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27 Oct 2018 Medical News Today Feed
1 Oct 2016 Hormonal Contraception Associated with Risk of Depression, 1st Antidepressant Use
21 Aug 2016 Study Examines Use of Antipsychotics Early in Pregnancy, Risk of Birth Defects
4 Jul 2016 Pubic Hair Grooming Common Among Some U.S. Women
2 Jul 2016 Religious Service Attendance Associated with Lower Suicide Risk Among Women
1 May 2016 Breast Density and Outcomes of Supplemental Breast Cancer Screening
2 Apr 2016 Prolonged Nightly Fasting May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
22 Dec 2015 Findings Suggest Increased Number of IVF Cycles Can Be Beneficial
10 Dec 2015 Survival and Time to Surgery, Chemotherapy for Patients with Breast Cancer
4 Dec 2015 Neurotoxic Effects of Chemotherapies on Cognition in Breast Cancer Survivors
2 Dec 2015 Studies Examine Cesarean Delivery Rates, Outcomes
26 Nov 2015 Young Women Who Survive Cardiovascular Event Have Long-Term Risks
25 Oct 2015 Tdap Vaccination During Pregnancy Following Other Recent Tetanus-Containing Vaccine Not Associated With Adverse Outcomes
7 Oct 2015 Study Details Prevalence of PTSD in Vietnam War Women Vets
1 Oct 2015 Most Women Undergoing BRCA Genetic Testing Not Receiving Genetic Counseling by Trained Genetics Professionals
24 Sep 2015 Increasing Use of Preoperative Breast MRI for Women with Cancer
14 Sep 2015 Mediterranean Diet Plus Olive Oil Associated with Reduced Breast Cancer Risk
13 Aug 2015 Multigene Panel Testing for Hereditary Breast/Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment
29 Jul 2015 Women Who Were Socially Well Integrated Had Lower Risk for Suicide
17 Jul 2015 Exercising 300 Minutes Per Week Better for Reducing Total Fat in Postmenopausal Women
8 Jul 2015 Study Examines Association Between Certain Genetic Condition, Hormonal Factors, and Risk of Endometrial Cancer
4 Jul 2015 Obesity Associated with Increased Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal Women
19 Jun 2015 Percentages of Patients Undergoing Breast-Conserving Therapy Increases
11 Jun 2015 Obesity Associated with Increased Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal Women
16 May 2015 Public Health Advisories Associated With Reductions in Dispensing of Codeine to Postpartum Women
15 May 2015 No Difference in Postoperative Complications for Pregnant Women Undergoing General Surgery
9 Apr 2015 Facial Plastic Surgery Improves Perception of Femininity, Personality, Attractiveness
7 Apr 2015 Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer May Differ By Type of BRCA1, BRCA2 Mutation
7 Mar 2015 Trends of 21-Gene Recurrence Score Assay Use in Older Patients with Breast Cancer
21 Feb 2015 Prevalence of Cancer, Precancer Low in Women Who Have Fibroids Removed With or Without Electric Power Morcellation
16 Feb 2015 Hot Flashes, Night Sweats Last for 7+ Years in Many Midlife Women
6 Feb 2015 Increasing Contraceptive Knowledge to Promote Safe Use of Isotretinoin
2 Feb 2015 Pregnancy Outcomes Similar for Women with Kidney Transplants as Child, Adult
13 Jan 2015 Use of Surgical Procedure to Facilitate Child Birth Declines
11 Jan 2015 Study Finds Low Rate of Complications with Assisted Reproductive Technology Procedures
7 Jan 2015 Women with More PTSD Symptoms Appear at Higher Risk for Type-2 Diabetes
4 Jan 2015 Maternal Supplementation with Multiple Micronutrients, Compared With Iron-Folic Acid, Does Not Reduce Infant Mortality
12 Dec 2014 Many Breast Cancer Surgery Patients Do Not Receive Shorter, Less Costly Radiation Treatment
23 Nov 2014 Study Examines National Trends in Mastectomy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer
15 Nov 2014 Quarter of Patients Have Subsequent Surgery After Breast Conservation Surgery
14 Oct 2014 Study Indicates Need for More Obstetric Quality of Care Measures at Hospitals
24 Aug 2014 Patient Perspectives on Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy
3 Aug 2014 Study Examines Effect on Pregnancy of Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy for Prevention of HIV
22 Jul 2014 Study Examines Presence of Uterine Cancers Among Women At the Time of Hysterectomy Using Morcellation
7 Jul 2014 Home Visits by Nurse May Help Reduce Mortality in Moms, Children
26 Jun 2014 Study Examines Aesthetic Nasal Tip Projection, Rotation in White Women
24 Jun 2014 Women Sometimes Benefit More from Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy than Men
19 Jun 2014 Racial Disparities in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Women with Breast Cancer
18 Jun 2014 Parents of Children with Autism Curtail Reproduction After Signs of Disorder
11 Jun 2014 PTSD, Major Depressive Episode Appears to Increase Risk of Preterm Birth
23 May 2014 Study Examines Prophylactic Double Mastectomy Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis
19 May 2014 More Activity: Less Risk of Gestational Diabetes Progressing to Type 2 Diabetes
18 May 2014 For Pregnant Women Who Smoke, Vitamin C Supplementation Results in Improved Lung Function of Newborn
10 May 2014 Receiving Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy Does Not Appear to Increase Risk of Adverse Events For Mother or Infant
5 May 2014 Study Looks at Predicting Fracture Risk After Women Stop Bisphosphonate Therapy
1 May 2014 Research Letter Examines UV Nail Salon Lamps, Risk of Skin Cancer
23 Apr 2014 False-Positive Mammograms Associated With Anxiety, Willingness for Future Screening
16 Apr 2014 Mothers with Higher BMI Have Increased Risk of Stillbirth, Infant Death
11 Mar 2014 Study Finds Comparable Outcomes For Commonly Used Surgeries to Treat Vaginal Prolapse
11 Feb 2014 Importance of Sex Associated with Maintaining Sexual Activity for Midlife Women
3 Feb 2014 Case Report on Genetic Diagnosis of Fatal Disorder in Embryos Before Pregnancy
1 Feb 2014 Postmenopausal Hormones Containing Estrogen May Reduce Glaucoma Risk
27 Nov 2013 Findings Not Supportive of Using Women-Specific Chest Pain Symptoms in Early Diagnosis of Heart Attack
20 Nov 2013 Preterm Birth Risk Increases for Pregnant Women Exposed to Phthalates
12 Nov 2013 Obese Older Women at Higher Risk for Death, Disease, Disability Before Age 85
30 Oct 2013 Heart Disease Risk Appears Associated with Breast Cancer Radiation
27 Oct 2013 Intranasal Application of Hormone Appears To Enhance Placebo Response
18 Oct 2013 Increase Seen in Donor Eggs For In Vitro Fertilization, With Improved Outcomes
16 Oct 2013 Medication Taken for Nausea During Pregnancy Not Associated With Increased Risk of Major Malformations, Stillbirth
12 Oct 2013 Among Critically Ill Patients, Muscle Wasting Occurs Rapidly; More Severe Among Those With Multiorgan Failure
9 Oct 2013 Prenatal Depression in Mothers is Risk Factor for Depression in Children as Adults
30 Sep 2013 Study Compares 2 Commonly Used Estrogen Drugs and Cardiovascular Safety
4 Sep 2013 Topical Use of Corticosteroids by Pregnant Women Appears Not to be Associated with Pregnancy Outcomes
2 Sep 2013 Maternal Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Associated with Increased Risk for Child Maltreatment
26 Aug 2013 Intervention Appears Effective to Prevent Weight Gain Among Black Women
24 Aug 2013 Research Letter Examines Prevalence of Indoor Tanning Use Among Non-Hispanic White Females In U.S.
17 Aug 2013 Depression in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Associated With Cognitive Decline
5 Aug 2013 Long-Term Calcium-Channel Blocker Use for Hypertension Associated With Higher Breast Cancer Risk
27 Jul 2013 Kidney Stones Associated With Modest Increased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Women, But Not Men
24 Jul 2013 Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy Associated with Offspring Conduct Problems, Study Suggests
2 Jul 2013 Study Finds In Vitro Fertilization Associated With Small Increased Risk of Mental Retardation
15 Jun 2013 Maternal Overweight and Obesity During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Risk of Preterm Delivery
3 Jun 2013 Musculoskeletal Conditions, Injuries May Be Associated with Statin Use
19 May 2013 Study Evaluates Long-Term Effectiveness of Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse
8 May 2013 Maternal Influenza May be Risk Factor for Bipolar Disorder In Adult Offspring
7 May 2013 Elective Cesarean Delivery Requested by Pregnant Women Requires Careful Consideration of Potential Benefits and Risks
26 Apr 2013 Study Suggests Women on Medicaid More Likely To Receive Mastectomy To Treat Breast Cancer
24 Apr 2013 Study Examines Methods, Procedures For Improved Diagnosis of Ectopic Pregnancy
31 Mar 2013 Study Examines Laparoscopic Effectiveness in Incisional Hernia Repair
18 Mar 2013 Study Examines Outcomes of Screening Mammography for Age, Breast Density, Hormone Therapy
14 Mar 2013 Study Screened For Post-Partum Depression, Examined Positive Findings
26 Feb 2013 Study Finds Small Increase in Incidence of Advanced Breast Cancer Among Younger Women
22 Feb 2013 Study Suggests Women Have Higher Risk of Hip Implant Failure
18 Dec 2012 Study Examines Risk Reduction and Screening for Ovarian Cancer Among Women Following BRCA Testing
15 Dec 2012 Study Suggests Vision Insurance Associated with Eye-Care Visits, Better Reported Vision
14 Nov 2012 Having Migraines Associated With Higher Incidence of Brain Lesions Among Women; Effect on Health Uncertain
13 Nov 2012 Patients With HBV-Related Liver Cancer Who Receive Antiviral Therapy Have Lower Risk of Tumor Recurrence
13 Oct 2012 Level of Hormone Associated With Increased Risk of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Breast Cancer and Death
6 Oct 2012 Beta-Blocker Use Not Associated With Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Events
25 Sep 2012 Study Examines Usage, Outcomes of Knee Replacement Procedures Among Medicare Patients
11 Sep 2012 Study Links Electrolyte Disorder Hyponatremia with Increased Risk of Death, Complications Following Surgery


29 Aug 2012 Measure of Coronary Artery Calcium Associated With Improved Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease Risk
12 Aug 2012 Transcatheter Valve Replacement for Aortic Stenosis - Balancing Benefits, Risks, and Expectations
29 Jul 2012 HIV-Infected Women Do Not Appear To Be At Increased Risk of Cervical Cancer
17 Jun 2012 Study Finds Gender Differences in Salaries of Physician Researchers
9 May 2012 Risk of Stroke Greater for Women Than Men Among Older Patients Diagnosed With Atrial Fibrillation, Regardless of Anticoagulant Use
4 Apr 2012 Addition of Screening Ultrasound or MRI to Annual Mammography Appears to Provide Benefit For Women At Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
16 Mar 2012 Prescribing Opioids for Pain After Short-Stay Surgery Appears Associated with Long-Term Use
11 Mar 2012 Maternal Use of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors Associated with Fewer Depressive Symptoms, Delayed Fetal Head Growth
23 Feb 2012 Women With Heart Attack More Likely Than Men To Present Without Chest Pain and Have Higher In-Hospital Mortality
1 Feb 2012 Study Finds Substantial Variability in Rate of Additional Surgery After Partial Mastectomy
30 Jan 2012 Women With Certain Type of Ovarian Cancer and BRCA Gene Mutation Have Improved Survival at 5 Years
12 Jan 2012 Statin Use in Postmenopausal Women Associated with Increased Diabetes Risk
19 Dec 2011 Sunless Tanning Products Associated With Reduced Exposure to UV Radiation Among Women
18 Dec 2011 Studies Identify Causes, Risk Factors for Stillbirth
9 Dec 2011 Post-partum Psychiatric Episodes Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Bipolar Affective Disorder
1 Nov 2011 Low Levels of Alcohol Consumption Associated With Small Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
31 Oct 2011 Probability Model Examines Proportion of Women Who Survive Following Detection of Breast Cancer Through Screening
19 Oct 2011 Survey of Hair Professionals Finds That Some Report Looking For Skin Cancer Lesions on Customers’ Scalp, Neck and Face
15 Oct 2011 Maternal Use of Folic Acid Supplements in Early Pregnancy Associated With Reduced Risk of Severe Language Delay in Children
10 Oct 2011 Certain Dietary Supplements Associated With Increased Risk of Death in Older Women
28 Sep 2011 Increased Caffeinated Coffee Consumption Associated With Decreased Risk of Depression in Women.
11 Aug 2011 Sleep-Disordered Breathing Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Cognitive Impairment or Dementia Among Older Women
5 Aug 2011 Test Measuring Blood Glucose Control May Help Improve Ability to Predict Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Events in Patients With Diabetes
30 Jul 2011 Detection of Occult Metastases in Lymph Nodes Not Associated With Overall Survival in Early-Stage Breast Cancer
25 Jul 2011 Antibiotic Appears to Be More Effective Than Cranberry Capsules for Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
22 Jul 2011 Therapy Associated With Reduced Rate of Chemotherapy-Induced Early Menopause For Women With Breast Cancer
8 Jul 2011 Healthy Lifestyle Associated With Low Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in Women
24 May 2011 Initially Healthy Women With New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation May Have Increased Risk of Premature Death
20 May 2011 Vitamin A or Beta Carotene Supplementation For Women While Pregnant Does Not Appear to Reduce Risk of Maternal, Infant Death
7 Apr 2011 Partner Controlling Behaviors Appear To Be Associated With Relationship Violence
5 Apr 2011 Longer-Term Follow-up of Users of Estrogen Therapy Finds Some Changes in Risks
21 Mar 2011 Melanoma Diagnosis in Women Associated With Higher Socioeconomic Status
16 Mar 2011 Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake Associated With Reduced Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Women
6 Mar 2011 Among Women With Prior Breast Cancer, Mammography Screening Detects Early-Stage 2nd Cancer, But May Be Less Accurate Than in Women Without Prior Breast Cancer
27 Feb 2011 Influence of Skin Cancer On Quality of Life Appears More Substantial For Women
24 Feb 2011 Use of Nitrates May Increase Bone Strength
24 Jan 2011 Smoking May Be Associated With Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
16 Jan 2011 Study Evaluates Prevalence of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in the United States
14 Nov 2010 Cancer screening made simple
10 Nov 2010 Fructose-Rich Beverages Associated With Increased Risk of Gout in Women
4 Oct 2010 Exercise Associated With Lower Rate of Fractures in Elderly Women
13 Jul 2010 Weight Loss May Be Associated With Improvements in Hot Flushes in Overweight and Obese Women
30 Jun 2010 Increased Bicycle Riding and Brisk Walking Associated With Less Weight Gain in Women
13 Apr 2010 Women Who Eat Foods With High Glycemic Index May Be at Greater Risk for Heart Disease
22 Mar 2010 Combining Weight-Focused Counseling, Medication Helps Women Quit Smoking
11 Oct 2009 Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Associated With Some Adverse Outcomes in Newborns
25 Aug 2009 Risk of Death Following Acute Coronary Syndromes Different For Men, Women; Attributable to Various Factors
23 May 2009 Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery Outcomes May be Worse in Pregnant Women
22 May 2009 Relapse Common Among Women Who Stop Taking Antidepressant Medication for Premenstrual Syndrome
12 May 2009 Women Who Follow Blood Pressure–Lowering Diet Have Reduced Risk for Heart Failure
4 Mar 2009 Statement of Anthony S. Fauci. MD, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health on National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, March 10, 2009.
11 Feb 2009 Multivitamin Use Not Associated With Women’s Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease or Death
4 Feb 2009 Hormone Level During Pregnancy May Identify Women at Risk for Postpartum Depression
30 Jan 2009 Many Women Who Survived Childhood Cancer Do Not Undergo Recommended Breast Cancer Screening
28 Jan 2009 Weight loss in overweight and obese women reduces urinary incontinence.
21 Jan 2009 Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Display Distinct Patterns of Facial Injury
24 Nov 2008 Mammograms May Detect Some Cancers That Would Have Otherwise Regressed
19 Nov 2008 Immediate Breast Reconstruction More Common Among Residents of Wealthier, Better-Educated Communities
21 Aug 2008 Estrogen Relieves Psychotic Symptoms in Women With Schizophrenia
28 Jul 2008 Current Exercise Recommendations May Not Be Sufficient for Overweight Women to Sustain Weight Loss
15 Apr 2008 Hormone Use Related to Lower Risk of Macular Degeneration in Postmenopausal Women
24 Jan 2008 Surgical Site Infections More Common Than Expected Following Breast Procedures
16 Jan 2008 FDA Takes Action Against Compounded Menopause Hormone Therapy Drugs
15 Jan 2008 Vitamin D2 Supplements May Help Prevent Falls Among High-Risk Older Women
9 Jan 2008 Bio-Identicals: Sorting Myths from Facts
31 Dec 2007 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
17 Dec 2007 Calcium in Coronary Arteries May Be Associated with Increased Risk for Heart Disease in Otherwise Low-Risk Women