obesity and its Association With Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Several Ethnic Groups
12 May 2008 Air Pollution May Be Associated With Blood Clots in Deep Leg Veins
8 May 2008 Breastfeeding May Improve Children’s Intelligence Scores
7 May 2008 Sudden Death of a Parent May Pose Mental Health Risks for Children, Surviving Caregivers
6 May 2008 Youths in Towns With Smoke-Free Restaurant Laws Appear Less Likely to Become Smokers
5 May 2008 U.S. Teens Adopted as Infants Appear to Have Moderately Increased Odds of Mental Health Problems
28 Apr 2008 Use of Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitutes Associated With Increased Risk of Death, Heart Attack
27 Apr 2008 Limited Knowledge of Cost-Sharing Requirements of Medicare Part D May Effect Drug Adherence
23 Apr 2008 Drug-Releasing Stent Shows Promise For Improving Outcomes in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease
21 Apr 2008 Larger Skin Lesions Appear More Likely to Be Melanomas
15 Apr 2008 Statins May Help Reduce Blood Pressure
11 Apr 2008 Combination Therapy Improves Survival Time for Patients With More Advanced Liver Cancer
9 Apr 2008 Achieving Lower Target Levels for Blood Pressure, LDL-Cholesterol May Provide Cardiovascular Benefits
3 Apr 2008 Study Indicates Diabetes Medication May Help Slow Progression of Plaque Build-up in Coronary Arteries
1 Apr 2008 NIH research suggests stimulant treatment for ADHD does not contribute to substance abuse later in life.
26 Mar 2008 Preterm Birth Associated With Diminished Long-Term Survival, Reproduction
20 Mar 2008 Gene and Activity Level of HDL-Associated Protein Linked to Risk of Heart Disease
18 Mar 2008 Gene and Activity Level of HDL-Associated Protein Linked to Risk of Heart Disease
17 Mar 2008 Study Outlines Risk of Treatment-Resistant Infection Following Facelift Surgery
14 Mar 2008 Magnesium Associated With Lower Risk for Some Strokes in Male Smokers
12 Mar 2008 Monthly Contact With Counselor Provides Some Benefit for Maintaining Weight Loss
10 Mar 2008 Offspring of Parents Who Both Have Alzheimer’s Disease May Be More Likely to Develop the Illness
7 Mar 2008 Women Who Have Stopped Estrogen Plus Progestin Therapy May Be at Increased Risk of Cancer
6 Mar 2008 Decreasing Television Viewing and Computer Use With Monitoring Device May Help Reduce Overweight Children’s Body Mass Index
5 Mar 2008 Tamoxifen May Help Treat Mania in Patients With Bipolar Disorder
3 Mar 2008 NIH Scientists find why flu virus spreads in cold weather
28 Feb 2008 More Elderly Americans Are Living with Heart Failure
27 Feb 2008 Study Examines Long-Term Outcomes Following Blood Clots
26 Feb 2008 Hormone Therapy Increases Frequency of Abnormal Mammograms, Breast Biopsies
25 Feb 2008 Study Examines Antibiotic Use Among Nursing Home Patients With Advanced Dementia Who Are Near the End of Life
22 Feb 2008 Patients Appear to Have Lower Rate of Survival if In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Occurs During Night, Weekends
21 Feb 2008 Education Programs May Boost Teens’ Knowledge About Acne
20 Feb 2008 Survival Rates Appear to Differ Among Level I Trauma Centers
19 Feb 2008 Antibiotics Not Associated With Significant Benefit in Preventing Fluid Buildup in Children With Ear Infections
18 Feb 2008 E-mail Access May Improve Patient-Surgeon Communication
16 Feb 2008 Tomorrow’s Antidepressants: Skip the Serotonin Boost?
15 Feb 2008 Expenditures Rising for Back and Neck Problems, But Health Outcomes Do Not Appear to Be Improving
14 Feb 2008 Older Whites More Likely to Have Signs of Future Eye Disease Than Blacks
13 Feb 2008 Donors’ Health Associated With Risk of Infection Among Recipients of Corneal Transplants
12 Feb 2008 Most With High Blood Pressure Do Not Follow Recommended Diet
11 Feb 2008 Studies Identify Modifiable Factors Associated With Exceptionally Long Life
8 Feb 2008 ‘Minimally Invasive’ Biopsy Methods May Provide An Accurate Approach For Disease Staging in Patients With Suspected Lung Cancer
7 Feb 2008 Patients Appear to be at Increased Risk of Adverse Events Within 3 Months After Stopping Clopidogrel Therapy For Acute Coronary Syndrome
6 Feb 2008 Smoking Marijuana Associated With Increased Risk for Gum Disease
5 Feb 2008 References to Explicit Substance Use Common in Popular Music
4 Feb 2008 Severe Stressful Events Early in Pregnancy May Be Associated with Schizophrenia Among Offspring
1 Feb 2008 Researchers identify novel molecular pattern linked to colon cancer prognosis
31 Jan 2008 Study Finds Increasing Rates of Diabetes Among Older Americans
30 Jan 2008 Diuretics Appear Comparable to or Better Than Other Drugs for Treating Hypertension in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome
29 Jan 2008 Snorers Appear More Likely to Develop Chronic Bronchitis
28 Jan 2008 Sedentary Lifestyles Associated With Accelerated Aging Process
26 Jan 2008 Gene Variations Associated With Effectiveness of Blood Pressure Medications
24 Jan 2008 Findings Suggest Link Between Vitamin E and Subsequent Decline in Physical Function for Older Adults
23 Jan 2008 Combination Therapy Improves Survival For Certain Prostate Cancer Patients
22 Jan 2008 Smoking Related to Long-Term Risk and Progression of Age-Related Eye Disease
21 Jan 2008 Diets High in Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin E Associated With Decreased Risk of Cataracts
20 Jan 2008 Diets High in Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin E Associated With Decreased Risk of Cataracts
19 Jan 2008 Undernourished Stroke Patients May Have More Complications, Worse Outcomes
18 Jan 2008 Genetic Differences May Help Explain Response to Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
17 Jan 2008 FDA warns on use of over-the-counter cough and cold products for kids
16 Jan 2008 Low Testosterone Levels Associated With Risk of Fracture in Men Over 60
16 Jan 2008 Vitamin D2 Supplements May Help Prevent Falls Among High-Risk Older Women
15 Jan 2008 Minor Leg Injuries Associated With Risk of Blood Clots
14 Jan 2008 International effort finds new genetic variants associated with lipid levels, risk of coronary heart disease.
11 Jan 2008 Newer Meningitis Vaccine Appears Safe and Effective for Infants
10 Jan 2008 Social Standing May Be Linked to Body Mass Index in Teen Girls
9 Jan 2008 Disordered Eating Less Common Among Teen Girls Who Regularly Eat Family Meals
8 Jan 2008 Extreme Stress Reactions to Terrorist Attacks Associated With Subsequent Heart Problems
8 Jan 2008 Scientists can predict psychotic illness in up to 80 percent of high-risk youth.
7 Jan 2008 Researchers uncover an error in immature brain cells in lab and animal studies that may promote the growth of some brain tumors
6 Jan 2008 Ethnicity Predicts How Gene Variations Affect Response to Schizophrenia Medications
3 Jan 2008 Use of Opioids to Treat Pain in Emergency Departments on the Rise, But Racial Differences in Opioid Use Still Exist
2 Jan 2008 Study Examines Genetic Defects Linked to Body Abnormalities in Patients With Childhood Cancer
1 Jan 2008 Testosterone Supplementation for Older Men Appears to Have Limited Benefit
31 Dec 2007 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
28 Dec 2007 Study suggests some brain injuries reduce the likelihood of post-traumatic stress disorder.
26 Dec 2007 Study Finds Varying Prevalence Among Different Ethnic Groups Of Gene Mutation That Increases Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer
25 Dec 2007 Brain Matures a Few Years Late in ADHD, But Follows Normal Pattern
24 Dec 2007 IQ Boost From Breast Milk Linked to Gene-Environment Interaction
21 Dec 2007 Early Fine-Tuning of Neural Connections May Turn Destructive Later in Life
20 Dec 2007 Study Examines Imaging Procedures For Diagnosing Blood Clots in the Lung
19 Dec 2007 Depression’s Flip Side Shares its Circuitry
18 Dec 2007 Women With Osteoporosis, Previous Vertebral Fracture Have Increased Long-Term Risk for New Fracture
17 Dec 2007 Severe Psoriasis Associated With Increased Risk of Death
13 Dec 2007 Smoking Associated With Increased Risk of Diabetes
12 Dec 2007 Use of Diabetes Medication by Older Adults Associated With Increased Risk of Serious Heart Problems, Death
11 Dec 2007 Prilosec and Nexium: No Increased Risk of Heart Problems Found
10 Dec 2007 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women-Are They Different?
6 Dec 2007 Despite Strong Evidence From Randomized Trials, Refuted Claims From Observational Studies Often Persist
5 Dec 2007 Study Finds Fitness Level, Not Body Fat, May Be Stronger Predictor of Longevity for Older Adults
4 Dec 2007 Hepatitis B Vaccine Not Associated With Childhood Multiple Sclerosis
3 Dec 2007 Study Suggests Honey May Help Relieve Children’s Cough, Improve Sleep During Colds
29 Nov 2007 Certain Infusion Therapy After Heart Attack Does Not Appear to Be Beneficial, May Cause Harm
28 Nov 2007 Factors Identified to Help Predict Risk of Hip Fracture in Postmenopausal Women
27 Nov 2007 High–Glycemic Index Carbohydrates Associated With Risk for Developing Type 2 Diabetes in Women
26 Nov 2007 National Institute on Drug Abuse launches public service campaign for Hispanic youth on the link between non-injection drugs and HIV
24 Nov 2007 Behavior Therapy Plus Medication May Help Teens with Depression and Substance Use Disorders
22 Nov 2007 Adding Rapid Response Medical Team in a Children’s Hospital Helps Reduce Risk of Death, Rates of Cardiac and Respiratory Arrest
21 Nov 2007 Use of Pedometer Associated With Increased Physical Activity, Decreased Blood Pressure and Weight
20 Nov 2007 Tonsillectomy May Increase Costs Without Benefits in Some Children
17 Nov 2007 Study Examines Association Between Weight Amount and Cause of Death
16 Nov 2007 Chronic Kidney Disease in the U.S. Appears to be Increasing
15 Nov 2007 Non-Maternal Care Associated With Reduced Levels of Physical Aggression in Children of Mothers With Low Education Level
13 Nov 2007 Long-Term Beta Carotene Supplementation May Help Prevent Cognitive Decline
12 Nov 2007 Diet linked to Cancer
8 Nov 2007 Risk of Disability Increasing Among Older Obese Individuals
7 Nov 2007 Medication Plus Counseling May Help Teens Kick the Smoking Habit
6 Nov 2007 Study Examines Substance Abuse Prevalence Among Teens Receiving Routine Medical Care
5 Nov 2007 Survey Identifies Characteristics of Teens Who Smoke Marijuana But Not Tobacco
1 Nov 2007 One in seven Americans aged 71 and older has some type of dementia
31 Oct 2007 Vitamin D not linked with overall Cancer Mortality
26 Oct 2007 Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Behaviors Associated With Decreased Risk of Heart Attack in Women
24 Oct 2007 STRESS: Brain yields clues about why some succumb while others prevail.
23 Oct 2007 Eating Whole-Grain Breakfast Cereals May Be Associated With a Lower Risk of Heart Failure for Men
22 Oct 2007 Weight Gain Related to Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Risk
18 Oct 2007 How Schizophrenia develops: major clues discovered
17 Oct 2007 Drug-Resistant Staph Infection Appears More Widespread Than Previously Thought
12 Oct 2007 Smoking Rates Highest Among People with Disabilities
10 Oct 2007 Bankix Systems Ltd. New E-Book Titled “Strategic Corporate Healthcare Philosophy” Released
9 Oct 2007 Negative Aspects of Close Relationships May Be Associated With Heart Disease Risk
5 Oct 2007 Researchers identify genes that increase rheumatoid arthritis risk
3 Oct 2007 Women Less Likely Than Men to Receive Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators for Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death
1 Oct 2007 Panic Attacks Associated With Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events and Death in Older Women
28 Sep 2007 Genes linked to suicidal thinking during antidepressant treatment.
25 Sep 2007 Preventive Health Examinations Account for Approximately 1 in 12 Outpatient Visits Among U.S. Adults
24 Sep 2007 Manic Phase of Bipolar Disorder Benefits from Breast Cancer Medication
12 Sep 2007 NDEP campaign highlights the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
11 Sep 2007 Vitamin D Supplements Appear to Be Associated With Lower Risk of Death
10 Sep 2007 Adverse Drug Events Reported to FDA Appear to Have Increased Markedly
6 Sep 2007 Treating Depression May Improve Recovery of Heart Rate Variability Following Coronary Syndromes
4 Sep 2007 Study Documents Rapid Increase in Youth Bipolar Disorder Diagnoses
3 Sep 2007 Teens Who See More Smoking in Movies May Have Increased Risk of Becoming Established Smokers
29 Aug 2007 National Asthma Guidelines Updated
26 Aug 2007 The dilemma of the pharmaceutical industry
23 Aug 2007 Study Sheds New Light on Intimate Lives of Older Americans
22 Aug 2007 Gene Triggers Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-Like Syndrome in Mice
21 Aug 2007 Hypertension Appears to Be Frequently Undiagnosed in Children and Adolescents
15 Aug 2007 HPV Vaccine Does Not Appear to be Effective for Treating Pre-Existing HPV Infection
10 Aug 2007 Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment May Be Cost-Effective For Selected Older Men
6 Aug 2007 Employer-sponsored insurance and healthcare quality
6 Aug 2007 Maternal Obesity Prior To Pregnancy Associated With Birth Defects
2 Aug 2007 Progesterone treatment does not prevent preterm birth in twin pregnancy.
1 Aug 2007 Gene predicts response to antidepressant Citalopram (Celexa.)
31 Jul 2007 Scientists identify new genetic risk factors for multiple sclerosis.
30 Jul 2007 Framingham Observational Study Notes Greater Incidence of Metabolic Syndrome Among Adults Consuming Soft Drinks
29 Jul 2007 The Line-in-Loop Corporate Healthcare Strategy
25 Jul 2007 Obesity is Infectious!
24 Jul 2007 Faster-acting antidepressants on the horizon
23 Jul 2007 Poor Health Literacy Associated With Increased Mortality in the Elderly
22 Jul 2007 Healthcare Costs Kaleidoscope
20 Jul 2007 Improvement following ADHD treatment sustained in most children
17 Jul 2007 Diet Very High in Fruit, Vegetables, and Fiber and Low in Fat Does Not Appear to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence More Than the ‘5-A-Day’ Diet
15 Jul 2007 Prospects and Challenges of Employer-Based Health Insurance
11 Jul 2007 Class of Medications May Offer Alternative Option for Treating Type 2 Diabetes
6 Jul 2007 Researchers Identify Alcoholism Subtypes
5 Jul 2007 Consumption of Small Amounts of Dark Chocolate Associated With Reduction in Blood Pressure
3 Jul 2007 Weight Management Program Improves Body Fat Levels, Diabetes Risk Factors for Overweight Children
2 Jul 2007 The link between obesity and high blood pressure weakened
30 Jun 2007 Commonly Prescribed Antidepressants Associated With Lower Bone Density in Older Men and Women