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27 Oct 2018 Medical News Today Feed
3 Jan 2016 Comparing Chemical and Surgical Castration for Prostate Cancer
17 Nov 2015 Studies Find Decline in Rates of PSA Screening, Early-Stage Prostate Cancer
22 Aug 2015 Effect of Presymptomatic BMI, Dietary Intake, Alcohol on ALS
26 Jun 2015 Drug Used in Erectile Dysfunction Medications Associated With Small Increased Risk of Malignant Melanoma
16 Apr 2015 Obesity Associated with Prostate Cancer Risk in African American Men
26 Mar 2015 Fitness Level Associated with Lower Risk of Some Cancers, Death in Men
21 Jan 2015 Study Examines NSAID Use, Risk of Anastomotic Failure Following Surgery
3 Jan 2015 Many Patients with Gout Do Not Receive Recommended Treatment
2 Dec 2014 Prescriptions for Drugs to Strengthen Bones Remains Low Despite Recommended Use for Men Receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy
28 Nov 2014 Survival Differences Seen for Advanced-Stage Laryngeal Cancer
20 Nov 2014 Pain, Magnet Displacement in MRI in Patients with Cochlear Implants
16 Nov 2014 Risk of Death May Be Higher if Heart Attack Occurs in a Hospital
1 Nov 2014 Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin More Cost-Effective than Unfractionated Heparin for Preventing Blood Clots in Critically Ill Patients
26 Oct 2014 Genetic Predisposition to Elevated LDL-C Associated With Narrowing of the Aortic Valve
19 Sep 2014 Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Unlikely to Effect Age-Related Cataracts in Men
30 Aug 2014 Medication Shows Mixed Results in Reducing Complications From Cardiac Surgery
14 Aug 2014 Prevalence, Risk Factors for Diabetic Macular Edema Explored in Study
10 Aug 2014 Enriching Feeding Tube Nutrition With Immune-Modulating Nutrients Does Not Reduce Risk of Infection Among ICU Patients
27 Jul 2014 Study Examines Blood Markers, Survival in Patients with ALS
14 Jul 2014 Management for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Varies Widely Among Physicians
13 Jul 2014 Study Estimates Rate of Survival Following Minimally Invasive Repair of Failed Bioprosthetic Aortic Valves
3 Jul 2014 Study Examines Hypertension, Antihypertension Medication, Risk of Psoriasis
1 Apr 2014 Medication Does Not Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Following Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer
30 Mar 2014 Medication Does Not Reduce Risk of Recurrent Cardiovascular Events Among Patients With Diabetes
23 Feb 2014 Mesh Abdominal Hernia Repairs Associated With Fewer Recurrence Rates
22 Feb 2014 Treatment Using Electrical Energy, Instead of Medications, May Be Viable First Option for Treating Certain Type of Atrial Fibrillation
5 Feb 2014 Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Did Not Relieve, Resolve GERD Symptoms
25 Jan 2014 Biomarkers in Blood Show Potential As Early Detection Method of Pancreatic Cancer
15 Jan 2014 Traumatic Brain Injury Linked with Increased Risk for Premature Death
29 Dec 2013 Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agent Slows Rate of Progression of Neurodegenerative Disease
11 Dec 2013 Use of CPAP for Sleep Apnea Reduces Blood Pressure for Patients With Difficult to Treat Hypertension
9 Dec 2013 Cardiovascular Complications, Hypoglycemia Common in Older Patients with Diabetes
23 Nov 2013 Type of Cell Therapy Does Not Improve Walking Ability for Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease
17 Nov 2013 Use of Device For Chest Compressions Compared to Manual CPR Does Not Improve Short-term Survival Following Cardiac Arrest
19 Oct 2013 Study Examines Various Treatments for Nose Bleeds
13 Oct 2013 Use of Statin Does Not Improve Survival Among Adults With Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
4 Oct 2013 Use of Gloves and Gowns For All Patient Contact in ICUs Does Not Reduce Overall Rate of Acquiring MRSA or VRE
18 Sep 2013 Among Adults in California, Those With Medicaid Coverage Have Highest Increase in Emergency Department Visits
14 Sep 2013 More Cavities Appears Associated With Reduced Risk of Head, Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
28 Aug 2013 Rates of Depression Among Men and Women Appear Similar When Traditional and Alternative Depression Symptoms Are Combined
22 Aug 2013 Lateral Wedge Insoles Not Associated With Improvement of Knee Pain in Osteoarthritis
31 Jul 2013 Nonsentinel Lymph Node Positivity Appears to be Significant Prognostic Factor in Patients with Melanoma
20 Jul 2013 Combination Therapy May Help Improve Rate of Survival With Favorable Neurological Status Following Cardiac Arrest
15 Jul 2013 One-Year Mortality Remains High in Patients with Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis With No Significant Difference With Early Valve Surgery vs. Medical Therapy
30 Jun 2013 Increase Seen in Use of Advanced Treatment Technologies For Prostate Cancer Among Men With Low-Risk Disease
23 Jun 2013 Markers of Beta-Cell Dysfunction Associated With High Rate of Progression to Type 1 Diabetes
8 Jun 2013 Research Finds Retinal Vessel Leakage During High Altitude Exposure
29 May 2013 Use of Stimulant Medication in Childhood Not Associated with Increased Risk of Substance Use Disorders in Adulthood, Study Suggests
17 May 2013 Study Examines Relationship Between Hemispheric Dominance and Cell Phone Use
15 Apr 2013 Study Examines Downstream Outcomes Following Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening in Older Men
16 Mar 2013 Research Letter Surveys Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Primary Prevention
24 Feb 2013 Study Examines Reasons for Legal Action Related to Cutaneous Laser Surgery
5 Feb 2013 High Supplemental Calcium Intake May Be Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Death in Men, Not Women
29 Jan 2013 Analysis of Data on Early Ambulatory Palliative Care for Patients with Lung Cancer
5 Jan 2013 Imaging Study Examines Effect of Fructose on Brain Regions That Regulate Appetite
26 Dec 2012 Sustained Virological Response Associated With Improved Survival For Certain Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection
6 Dec 2012 Longer Treatment for Male Urinary Tract Infection Not Associated with Reduced Early or Late Recurrence Risk
20 Nov 2012 Unemployment May Be Associated With Increased Heart Attack Risk
23 Oct 2012 Men With Certain Cardiovascular Risk Factors Appear to be At Increased Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
15 Oct 2012 Study Suggests Men Diagnosed with ADHD as Children Had Worse Educational, Occupational, Economic, Social Outcomes as Adults
14 Sep 2012 Research Finds Little Difference in Outcomes Among Strategies to Adjust Asthma Therapy in Adults
1 Sep 2012 Study Examines Factors Associated With Improvement in Survival From Heart Attack in France
10 Aug 2012 Endoscopic Procedure For Acquiring Veins For Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Not Associated With Increased Risk of Death
27 Jun 2012 Statins Appear Associated with Reduced Risk of Recurrent Cardiovascular Events in Men, Women
14 May 2012 Study Examines Exercise Testing in Asymptomatic Patients After Coronary Revascularization
19 Mar 2012 Open Surgical and Minimally Invasive Hernia Repair Techniques Compared
7 Feb 2012 Smoking Associated with More Rapid Cognitive Decline in Men
22 Jan 2012 Study Evaluates Relationship Between Blood Potassium Levels After Heart Attack and In-Hospital Mortality
18 Dec 2011 Analysis Examines Outcomes of Procedures Such as Angioplasty, Stent Placement at Hospitals Without Cardiac Surgery Capability

27 Nov 2011 Laser Removal May Be Advantageous for Treating Precancerous Skin Lesions
28 Oct 2011 Researchers Identify Factors Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Clot Within Coronary Stent
6 Oct 2011 Same-Day Discharge After Elective Coronary Angioplasty or Stent Placement Not Associated With Increased Risk of Death, Rehospitalization
25 Sep 2011 Prediction Models Help Determine Likelihood of Erectile Function After Treatment for Prostate Cancer
20 Sep 2011 Depression Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke and Stroke-Related Death
12 Aug 2011 Blood Loss From Laboratory Testing Associated With Hospital-Acquired Anemia for Patients With Heart Attacks
2 Aug 2011 Withdrawal From Heavy Cigarette Smoking Associated With Brain Imaging Changes in Regions Related to Mood Regulation
29 Jul 2011 Researchers Identify Genetic Mutations Associated With Diseases of the Esophagus
26 May 2011 Certain Medications Associated With Increased Risk of Urinary Retention in Men With COPD
21 May 2011 Reminding Surgical Staff of Phlebotomy Costs Appears to Affect Utilization
15 May 2011 Administration of Erythropoietin to Patients With Heart Attack Who Undergo Coronary Intervention Procedures Does Not Reduce Size of Heart Muscle Involvement; Associated With Higher Rates of Adverse Events
18 Apr 2011 Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders Associated With Poor Surgical Outcomes Even for Non-Emergency Procedures
20 Mar 2011 High-Dose Use of Antiplatelet Drug After Stent Placement Does Not Reduce Risk of Heart Attack, Death, For Certain Patients
16 Jan 2011 Statin Risks May Outweigh Benefits for Patients With a History of Brain Hemorrhage
14 Dec 2010 Maintaining High Physical Activity Level For Many Years Lessens Weight Gain Going Into Middle Age
18 Sep 2010 Antiviral Therapy Associated With Fewer Recurring Eye Problems from Herpes Simplex Virus
27 Jul 2010 Most Men With Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Receive Aggressive Treatment
26 Jun 2010 Study Finds Mixed Results on Effectiveness of Surgical Care Improvement Measures
15 May 2010 Mood and Anxiety Disorders Affect Many Older Adults
17 Jan 2010 Weekend Strokes May Receive More Aggressive Treatment
22 May 2009 Surgery, Oral Devices Associated With Improvement in Sleep Breathing Disorder
11 Feb 2009 Newer Medication May Offer Advantages Over Agents Commonly Used For Sedation of Intensive Care Unit Patients
23 Jul 2008 Cancer Centers and High-Volume Hospitals May Examine More Lymph Nodes in Patients With Gastric and Pancreatic Cancer
5 Mar 2008 Low Testosterone Levels Associated With Depression in Older Men
15 Jan 2008 Low Testosterone Levels Associated With Risk of Fracture in Men Over 60
21 Dec 2007 Pheromones Identified that Trigger Aggression between Male Mice