Mental Health


27 Oct 2018 Medical News Today Feed
21 Aug 2016 Study Links Self-Reported Childhood Abuse to Death in Women Years Later
30 Jul 2016 Study Compares Cognitive Outcomes for Treatments of Brain Lesions
23 Jul 2016 Autism Spectrum Disorder Insurance Mandates Associated with Increased Diagnoses
28 May 2016 Antidepressants Commonly and Increasingly Prescribed For Nondepressive Indications
21 May 2016 ADHD in Young Adulthood Examined in JAMA Psychiatry Studies
24 Apr 2016 Military Sexual Trauma Linked to Higher Risk of Homelessness Among Veterans
26 Jan 2016 Comparison of Smoking Cessation Therapies Finds Similar Quit Rates
14 Dec 2015 Antidepressants During Pregnancy Associated with Increased Autism Risk
8 Dec 2015 Study Finds High Rate of Depression Among Resident Physicians
21 Nov 2015 Bright Light Treatment Efficacious for Nonseasonal Major Depressive Disorder
29 Oct 2015 Adults with Schizophrenia More Likely to Die; High Cardiovascular Death Rates
21 Oct 2015 Marijuana Use More than Doubles from 2001 to 2013; Increase in Use Disorders Too
28 Sep 2015 Cognitive Behavior Therapy Intervention Effective for Depression, but not Self-Care for Heart Failure
15 Jul 2015 Childhood Psychiatric Problems Associated with Problems in Adulthood
6 Jul 2015 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia with Psychiatric, Medical Conditions
1 Jul 2015 Study Details Use of Antipsychotic Medication Use in Young People
24 Jun 2015 Study Examines Cesarean Section Delivery and Autism Spectrum Disorder
18 Jun 2015 Parkinson Disease Appears Associated with Many Cancers in Taiwan
17 Jun 2015 Study Looks at Risk, Family Relatedness for Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorders
6 Jun 2015 Study Questions Effectiveness of Computerized Clinical Decision Support Systems
4 Jun 2015 Antidepressant Use in Late Pregnancy May Be Associated With Small, Increased Risk of Respiratory Disorder in Newborns
28 May 2015 Global Study Finds Psychotic Experiences Infrequent in General Population
26 May 2015 Study Examines Association of Genetic Variants with Cognitive Impairment
26 Apr 2015 Parent Training Program Helps Reduce Disruptive Behavior of Children with Autism
15 Apr 2015 Depression, Diabetes Associated with Increased Dementia Risk
11 Apr 2015 Rural African-American Women Had Lower Rates of Depression, Mood Disorder
2 Apr 2015 Suicide Not Associated with Deployment Among U.S. Military Personnel
5 Mar 2015 Heritability of Autism Spectrum Disorder Studied in UK Twins
22 Feb 2015 Mindfulness Meditation Appears to Help Improve Sleep Quality
4 Feb 2015 Neuroimaging Studies Review Suggests Areas of Agreement in Psychiatric Diagnoses
29 Jan 2015 Diversity in Developmental Trajectories in Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder
30 Dec 2014 Parental History of Suicide Attempt Associated with Increased Risk in Kids
28 Dec 2014 Identifying Brain Variations to Predict Patient Response to Surgery for OCD
2 Nov 2014 Maintenance Opioid Agonist Therapy for Injection-Drug Users Associated with Lower Incidence of Hepatitis C
28 Oct 2014 Prescription Opioids Involved in Most Overdoses Seen in Emergency Departments
15 Oct 2014 Fewer Depressive Symptoms Associated with More Frequent Activity in Adults at Most Ages
10 Oct 2014 Study Looks at Cardiometabolic Risk, Schizophrenia and Antipsychotic Treatment
1 Oct 2014 Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder Associated with Dendritic Spine Loss in Brain
18 Sep 2014 PTSD Symptoms Associated with Increased Food Addiction
12 Sep 2014 Association Between Sunshine and Suicide Examined in Study
3 Sep 2014 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Diagnosis Linked to Higher Rates of Schizophrenia
25 Aug 2014 Lower Opioid Overdose Death Rates Associated with State Medical Marijuana Laws
20 Aug 2014 Therapy Plus Antidepressants Help Patients with Severe, Nonchronic Depression
13 Aug 2014 Poor Sleep Quality Associated with Increased Suicide Risk in Older Adults
4 Aug 2014 Study Examines Midlife Hypertension, Cognitive Change Over 20-Year Period
16 Jul 2014 Persistent Symptoms Following Concussion May Be Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
8 Jul 2014 Varenicline Combined With Nicotine Patch Improves Smoking Cessation Rates
4 Jul 2014 Trial Examines Treatment for Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures
8 Jun 2014 Depression With Atypical Features Associated With Obesity
5 Jun 2014 Weight Gain Following Antidepressant Use Examined
20 May 2014 Comparison of Newer and Older Antipsychotic Medications For Schizophrenia Finds Similar Clinical Outcomes
14 May 2014 Reduction in Volume in Hippocampus Region of Brain Seen in Psychotic Disorders
6 May 2014 Findings Suggest That Genetic, Environmental Factors Have Similar Influence on Risk of Autism
28 Apr 2014 High Doses of Antidepressants Appear to Increase Risk of Self-Harm in Children, Young Adults
17 Apr 2014 Atypical Brain Connectivity Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder
21 Mar 2014 Risk of Psychiatric Diagnoses, Medication Use Increases after Critical Illness
7 Mar 2014 Hearing Impairment Associated With Depression in Adults, Especially Women
29 Jan 2014 Remission of Pediatric Anxiety Disorders More Likely With Response to Treatment
22 Jan 2014 Estimates of Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence May Be Lower Under Revised Diagnostic Criteria
10 Jan 2014 Study Examines Meditation Programs of Psychological Well-Being
25 Dec 2013 Use of Antidepressant Does Not Improve Symptoms From Stomach Disorder
12 Dec 2013 Psychiatrists Less Likely to Accept Insurance Than Other Physicians
5 Dec 2013 Youth Suicide Attempts Associated with Mental Health Problems Later in Life
6 Nov 2013 Intervention Increases Clinician Recommendations For Antidepressant Drugs, Mental Health Referral, But Does Not Improve Depression Symptoms
29 Oct 2013 Clinical Trial Evaluates Outpatient Detoxification in Prescription Opioid Abusers
14 Sep 2013 Irritability in Major Depressive Episode Associated with More Severe Illness
11 Sep 2013 Adding Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to SRIs May Be Beneficial for Patients with OCD
7 Sep 2013 Study Examines Long-Term Effects of Continuation Phase Cognitive Therapy on Relapse Rate of Higher-Risk Depressive Patients
6 Aug 2013 Mental Disorders But Not Deployment-Related Variables Associated With Suicide Risk Among Current and Former U.S. Military Personnel
21 Jul 2013 Swedish Study Suggests Bipolar Disorder Associated with Premature Mortality
3 Jul 2013 Dose Reduction/Discontinuation Strategy Associated with Higher Long-Term Recovery Rates for Remitted First-Episode Psychosis Patients
27 Jun 2013 Study Examines Brain Network Connectivity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
5 Jun 2013 Ultra High-Risk Patients With Schizophrenia at Long-Term Risk for Psychotic Disorder
22 May 2013 Treatment With Antidepressant Results in Lower Rate of Mental Stress-Induced Cardiac Ischemia
1 May 2013 Drinking to Alleviate Mood Symptoms Associated With Alcohol Dependence
29 Apr 2013 SSRIs in Perioperative Period Associated with Higher Risk for Adverse Events
28 Apr 2013 Study Examines Brain Response to Empathy-Eliciting Scenarios Among Incarcerated Individuals With Psychopathy
3 Dec 2012 Study Examines Psychotropic Medication Use Among U.S. Adolescents with Mental Disorders
3 Oct 2011 Certain Therapies Appear Beneficial in Reducing PTSD Symptoms in Some Trauma Survivors
13 Mar 2011 Study Examines Prevalence and Severity of Bipolar Disorder Worldwide
8 Feb 2011 Contact With the Criminal Justice System May Be Associated With Suicide Risk
12 Dec 2010 Mindfulness-Based Therapy Helps Prevent Depression Relapse
24 May 2010 JAMA Commentary: Time to Rethink Causes, Possible Treatments of Mental Disorders
15 May 2010 Brain-Stimulation Method Appears to Help Induce Remission in Some Patients With Depression
10 Jul 2009 Family History Predicts Presence and Course of Psychiatric Disorders
1 Jun 2009 Antidepressant Does Not Appear to Reduce Repetitive Behaviors in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
8 Apr 2009 Two Non-Drug Treatments Appear to Reduce Depression After Heart Surgery
20 Mar 2009 Narcolepsy Drug Being Used to Improve Cognitive Performance Affects Brain Dopamine Activity, Suggesting Potential For Abuse and Dependence
21 Aug 2008 Positive Parenting Associated With Less Aggression in Early-Maturing Teen Girls
18 Jul 2008 Pregnancy Alone Is Not Associated with Increased Risk for Mental Disorders
22 Feb 2008 People With Severe Mental Illness More Likely To Be Victims
11 Jan 2008 Diabetes Medication and Lifestyle Changes Can Help Treat Weight Gain Induced by Antipsychotic Drugs
8 Jan 2008 FDA Warnings Affected Prescriptions of Antidepressants to Youth
7 Jan 2008 Scientists can predict psychotic illness in up to 80 percent of high-risk youth.
6 Jan 2008 Ethnicity Predicts How Gene Variations Affect Response to Schizophrenia Medications
18 Dec 2007 Schizophrenia-Related Gene Linked to Imbalance in Dopamine Pathways