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27 Oct 2018 Medical News Today Feed
16 Oct 2016 Updated AABB Guidelines for When to Perform Red Blood Cell Transfusion, Optimal Length of RBC Storage
17 Jul 2016 United States Health Care Reform
16 Jul 2016 2016 Recommendations for Antiretroviral Drugs for the Treatment and Prevention of HIV Infection in Adults
5 Jul 2016 Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide Increasingly Being Legalized, Although Still Relatively Uncommon
21 Jun 2016 Statins Associated with Lower Risk of Cardiac Events for Some Patients, Not Others
9 Apr 2016 Screening for COPD Not Recommended
20 Mar 2016 Examination of Effect of CMS Policy to Suppress Substance Abuse Claims Data
19 Mar 2016 CDC Issues Recommendations for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain
19 Dec 2015 Decrease Seen in Newly Registered NIH-Funded Trials, While Industry-Funded Trials Have Increased Substantially
13 Dec 2015 Improving Educational Interventions for Physicians to Provide High-Value, Cost-Conscious Care
12 Dec 2015 Placement of U.S. Medical School Graduates Into Graduate Medical Education Remains Stable
7 Dec 2015 Risky Sexual Behavior by Young Men with HIV Who Have Sex with Men
28 Nov 2015 Changes in Retail Prices for Prescription Dermatologic Drugs from 2009-2015
18 Nov 2015 Prevalence of Lifetime Drug Use Disorders Nearly 10% in U.S.
1 Nov 2015 Decreases Seen in Leading Causes of Death
24 Oct 2015 Substance Abuse Treatment Remains Low for Opioid Use Disorders
16 Oct 2015 Nonmedical Prescription Opioid Use Disorders, Frequency of Use and Deaths Increase in the U.S.
9 Oct 2015 Examining Contemporary Occupational Carcinogen Exposure, Bladder Cancer
6 Oct 2015 Study Examines Antibullying Policies and Bullying in 25 States
26 Sep 2015 Study Finds High Prevalence of Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes in U.S.
20 Sep 2015 Studies Examine Sex Differences in Academic Faculty Rank, Institutional Support for Biomedical Research
3 Sep 2015 Increase Seen in Bicycle-Related Injuries, Hospital Admissions
31 Aug 2015 Religion, Physicians and Surrogate Decision-Makers in the Intensive Care Unit
26 Aug 2015 Two studies and an editorial published online by JAMA Psychiatry examine associations between cannabis use and the brain.
5 Aug 2015 Progress Has Been Made in Reducing Rates of Violence in U.S., Although Overall Numbers Remain High
2 Aug 2015 Some Adverse Drug Events Not Reported by Manufacturers to FDA by 15-Day Mark
1 Aug 2015 ACA Open Enrollment Periods Associated With Improved Coverage, Access to Care and Health
31 Jul 2015 Findings Question Measures Used to Assess Hospital Quality
28 Jul 2015 Report Examines Medicare and Medicaid Programs at 50 Years and Challenges Ahead
14 Jul 2015 Study Suggests Progress in Reporting, Management of IRB Conflicts of Interest
11 Jul 2015 Survey Finds Many Physicians, Clinicians Work Sick Despite Risk to Patients
23 Jun 2015 Mixed Findings Regarding Quality of Evidence Supporting Benefit of Medical Marijuana
20 Jun 2015 How Much Do Consumers Know About New Sunscreen Labels
16 Jun 2015 Development Assistance for Health Has Increased Substantially Since 1990 for Low-Income Countries
15 Jun 2015 Study Estimates Deaths Attributable to Cigarettes for 12 Smoking-Related Cancers
10 Jun 2015 Interest in Learning About Skin Cancer Appears to Increase During Summer
30 May 2015 Hearing Impairment Higher Among Hispanic/Latino Men, Older Individuals
23 May 2015 Personalized Care During Eye Visits Didn’t Lower HbA1c Levels for Diabetics
20 May 2015 Study Examines Occupational Sun-Safety Policies for Local Government Workers in Colorado
19 May 2015 Study Finds High Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in U.S.
14 May 2015 Study Estimates Prevalence of Glaucoma Among Singapore Chinese
9 May 2015 Effectiveness of School Competitive Food Policies Appears Tied to Neighborhood Socioeconomics
6 May 2015 Survival Rates in Trauma Patients after Massachusetts Health Insurance Reform
1 May 2015 High-Dose Sodium Nitrite with Citric Acid Creams Better Than Placebo for Anogenital Warts
17 Mar 2015 Folic Acid Supplementation Among Adults with Hypertension Reduces Risk of Stroke
11 Mar 2015 Hospital Readmissions Following Severe Sepsis Often Preventable
6 Mar 2015 Researchers Examine Effect of Experimental Ebola Vaccine After High-Risk Exposure
27 Feb 2015 Patient Perceptions of Physician Compassion Measured
14 Feb 2015 Problem FDA Inspection Findings in Trials Seldom Reflected in Medical Literature
9 Feb 2015 HPV Vaccination Not Associated with Increase in Sexually Transmitted Infection
8 Feb 2015 Care of Patients Prior to Making a Diagnosis Rarely Assessed By Quality Measures
17 Jan 2015 Community-Wide Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs Associated with Reductions in Hospitalizations, Deaths, Over a 40 Year Period
26 Dec 2014 Worse Lower-, Higher-Frequency Hearing in HIV+ Adults
18 Dec 2014 Airline Pilots Can Be Exposed to Cockpit Radiation Similar to Tanning Beds
9 Dec 2014 Hookah Pipes, Smokeless Tobacco Snus Associated with Smoking Onset
25 Nov 2014 Study Examines FDA Influence on Design of Pivotal Drug Studies
10 Nov 2014 2nd-Hand Smoke Exposure of Hospitalized Nonsmoker Cardiac Patients
8 Nov 2014 Long-term Risks and Benefits of Bariatric Surgery
6 Nov 2014 Location of Oral Cancers Differs in Smokers, Nonsmokers
31 Oct 2014 Initial Choice of Oral Medication to Lower Glucose in Diabetes Patients Examined
25 Oct 2014 More Competition Among Physicians Related to Lower Prices Paid By Private PPOs For Office Visits
21 Oct 2014 Making Health Services Prices Available Linked to Lower Total Claims Payments
13 Oct 2014 Study Estimates 14 Million Smoking-Attributable Major Medical Conditions in U.S.
12 Oct 2014 Studies Examine Vaccination Strategies For Prevention, Control of Avian Flu
9 Oct 2014 Study Examines Effect of Different Levels of Antibiotic Susceptibility on Risk of Death Among Patients With Staphylococcus aureus Bloodstream Infection
27 Sep 2014 Discount Generic Drug Programs Grow Over Time
22 Sep 2014 Study Examines Potential Adverse Health Effects of Climate Change
21 Sep 2014 Magnesium Sulfate During Pregnancy Does Not Show Long-Term Benefit on Various Outcomes for Very Preterm Infants
17 Sep 2014 Waistlines of U.S. Adults Continue to Increase
4 Sep 2014 Outdoor Activities May be Linked to Exfoliation Syndrome in Eyes
2 Sep 2014 Comparison of Named Diet Programs Finds Little Difference in Weight Loss Outcomes
6 Aug 2014 Aggressive Outreach Increases Organ Donation Among Hispanic Americans
25 Jul 2014 Increased Risk for Head, Neck Cancers in Patients with Diabetes
19 Jul 2014 Overall HIV Diagnosis Rate Decreases Significantly in U.S. Over a Decade, Although Increase Seen for Certain Groups
5 Jul 2014 Study Estimates Effect on Surgery Following National Health Insurance Expansion
25 Jun 2014 Alcohol Use Increases Over Generation in Study of Moms, Daughters in Australia
22 Jun 2014 Compared to Chemotherapy, Treatment with Selumetinib not Associated with Improved Long Term Survival for Patients with an Uncommon Eye Cancer
15 Jun 2014 Gene Variant Associated With Type 2 Diabetes in Latino Population
7 Jun 2014 Study Finds Public Awareness of Head and Neck Cancers Low
25 May 2014 Antibiotics Continue to Be Prescribed at High Rate for Bronchitis, Contrary to Recommended Guidelines
17 May 2014 2 JAMA Ophthalmology Studies Focus on Glaucoma Medication Adherence
26 Apr 2014 Quality Improvement Program Helps Lower Risk of Bleeding, Death Following Stroke
22 Apr 2014 Study Examines Patient Care Patterns in Medicare Accountable Care Organizations
20 Apr 2014 Free Drug Samples Can Change Prescribing Habits of Dermatologists
12 Apr 2014 Viewpoint Offers Details of BRAIN Initiative
11 Apr 2014 State Medicaid Expansions Did Not Erode Perceived Access to Care or Increase Emergency Services
9 Apr 2014 Study Examines Criteria for “Choosing Wisely” Lists of Least Beneficial Medical Services
7 Apr 2014 Access to Primary Care Appointments Varies by Insurance Status
3 Apr 2014 Study Examines Potential Conflict of Interest for Leaders of Academic Medical Centers Serving on Pharmaceutical Boards
31 Mar 2014 Aspirin Use Appears Linked With Improved Survival After Colon Cancer Diagnosis
24 Mar 2014 E-Cigarettes Not Associated With More Smokers Quitting, Reduced Consumption
17 Mar 2014 COPD Associated With Increased Risk for Mild Cognitive Impairment
12 Mar 2014 Research Finds Discrepancies Between Trial Results Reported on Clinical Trial Registry and in High-Impact Journals
9 Mar 2014 Opening or Expanding a Casino Associated With Lower Rate of Overweight Children in that Community
5 Mar 2014 Study Examines Gap in Federal Oversight of Clinical Trials
3 Mar 2014 Suicide in the Military: Army-NIH Funded Study Points to Risks and Protective Factors
1 Mar 2014 Obesity Prevalence Remains High in U.S.; No Significant Change in Recent Years
10 Feb 2014 Improving Post-hospital Outcomes with Community Health Worker Intervention
30 Jan 2014 Study Examines International Prevalence of Indoor Tanning
22 Jan 2014 Mediterranean Diet Associated With Lower Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
18 Jan 2014 Patients With Mild Hyperglycemia and Genetic Mutation Have Low Prevalence of Vascular Complications
16 Jan 2014 Follow-up Tests Improve Colorectal Cancer Recurrence Detection
12 Jan 2014 Study Examines Prevalence of Smoking Among Health Care Professionals
11 Jan 2014 Combination Therapy Shows Short-Term Benefit, But Does Not Improve Ability to Quit Smoking After One Year
7 Jan 2014 Study Estimates Tobacco Control in U.S. Has Saved 8 Million Lives In Last 50 Years
2 Jan 2014 Quitting Smoking Decreases Risk of Developing Cataract
1 Jan 2014 Health Care Costs Higher for Former, Current Smokers in Year After Surgery
28 Dec 2013 Study Examines Locations of Substance Abuse Facilities that Accept Medicaid
26 Dec 2013 Registered Tanning Salons More Common Than Other Businesses in Florida
4 Dec 2013 Study Examines Incidence, Trend of Substance Use Disorder Among Medical Residents
1 Dec 2013 Prevalence of Undiagnosed HIV Infection Low Among State Prison Entrants
26 Nov 2013 Study Examines Barriers to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among Teens
24 Nov 2013 Study Examines Regional Spending on Vascular Care and Amputation Rate
16 Nov 2013 Outreach Programs Increase Organ Donations by Hispanics
14 Nov 2013 Critical Issues in U.S. Health Care – Health Care on the Edge
7 Nov 2013 Autoantibodies Found in Blood Years Before Symptom Onset of Autoimmune Disease
28 Oct 2013 Parity Laws for Substance Abuse Disorder Linked to Increased Treatment
26 Oct 2013 Flu Vaccine Associated With Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Events
21 Oct 2013 Body Mass Index Not Major Predictor of Death in Bariatric Surgery Eligibility
8 Oct 2013 Chemotherapy Drug Improves Survival Following Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer
6 Oct 2013 Mass. Insurance Expansion Associated With Increased Probability of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Nonwhite Patients, Reduced Racial Disparities
2 Oct 2013 Study Finds Increase in Survival Following Bystander CPR for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
23 Sep 2013 Applying Swine Manure to Crop Field Associated with MRSA, Soft-Tissue Infection
21 Sep 2013 VA Facility Expands Breast Cancer Screenings
20 Sep 2013 Eating, Swallowing Exercises Help Patients with Pharyngeal Cancers Fare Better
17 Sep 2013 Brain’s white matter may determine susceptibility to chronic pain
6 Sep 2013 Study Examines Uveitis in a Hawaiian Population
5 Sep 2013 Patient-Centered Medical Home Intervention Makes Some Progress
3 Sep 2013 Single Combination Pill For Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Platelet Control Provides Benefit to Patients With or at Risk of CVD
27 Aug 2013 Study Examines Relationship of a Commercial ACO Contract with Medical Spending for Medicare Beneficiaries Who Were Not Covered By the Contract
20 Aug 2013 Implementation of Multifaceted Hypertension Quality Improvement Program Associated With Increase in Blood Pressure Control Rates
14 Aug 2013 Age-Related Variations Observed in Treatment of Melanoma
11 Aug 2013 Gene Appears Associated With Overweight, Obesity in Psychiatric Patients, General Population
8 Aug 2013 Investigational malaria vaccine found safe and protective
26 Jul 2013 Study Examines Biliary Reconstruction Method
23 Jul 2013 Report Documents Organ Transplantation as Source of Fatal Rabies Virus Case
18 Jul 2013 Socioeconomic Disparity Persists in Use of Eye Care Services Among U.S. Adults with Age-Related Eye Diseases
17 Jul 2013 Longer Duration of Obesity Associated With Subclinical Coronary Heart Disease
13 Jul 2013 16-Hour Work Limit for Medical Interns Associated With Decreased Operative Experience, Study Suggests
11 Jul 2013 Genetic and Environmental Factors Appear Related to Comitant Strabismus, Study Suggests
9 Jul 2013 Research Examines Differences in Rates of Cardiac Catheterization Between New York State and Ontario
4 Jul 2013 Experience in Rural Setting Associated with Increases Likelihood Residents Will Practice General Surgery There
25 Jun 2013 Gene Mutation May Have Effect on Benefit of Aspirin Use for Colorectal Cancer
23 Jun 2013 MRI Screening May Help Identify Spinal Infections From Contaminated Drug Injections
20 Jun 2013 Prenatal Smoke Exposure Associated with Adolescent Hearing Loss
17 Jun 2013 Eating More Red Meat Associated With Increased Risk of Type-2 Diabetes
9 Jun 2013 The Morality of Using Mortality as a Financial Incentive – Unintended Consequences and Implications for Acute Hospital Care
6 Jun 2013 Postoperative Patient Care Program Associated With Reduction of Common Postoperative Complications
3 Jun 2013 Vegetarian Diets Associated With Lower Risk of Death
31 May 2013 Weight Loss May Improve Psoriasis Symptoms in Overweight Patients
20 May 2013 Bronchodilators Appear Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events
13 May 2013 Study Finds Inconsistent and Slow Reduction in Sodium Levels in Processed and Restaurant’s Food
25 Apr 2013 Study Examines Brain Response to Empathy-Eliciting Scenarios Among Incarcerated Individuals With Psychopathy
16 Apr 2013 Study Examines Influence of Providing Fee Data on Laboratory Test Ordering
7 Apr 2013 The Economics of Genomic Medicine – Insights From the IOM Roundtable on Translating Genomic-Based Research for Health
3 Apr 2013 Mortality Rates Have Increased at Hospitals in Rural Communities For Certain Conditions Compared to Other Acute Care Hospitals
24 Mar 2013 Study Suggests Nurse Understaffing Associated With NICU Infection Rates
22 Mar 2013 Drug Does Not Significantly Reduce Risk of Death Among Patients With Severe Sepsis
13 Mar 2013 Regardless of Possible Weight Gain, Quitting Smoking Associated With Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
10 Mar 2013 More Firearm Laws May Be Associated With Lower Rate of Firearm Fatalities
16 Feb 2013 Higher Number of Doses of Malaria Preventive Therapy During Pregnancy Associated With Better Outcomes for Infants in Africa
13 Feb 2013 Study Examines Factors for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in Israeli Soldiers
1 Feb 2013 Research Letter Examines Perceived Hospitalist Workload and Patient Safety
31 Jan 2013 Study Examines Response to Scopolamine in Major Depressive Disorder
27 Jan 2013 Emergency Department Use Within 30 Days of Hospital Discharge Common
12 Jan 2013 Study Documents Failure Rate of Antibiotic Treatment for Gonorrhea
28 Dec 2012 Study Examines Overuse of Ambulatory Health Care Services in United States
24 Dec 2012 Elevated Levels of C-Reactive Protein Appear Associated with Psychological Distress, Depression
16 Dec 2012 Prevalence of Visual Impairment in U.S. Increases
12 Dec 2012 Study Suggests Odds of Visual Field Testing for Glaucoma Decreased Most for Hispanics in Past Decade
4 Dec 2012 Longer Treatment for Male Urinary Tract Infection Not Associated with Reduced Early or Late Recurrence Risk
28 Nov 2012 Study Suggests Eliminating Medicare Consultation Payments was Associated with a Net Increase in Spending
22 Nov 2012 Uninsured Patients Undergoing Craniotomy for Brain Tumor Have Higher In-Hospital Mortality
17 Nov 2012 Genetic Variation May Modify Associations Between Low Vitamin D Levels and Adverse Health Outcomes
10 Nov 2012 Study Finds High Prevalence of Major Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Among U.S. Hispanic/Latino Adults
1 Nov 2012 Decline in Incidence of Heart Attacks Appears Associated with Smoke-Free Workplace Laws
27 Oct 2012 Molecular Prognostic Assay May Help Identify Patients at High Risk of Death Despite Small, Node-Negative Lung Tumors
22 Oct 2012 Eating More Legumes May Improve Glycemic Control, Lower Estimated Heart Disease Risk
19 Oct 2012 Study Identifies Characteristics of Sunbed Users, Motivation for Tanning
16 Oct 2012 Cholesterol Levels Improving Among U.S. Adults
10 Oct 2012 Study Finds Decline in HIV Deaths for Most Men, Women by Race/Ethnicity, Education
9 Oct 2012 Moving from High-Poverty to Low-Poverty Housing Appears Largely Ineffective for Mental Health Benefits Among Adolescents
3 Oct 2012 Study Suggests High Use of Medicare Skilled Nursing Benefit at End of Life
23 Sep 2012 Government Can Play Important Role in Obesity Epidemic
21 Sep 2012 Over Long-Term, Gastric Bypass Surgery Associated With Higher Rate of Diabetes Remission, Improvement in Cardiovascular Risk Factors
15 Sep 2012 Study Examines Cost-Savings of Physician Group Practice Program That is Similar to Proposed Programs of Accountable Care Organizations
13 Sep 2012 Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Not Associated With Lower Risk of Major Cardiovascular Disease Events
4 Sep 2012 Stiffening of Aortic Wall Linked With Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure
26 Aug 2012 Controlling Urban Epidemics of West Nile Virus Infection
22 Aug 2012 Study Examines Risk of Heart Attack Associated with Various Psoriasis Treatments
20 Aug 2012 Study Projects Increases in Health Care Costs, Infections with Declines in Male Circumcision
18 Aug 2012 Use of Radioactive Iodine for Treatment of Thyroid Cancer on the Rise
15 Aug 2012 Couple’s Therapy Appears to Decrease PTSD Symptoms, Improve Relationship
11 Aug 2012 Working Toward an AIDS-Free Generation
7 Aug 2012 Study Finds Correlation Between Number of Colorectal Polyps and Genetic Mutations
22 Jul 2012 Study Finds Differences in Characteristics, Risk Factors Between Persons Born Outside the United States vs. U.S.-Born Residents With HIV
16 Jul 2012 H1N1 Vaccine Associated With Small but Significant Risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome
25 Jun 2012 Higher Medical Home Performance Rating of Community Health Centers Associated With Higher Operating Costs
20 May 2012 Considerable Prevalence of Both Malaria and Sexually Transmitted/Reproductive Tract Infections Exist Among Pregnant Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
15 May 2012 Changes in Air Pollution Levels During Beijing Olympics Associated With Changes in Biomarkers Linked to Cardiovascular Disease
17 Apr 2012 Canadian Study Suggests Off-Label Prescribing of Medications is Common
9 Apr 2012 Analysis Suggests Insufficient Evidence that Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements Offer Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Heart Disease
5 Apr 2012 Changes in Diagnostic Coding May Affect Data That Indicate Decline in Pneumonia Hospitalizations, Inpatient Deaths
27 Mar 2012 Greater Medication Cost-Sharing Associated With Reduced Use of Asthma Medications By Children
26 Mar 2012 More Frequently Eating Chocolate Appears Related to Lower BMI
13 Mar 2012 More Red Meat Consumption Appears to be Associated with Increased Risk of Death
25 Feb 2012 Study Examines Cost-Effectiveness of Adult Pneumococcal Vaccines
21 Feb 2012 Survey Finds Some Surgeons Report Alcohol Use Disorders
20 Jan 2012 Replacing Medicare Visual Acuity Screening with Dilated Eye Exams Appears Cost Effective
3 Jan 2012 When Overeating, Calories, Not Protein, Contribute to Increase in Body Fat
20 Dec 2011 Sleep Disorders Common Among Police Officers
11 Dec 2011 Study Examines Trends in Quality of Care and Health Care Spending for Depression
28 Nov 2011 Smoking Cessation Interventions Appear To Be Effective For Some Current Smokers
8 Nov 2011 Certain Medications Used for Diseases Such as Rheumatoid Arthritis Not Associated With Increased Risk of Hospitalization For Serious Infections
30 Oct 2011 Non-Targeted HIV Testing in Emergency Departments Identifies Only a Few New Cases, French Study Finds
25 Oct 2011 Yoga and Stretching Exercises Beneficial for Chronic Low Back Pain
22 Oct 2011 More Surgery in Early-Stage Laryngeal Cancer Treatment; More Chemoradiation for Advanced-Stage Patients
17 Oct 2011 Undergoing Bariatric Surgery Associated With Obese Family Members Adopting Healthier Lifestyles
13 Oct 2011 Behavioral and Educational Interventions Appear to be Effective for Patients with Poorly Controlled Diabetes
5 Oct 2011 Dietary Supplements For Patients After Lung Injury Do Not Appear to Improve Outcomes; May Be Harmful
19 Sep 2011 Association Found Between Percentage of Minority Trauma Patients in a Hospital and Increased Odds of Dying
16 Sep 2011 Association Found Between Long-Term Use of Nonaspirin Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Renal Cell Cancer
11 Sep 2011 Medical Schools Spend Small Amount of Time Teaching Content Related to Health of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Patients
15 Aug 2011 Vitamin D Levels Appear to Be Associated With Risk of Skin Cancer, Although Relationship Is Complex
7 Aug 2011 Studies Evaluate Programs to Transition Care of Patients After Hospital Discharge
1 Aug 2011 Self-Medication of Anxiety Symptoms With Drugs or Alcohol Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Substance Use Disorders
21 Jul 2011 Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Associated With Hearing Loss in Adolescents
14 Jul 2011 Neighborhood Fast Food Availability Related to an Individual’s Fast Food Consumption
3 Jul 2011 Quality of Hospital Care in U.S. Territories Appears Lower Than in U.S. States
26 Jun 2011 Most Heart Attack Patients Needing Procedure Such As Balloon Angioplasty At Another Hospital Not Transferred in Recommended Time
14 Jun 2011 Patients With Early-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease and Elevated Levels of Certain Hormone More Likely to Experience Poorer Outcomes
12 Jun 2011 Diversion of Ambulances Associated With Increased Risk of Death For Heart Attack Patients
9 Jun 2011 Study Identifies Genetic Mutations Associated With Cancer Risk for Hereditary Cancer Syndrome
20 May 2011 Economic Factors Associated With Increase in Closures of Emergency Departments
9 May 2011 Studies Find Screening Colonoscopies May Be Done More Frequently Than Recommended, and May Not Be Beneficial to Some Older Adults
7 May 2011 Structured Exercise Training Associated With Improved Glycemic Control for Patients With Diabetes
1 May 2011 Activation of Biomarker Appears Associated With Improved Survival Among Obese Patients With Colorectal Cancer
25 Apr 2011 Study Tests Interventions Targeting Multiple Health-Related Behaviors, Including HIV/STD Transmission Prevention in African American Couples
17 Apr 2011 Use of Combination Drug Regimen For Treating TB May Represent an Effective Treatment Option
12 Apr 2011 Persons With Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, But Without Symptoms, Still Shed Virus
3 Apr 2011 Report to nation finds continued declines in many cancer rates
18 Mar 2011 Regions That Have Higher Rate of Diagnoses Among Medicare Patients Have Lower Fatality Rate For Chronic Conditions
15 Mar 2011 Prevalence of Heavy Smokers in U.S. Decreases
10 Mar 2011 Conflict of Interest, Funding Information Seldom Reported in Meta-Analyses of Randomized Controlled Trials
3 Mar 2011 High-Cost Hospitals Do Not Appear to Have Better Survival Rates For Sepsis Patients
23 Feb 2011 Cell Phone Use May Have Effect on Brain Activity, But Health Consequences Unknown
19 Feb 2011 Study Finds Racial Disparities in Hospital Readmission Rates
19 Jan 2011 Many Vulnerable Patients Have Poor Access to Trauma Care
16 Jan 2011 Implant Appears Effective for Treating Inflammatory Disease Within the Eye
3 Jan 2011 Brain Imaging Studies Examine How Anti-Smoking Medications May Curb Cravings
25 Dec 2010 Racial Disparities Evident in Early-Stage Liver Cancer Survival
15 Dec 2010 Use of Methods to Protect Lungs After Brain Death Increases Number of Lungs Suitable for Donation
7 Dec 2010 Including Smoking Cessation Program With Treatment for PTSD Shows Higher Rate of Quitting
23 Nov 2010 Depression May Be Both Consequence of and Risk Factor for Diabetes
13 Nov 2010 Study Finds Significant Variation Among Medical Centers Regarding Surveillance of Bloodstream Infections
18 Sep 2010 Available Physician Characteristics May Not Help Patients Find High-Quality Care
28 Jun 2010 New Meta-Analysis Demonstrates Heart Risks Associated With Rosiglitazone
26 Jun 2010 Study Identifies Reasons for Higher Rate of Severe Sepsis Among Black Patients
13 Jun 2010 Racial Disparities in Asthma Exist Even Among Children With Equal Access to Health Care
29 May 2010 Strategy May Help Translate Research Findings About Blood Pressure Treatment Into Clinical Practice
22 May 2010 Family Status and Gender Associated With Career Planning Among Surgical Residents
15 May 2010 Strong Evidence Appears to Be Lacking Regarding Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Effective Treatments for Food Allergies
25 Apr 2010 Teaching Hospital Status Associated With Death Rate After Colon Surgery
11 Apr 2010 Symptoms of Depression Increase During Medical Internship
28 Feb 2010 Study Finds That Two Treatment Strategies for Severe Sepsis Show Similar Survival Rates
17 Jan 2010 Imaging Studies Help Detect Underlying Cancers in Patients With Neurologic Symptoms
11 Nov 2009 Study Examines Quality and Duration of Primary Care Visits
25 Oct 2009 Comparison Finds Considerable Differences on Estimates of Future Physician Workforce Supply
21 Oct 2009 Study Examines Treatment for Olfactory Loss After Viral Infection
11 Oct 2009 Study Examines Use of Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness Data to Determine National Drug Coverage Decisions
23 Sep 2009 Study of Hospital Relocation Provides Insights to Aid in Disaster Planning
19 Sep 2009 Study Examines Stroke Risk Among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
22 Jul 2009 Most Women Would Choose Surgical Profession Again
19 Jun 2009 Adding Antiviral Agents to Steroids for Treatment of Facial Paralysis Is Not Associated With Improved Recovery
28 May 2009 Retail Clinics Less Likely to Be Located in Underserved Communities
23 May 2009 Westernization Associated With Potentially Harmful Sun Habits Among Asian Americans
22 May 2009 Vaccine Records of Internationally Adopted Children May Not Reflect Protection Against Disease
13 May 2009 Older Adults Often Inaccurately Report Their Own Stroke History
23 Apr 2009 Use of Pancreatic Islets Show Promise in Diabetes Research, Treatments
15 Apr 2009 Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Do Not Appear to Damage Vision Over Six Months
1 Apr 2009 Control, Treatment of Bed Bugs Challenging
19 Mar 2009 Steroid Nasal Wash Appears to Improve Health Status of Patients With Chronic Rhinosinusitis Without Affecting Adrenal Gland Function
27 Feb 2009 Study Indicates Some MRSA Infections in ICU Patients Have Been Decreasing in Recent Years
19 Feb 2009 Demonstration Projects of Coordinated Care Programs for Medicare Beneficiaries With Chronic Illnesses Find That Most Do Not Show Benefit
15 Feb 2009 Physicians May Face Challenging Workplace Conditions in Clinics Serving Minority Patients
11 Feb 2009 Cardiac Imaging Method May Expose Patients to High Radiation Dose
20 Jan 2009 Retinoid Cream Associated With Death in Clinical Trial, but Relationship Does Not Appear Causal
16 Jan 2009 Glaucoma May Be Linked to Higher Rates of Reading Impairment in Older Adults
16 Dec 2008 Clinical Trial Participants Value Personalized, Accurate Information About Study Results
21 Aug 2008 Liberian Fighters Exposed to Sexual Violence Experience More Mental Health Disorders in Aftermath of War
13 Aug 2008 Study Compares Eye Care Use Among U.S., Canadian Adults With Vision Problems
23 Jul 2008 Older Liver Donors Not Associated With Negative Outcomes in Transplant Recipients With Hepatitis C
15 Jul 2008 Many Hispanics With Diabetes Unaware of Potential Eye Disease, Do Not Receive Eye Exams
8 Jan 2008 NIAID experts see Dengue as potential threat to U.S public health.
7 Jan 2008 Study of sugars on cell surface identifies key factor in flu infection.
17 Dec 2007 Classifying Indoor Tanning Behaviors Can Help Physicians Tailor Prevention Messages