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27 Oct 2018 Medical News Today Feed
15 May 2016 Study Assesses Performance of Direct-to-Consumer Teledermatology Services
8 May 2016 Implementation of Telephone CPR Program Results in Improved Cardiac Arrest Outcomes
23 Sep 2015 Study Shows Potential Benefit of Telehealth Visits For Postoperative Care
13 Sep 2015 Study Finds Lack of Adherence to Usability Testing Standards for Electronic Health Record Products
8 Sep 2015 Study Finds Lack of Adherence to Usability Testing Standards for Electronic Health Record Products
18 Apr 2015 Increase Seen in Data Breaches of Health Information
14 Feb 2015 Smartphone Applications, Wearable Devices Appear to be Accurate in Tracking Step Counts
28 Jan 2015 Mobile Teledermoscopy for Short-Term Monitoring of Atypical Moles
4 Dec 2014 Teleophthalmology for Screening, Recurrence of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
21 Nov 2014 Telemedicine Collaborative Care for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in U.S. Veterans
13 Nov 2014 Telemedicine Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy Finds Condition in 1 of 5 Patients
22 Oct 2014 Online Dermatologic Follow-up for Atopic Dermatitis Earns Equivalent Results
28 Sep 2014 Hardwiring AHA Guidelines into Order System Reduced Telemetry Orders
14 Sep 2014 Reanalyses of Data From RCTs Can Lead to Different Conclusions
19 Aug 2014 Intervention Helps Smokers Quit Following Hospital Stay
17 Aug 2014 Approach Used to Conduct Meta-Analyses May Affect Outcomes
28 Jul 2014 Electronic Screening Tool to Triage Teenagers and Risk of Substance Misuse
31 May 2014 Patients Using Online Resources Prompts Study to Examine Online Ratings of Otolaryngologists
14 Apr 2014 Collaborative Care Model Manages Depression, Anxiety in Patients with Heart Disease
26 Mar 2014 Smartphone App Helps Support Recovery After Treatment for Alcoholism
25 Mar 2014 Web-based Alcohol Screening Program Shows Limited Effect Among University Students
15 Mar 2014 Study Examines Development of Peer Review Research in Biomedicine
14 Mar 2014 Discontinuation of Randomized Clinical Trials Common
12 Feb 2014 Study Examines Use of Teledermatology for Inpatient Dermatology Consultations
22 Dec 2013 Medical Communication Companies Receive Substantial Support From Drug and Device Companies
17 Oct 2013 Lawsuits Increasing Over Nonphysician Operator-Performed Laser Surgery
5 Oct 2013 Study Examines Family Connections for Thyroid Cancer Using Utah Population Database
28 Sep 2013 Study Examines Mobile Applications in Dermatology
14 Sep 2013 Use of EHRs For Patients With Diabetes Associated With Reduction in Rates of Emergency Department Visits, Hospitalizations, But Not Office Visits
10 Sep 2013 Use of Electronic Health Records Associated With Higher Rate of Detection of Growth Disorders in Children
31 Aug 2013 X-Ray Examination of Ducts During Gallbladder Surgery Not Associated With Significant Reduction in Risk of Common Duct Injury
28 Jul 2013 Study Examines Use of Transthoracic Echocardiography
12 Jul 2013 Telehealth Appears to be Safe Substitute for Postoperative Clinic Visit for Selected Ambulatory Surgery Patients
8 Jul 2013 JAMA Internal Medicine Viewpoint Highlights
17 May 2013 Research Letter Suggests Twitter May Serve as a Good Forum For Communicating Information About Acne
13 Apr 2013 Genomics May Help Identify Organisms in Outbreaks
2 Apr 2013 The Inevitable Application of Big Data to Health Care
28 Mar 2013 Study Develops Prediction Model to Help Identify Avoidable 30-Day Hospital Readmissions
11 Mar 2013 Telemedicine Saves Travel and Time for Patients with Parkinson Disease
4 Mar 2013 Nearly One-Third of Physicians Report Missing Electronic Notification of Test Results
20 Feb 2013 Increase Seen in Use Of Robotically-Assisted Hysterectomy For Benign Gynecologic Disorders
15 Jan 2013 Clinical Trial Finds Decision-Support Strategy Can Reduce Antibiotic Overuse for Acute Bronchitis
10 Jun 2012 Mobile Technology, Remote Coaching, Financial Incentives May Help Improve Diet, Activity Level
25 Apr 2012 Flu Vaccination Reminder Via Text Messaging Appears to Improve Rate of Vaccination Among Low-Income Children and Adolescents
4 Mar 2012 Use of Telephone Intervention Did Not Improve Adherence to Osteoporosis Medication Regimen
10 Nov 2011 Web-Based Intervention Appears Ineffective for Preventing Weight Gain in Adolescents
6 Sep 2011 Use of Technology-Enhanced Simulation For Training of Health Care Professionals Associated With Improved Skills, Patient Outcomes
17 May 2011 Implementation of Telemedicine Intervention in ICUs Associated With Better Outcomes for Patients
24 Apr 2011 Virtual Surgery Shows Promise in Personalized Treatment of Nasal Obstruction
22 Apr 2011 Previous-Day Alcohol Consumption Appears to Affect Surgical Skills On Virtual Reality Simulator
11 Mar 2011 Use of Interactive Digital Exercise Games by Children Can Result in High Level of Energy Expenditure
18 Dec 2010 Targeted Messages May Encourage Some Patients to Get Colorectal Cancer Screenings
29 Nov 2010 Personalized Multimedia Program May Help Prevent Falls in Patients Without Cognitive Impairment
14 Nov 2010 Cancer screening made simple
11 Nov 2010 Computer-Automated Monitoring System May Help Identify Medical Devices With Potential Safety Risks
15 Jul 2010 Telephone-Based Care Management Program Helps Cancer Patients With Pain, Depression
26 Jun 2010 Portable Media Players Associated With Short-Term Hearing Effects
25 Apr 2010 Patients With Acne May Get Electronic Follow-Up Care
20 Nov 2009 Telephone-Delivered Care for Treating Depression After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Appears to Improve Outcomes
11 Oct 2009 Intensive Telephone Depression Care Program Offers Substantial Benefits at a Moderate Cost
7 Jul 2009 Online Computer Games Could Encourage Children to Eat Healthy Foods
25 May 2009 Evidence Supports Use of Web- and Computer-Based Programs to Help Adults Quit Smoking
22 May 2009 Web-Based Consultations May Reduce Referrals to Dermatologists
8 May 2009 Online Reporting System Could Track Surgical Complications
5 May 2009 Computerized Organization of Patient’s Medications Associated With a Lower Risk of Adverse Drug Events
24 Apr 2009 Robot-Assisted Surgery Appears Useful for Removal of Some Head and Neck Tumors
24 Mar 2009 Serious games for serious health problems
26 Feb 2009 Mail and Electronic Reminders May Increase Colon Cancer Screening
16 Dec 2008 Electronic Prescribing System May Encourage Physicians to Choose Lower-Cost Drugs
18 Feb 2008 E-mail Access May Improve Patient-Surgeon Communication
14 Jan 2008 Crash warning for connected cars?
21 Dec 2007 New Software To Aid Early Detection of Infectious Disease Outbreaks
18 Dec 2007 Robotic Device Appears Useful for Surgical Removal of Cancer Involving the Tonsils
17 Dec 2007 Videoconferencing Can Help Surgeons Make Their Rounds from a Distance