Teenagers' Health



27 Oct 2018 ScienceDaily Feed
23 Oct 2016 Talking to Terminally Ill Adolescents About Progressing Disease
26 Oct 2015 Survey of Youth Finds That Majority Who Used Tobacco Started With Flavored Product
18 Aug 2015 Teens Who Use E-Cigarettes May Be More Likely to Begin Smoking
17 Aug 2015 Imaging Study Looks at Brain Effects of Early Adversity, Mental Health Disorders
8 May 2015 Study Examines Incidence of Concussion in Youth, High School, College Football
27 Apr 2015 Potassium Improved Blood Pressure in Teen Girls, Salt Had No Adverse Effect
22 Apr 2015 Incidence of Serious Diabetes Complication May Be Increasing Among Youth in U.S.
14 Nov 2014 Sickle Cell Trait Among African Americans Associated With Increased Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease
1 Sep 2014 Family Dinners Good for Teens’ Mental Health, Could Protect From Cyberbullying
28 Jun 2014 Intervention Appears to Help Teen Drivers Get More, Better Practice
9 Jun 2014 Adolescent Bullies, Victims More Likely to Carry Weapons
8 Apr 2014 Cortisol Levels Associated With Crash and Near-Crash Rates for Teen Drivers
16 Mar 2014 Bullying Associated With Suicidal Thoughts, Attempts by Children, Adolescents
8 Mar 2014 Moving Out of High Poverty Appears to Affect the Mental Health of Boys, Girls Differently
21 Jan 2014 Middle-School Girls Continue to Play Soccer with Concussion Symptoms
4 Jan 2014 One-Third of Adolescents Do Not Discuss Sexuality Issues During Annual Health Visits
29 Nov 2013 Drug Improves Remission of Crohn Disease Among Children and Adolescents
24 Nov 2013 Study Examines Parental Perspectives on Adolescent Hearing Loss Risk
4 Nov 2013 Adolescent Boys Concerned About Muscles Who Use Supplements to Enhance Them More Likely to Binge Drink, Use Drugs
27 Oct 2013 Clinical Trial Evaluates Outpatient Detoxification in Prescription Opioid Abusers
16 Sep 2013 Binge Drinking 5-Plus Drinks Common for High School Seniors, Some Drink More
7 Sep 2013 Cognitive-Behavioral Prevention Program Associated With Reduced Rate of Depressive Episodes In At-Risk Youth
28 Jun 2013 Study Examines Prevalence, Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Adolescents
26 Jun 2013 Among White Adolescents, Young Adults with Melanoma, Males Have Higher Mortality Than Females
24 Jun 2013 Parents Conversations With Adolescents About Weight/Size Associated With Increased Risk of Unhealthy Eating Behaviors
22 Jun 2013 Prenatal Exposure to Maternal Cigarette Smoking Associated With Altered Reward Processing and Anticipation
27 May 2013 Tobacco Brand Placements Decline While Alcohol Placements Increase in Movies Rated Acceptable for Youth Audiences, Study Finds
22 May 2013 Less Sleep Associated With Increased Risk of Crashes for Young Drivers
4 May 2013 Study Finds That 2 Doses of HPV Vaccine in Girls May Offer Similar Level of Infection Protection as 3 Doses in Young Women
28 Mar 2013 Study Suggests Teenage Smokers With Higher Genetic Risk Associated With Development of Adult Smoking Problems
3 Mar 2013 Clinical Trial Evaluates Intervention to Reduce Pregnancy Risk Among Adolescent Girls
25 Feb 2013 Soccer Program Associated with Increased Activity in Students With Higher BMI
23 Jan 2013 Personality-Targeted Prevention Program for Adolescent Alcohol Use and Misuse
3 Jan 2013 Higher Levels of Obesity Associated With Increased Risk of Death; Being Overweight Associated With Lower Risk of Death
17 Dec 2012 Inpatient Bariatric Procedures for Adolescents Appear to Have Plateaued Since 2003
11 Dec 2012 Addition of Technology to Standard Weight Loss Plan Appears Beneficial for Greater Weight Loss
16 Nov 2012 Dance Intervention Improves Self-Rated Health of Girls With Internalizing Problems
29 Oct 2012 Overweight, Obesity in Adolescents Appears Associated with Increased Risk for End-Stage Renal Disease Over Time
24 Oct 2012 Increased Risk of Suicidal Thoughts Among Adolescents Appears Related to Recent Victimization
21 Oct 2012 Study Finds Association Between Pseudoephedrine Sales and Illicit Manufacture of Methamphetamine
4 Oct 2012 Psychiatric Disorders May Persist in Some Young People After Detention
1 Oct 2012 Study Examines Safety of Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine Given to Females
22 Sep 2012 Higher Levels of BPA in Children and Teens Associated With Obesity
10 Sep 2012 Vigorous Physical Activity Associated with Reduced Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Youth
7 Sep 2012 Use of Biologic Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis Not Significantly Associated With Increased Risk of Malignancy
19 Aug 2012 Persistent, Microscopic Blood in Urine Associated With Increased Risk of Kidney Disease
25 Jul 2012 Study Examines Use of Diagnostic Tests in Adolescents with Hypertension
7 May 2012 Study Suggests Mid-adolescence is Peak Risk for Extramedical Use of Pain Relievers by Young People
6 Apr 2012 Teen Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use and Abuse Examined in Study
3 Apr 2012 Study Examines Use of Waist Measures Among Overweight and Obese Adolescents
7 Mar 2012 Vitamin D Intake May Be Associated With Lower Stress Fracture Risk in Girls
2 Jan 2012 Schizophrenia Diagnosis Associated With Progressive Brain Changes Among Adolescents
20 Nov 2011 Study Examines Racial and Ethnic Variations in Substance-Related Disorders Among Adolescents
13 Nov 2011 Neuromuscular Warm-Up Associated With Reduction in Lower Extremity Injuries in Adolescent Female Athletes
10 Nov 2011 Web-Based Intervention Appears Ineffective for Preventing Weight Gain in Adolescents
9 Nov 2011 Removing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages from Schools Associated With Reduced Access To, But Not Consumption of These Beverages Among Adolescents
13 Aug 2011 Younger Black Patients Undergoing Dialysis Have Higher Risk of Death Compared to White Patients
15 Jun 2011 Extensive Television Watching Linked With Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and All-Cause Death
11 Jun 2011 Adherence to Certain Dietary Pattern Associated With Lower BMI in Adolescent Girls
4 Apr 2011 High-Impact Sports Associated With Increased Risk of Stress Fracture Among Adolescent Girls
12 Mar 2011 Study Examines Prevalence of Eating Disorders Among Adolescents
11 Mar 2011 Young Adults With Chronic Illnesses Have Poorer Educational, Vocational, and Financial Outcomes
7 Feb 2011 Psychotic Illness Appears to Begin at Younger Age Among Those Who Use Cannabis
4 Dec 2010 Teens Who Recover from Hard-to-treat Depression Still at Risk for Relapse
11 Nov 2010 Obesity in Adolescence Significantly Associated With Increased Risk of Severe Obesity in Adulthood
1 Nov 2010 Depression Returns in About Half of Treated Teens
24 Sep 2010 Use of Sunless Tanning Products Common in Teens, May Encourage Sun Safety in Women
2 Aug 2010 Brief Interventions in Emergency Departments May Help Reduce Violence and Alcohol Abuse Among Adolescents
5 Jul 2010 Delayed School Start Time Associated With Improvements in Adolescent Behaviors
21 Jun 2010 Portable Media Players Associated With Short-Term Hearing Effects
11 Apr 2010 Intervention Appears Cost-Effective for Preventing Repeated Teenage Births
6 Mar 2010 Teens With More Screen Time Have Lower-Quality Relationships
7 Feb 2010 Diabetes Medication May Help Decrease BMI in Obese Adolescents
11 Oct 2009 Psychiatric Symptoms May Predict Internet Addiction in Adolescents
2 Jun 2009 Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Helps Prevent Depression Among At-Risk Teens
22 May 2009 Risk of Facial Fractures in Motor Vehicle Crashes Decreasing
8 Apr 2009 Studies Investigate Childhood Obesity, Diabetes and Related Conditions
11 Feb 2009 Teens Who Frequently Go Out With Friends More Likely to Use Marijuana
20 Jan 2009 Retinoid Cream Associated With Death in Clinical Trial, but Relationship Does Not Appear Causal
3 Dec 2008 Psychiatric Disorders Common Among College-Age Individuals; Few Seek Treatment
21 Aug 2008 Former Child Soldiers of Nepal at Increased Risk for Range of Mental Health Problems
18 Jul 2008 Relationship Violence Appears Common Among College Students
5 Mar 2008 Switching Medications, Adding Psychotherapy May Help Teens Whose Initial Medication For Depression is Ineffective
8 Jan 2008 Physically Active Teens Less Likely to Become Overweight as Young Adults
6 Jan 2008 Family-centered Intervention Effectively Reduces Risky Behavior Among Hispanic Youth
21 Dec 2007 High School and Youth Trends