Child Health


27 Oct 2018 Medical News Today Feed
27 Aug 2016 Metformin Associated with Decreasing Weight Gain in Kids with Autism
13 Feb 2016 Eye Abnormalities in Infants with Microcephaly Associated with Zika Virus
9 Jan 2016 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act Linked to More Nutritious Meals
8 Jan 2016 Increase Seen in Subsequent Maltreatment in Children With Disabilities After an Unsubstantiated Report for Neglect
29 Dec 2015 How Does Type of Toy Affect Quantity, Quality of Language in Infant Playtime?
16 Dec 2015 Study Examines Outcomes of Families Choosing Treatment Option for Uncomplicated Appendicitis in Children
15 Nov 2015 Early Probiotic Use May Be Associated with Decreased Risk of Islet Autoimmunity in Children at Risk for Type 1 Diabetes
11 Nov 2015 Death of a Parent in Childhood Associated with Increased Suicide Risk
8 Nov 2015 Early Exposure to Dogs, Farm Animals Associated with Lower Asthma Risk
5 Nov 2015 Pertussis Infection in Children Associated With Small Increased Risk of Epilepsy
19 Oct 2015 Invasive Staphylococcus aureus Infections in Hospitalized Infants
19 Sep 2015 Racial Disparities in Pain Children of Children with Appendicitis in EDs
5 Sep 2015 Inadequate Blood Pressure Control Associated With Increased Risk of Recurrence of Intracerebral Hemorrhage
4 Sep 2015 Incorporating Genomic Sequencing, Genetic Counseling into Pediatric Cancer Treatment Shows Benefit
21 Aug 2015 Children of Military Parents, Caregivers at Greater Risk for Adverse Outcomes
20 Jul 2015 Differences in Brain Structure Development May Explain Test Score Gap for Poor Children
30 Jun 2015 Estimates of Childhood, Youth Exposure to Violence, Crime and Abuse
21 Jun 2015 Extremely Preterm Infants Enrolled in RCTs Do Not Experience Worse Outcomes Compared to Infants Not Enrolled
7 Jun 2015 Study Suggests Breastfeeding May Lower Risk of Childhood Leukemia
4 May 2015 Kids Likely to Sleepwalk if Parents Have History of Nocturnal Strolls
20 Apr 2015 Obesity Intervention Program Results in Some Improvement of Kids’ BMI
14 Apr 2015 Intrauterine Exposure to Maternal Gestational Diabetes Associated With Increased Risk of Autism
29 Mar 2015 Collaborating with Chefs, Offering Choice May Increase Vegetable, Fruit Selection in Schools
27 Mar 2015 Gastrointestinal Symptoms Reported by Moms More Common in Kids with Autism
1 Mar 2015 Gene Variant Associated With Increased Risk and Severity of Nerve Disorder Linked to Widely-Prescribed Cancer Drug
23 Feb 2015 Study Tested Centralized System for Reminding Families About Immunizations
20 Feb 2015 Unlikely That Topical Pimecrolimus Associated with Increased Risk of Cancer
26 Jan 2015 Brain White Matter Changes Seen in Children Who Experience Neglect
24 Jan 2015 Use of Sedation Protocol Does Not Reduce Time on Ventilator for Children With Respiratory Failure
7 Dec 2014 Study Looks at Falls From Furniture by Children in Their Homes
6 Dec 2014 Coordinated Care Beneficial to Kids with Complex Respiratory, Gastrointestinal Disorders
30 Nov 2014 Full-Day Preschool Associated With Increased School Readiness, Reduced Absences, Compared with Part-Day
24 Nov 2014 2 Studies, 2 Editorials Put Focus on School Breakfasts, Lunches
3 Nov 2014 Increased Prevalence in Autism Diagnoses Linked to Reporting in Denmark
6 Oct 2014 Prenatal BPA Exposure Associated with Diminished Lung Function in Children
29 Sep 2014 Use of Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics Before Age 2 Associated with Obesity Risk
16 Sep 2014 Multiple-Birth Infants Use More Resources, Spotlight on Reproductive Technology
9 Sep 2014 Long-Term Follow-up Shows Benefit of Statin Therapy for Children With Inherited Cholesterol Disorder
29 Aug 2014 Complications of Tube Insertion in Ears Not Worse for Kids with Cleft Lip/Palate
22 Aug 2014 Therapy Plus Antidepressants Help Patients with Severe, Nonchronic Depression
30 Jun 2014 Blood Lead Levels Associated with Increased Behavioral Problems in Kids in China
6 Jun 2014 1 in 8 American Children Estimated to Experience Maltreatment by Age 18
22 May 2014 Children With Cochlear Implants at Risk for Deficits in Executive Function
15 May 2014 Study Examines Prenatal Exposure to Tobacco Smoke on Inhibition Control
13 May 2014 Low Rate of Adverse Events Associated With Male Circumcision
11 May 2014 Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation During Pregnancy Does Not Appear to Improve Cognitive Outcomes for Children
9 May 2014 Medication Does Not Lower Risk of Fungal Infection, Death Among Extremely Low Birth-Weight Infants
8 May 2014 Low Rate of Cholesterol Testing For Children and Adolescents
29 Apr 2014 Surveys Indicate Decline in Children’s Exposure to Violence
5 Apr 2014 Hearing Aids in Children Associated with Improved Speech, Language Abilities
4 Apr 2014 Study Suggests Symptoms of Childhood Eczema Persist, Likely a Lifelong Illness
23 Mar 2014 Children With Glomerular Kidney Disease More Likely to Have Hypertension as Adults
4 Mar 2014 2 Studies Examine Bedroom TVs, Active Gaming and Weight Issues in Children
2 Mar 2014 Receipt of Live MMR Vaccine Associated With Lower Rate of Infection-Related Hospital Admissions For Children
8 Feb 2014 Pre-Term Infants with Severe Retinopathy More Likely to Have Non-Visual Disabilities at Age 5
6 Feb 2014 Study Examines Corrective Nasal Surgery in Younger Patients
17 Jan 2014 Study Examines Probiotic Use in Preventing Gastrointestinal Disorders in Infants
13 Jan 2014 Most Students Exposed to School-Based Food Commercialism
27 Dec 2013 Adding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treatment of Pediatric Migraine Improves Relief of Symptoms
24 Dec 2013 Children at Lower Risk for Peanut, Tree Nut Allergies if Moms Ate More Nuts While Pregnant
17 Dec 2013 Study Analyzes Diabetes Drug Metformin as Obesity Treatment for Children
16 Dec 2013 Study Summarizes National Report on Elimination of Measles, Rubella
10 Dec 2013 Study Examines Drug Labeling and Exposure in Infants
2 Dec 2013 Positive Effects in Children After Home Visits by Nurses, Paraprofessionals
21 Nov 2013 Growth more stunted in lower-income youth with kidney disease
29 Oct 2013 Poverty in Early Childhood Appears Associated With Brain Development
3 Oct 2013 Study Finds No Change in Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing for Sore Throat
23 Aug 2013 Study Examines Genetic Associations for Gastrointestinal Condition in Infants
21 Aug 2013 Children, Youth Prescribed Antipsychotic Drugs Appear at Higher Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
19 Aug 2013 Recurrence Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders Examined for Full, Half Siblings
1 Jul 2013 Early Childhood Respiratory Infections May Be Potential Risk Factor for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
23 Jun 2013 MMR Booster Vaccine Does Not Appear to Worsen Disease Activity in Children With Juvenile Arthritis
13 Jun 2013 Study Finds Very High Prevalence of Chronic Health Conditions Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer
28 May 2013 Increase in Unintentional Marijuana Ingestion Among Young Children Following New Drug Laws in Colorado
3 May 2013 Study Suggests Preordering School Lunches Leads to Healthier Choices
30 Apr 2013 Shedding Light on the Long Shadow of Childhood Adversity
23 Apr 2013 Use of Anti-Epileptic Drug During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Risk of Autism
19 Apr 2013 Migraines in Childhood and Adolescence Associated With Having Colic as an Infant
30 Mar 2013 Study Finds Data on Experience-Related Outcomes Limited in Children’s Surgery
23 Mar 2013 Duration of Breastfeeding During Infancy Does Not Reduce a Child’s Risk of Being Overweight, Obese at 11.5 Years
21 Mar 2013 Study Examines Link Between Maternal Exposure to Childhood Abuse, Autism Risk
11 Mar 2013 Clinical Trial Examines Advance Care Planning for Teens with Cancer
12 Feb 2013 Prenatal Folic Acid Supplementation Associated With Lower Risk of Autism
8 Feb 2013 Study Examines Seizures, Epilepsy in Children with Intracerebral Hemorrhage
2 Feb 2013 Study Suggests Increased Rate of Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at Health Plan
30 Jan 2013 Meta-Analysis Examines Pharmacologic Treatment of Pediatric Headaches
20 Jan 2013 JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery Study Highlights
4 Jan 2013 Economic Environment During Infancy Appears Associated With Substance Use, Delinquent Behavior During Adolescence
30 Dec 2012 Study Finds Children with Chronic Conditions Increasingly Use Available Resources in Children’s Hospitals
29 Dec 2012 Obesity May Be Declining Among Preschool-Aged Children Living in Low-Income Families
23 Dec 2012 Study Estimates Prevalence of Pediatric Caustic Ingestion Injuries
27 Nov 2012 Exposure to Traffic Pollution in Pregnancy, 1st Year of Life Appears Associated with Autism
12 Oct 2012 Vigorous Physical Activity May Increase Risk of Bleeding for Children With Hemophilia
8 Oct 2012 Prenatal Mercury Exposure May be Associated with Risk of ADHD-Related Behaviors; Fish Consumption May be Associated with Lower Risk
26 Sep 2012 Use of Corticosteroid For Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy Does Not Appear to Increase Risk of Serious BleedingUse of Corticosteroid For Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy Does Not Appear to Increase Risk of Serious Bleeding
2 Jul 2012 ‘The Battered-Child Syndrome’ 50 Years Later - Much Accomplished, Much Left to Do
5 Jun 2012 Household Contacts of Children with Staphylococcus aureus Skin Infections Appear to Have High Rate of MRSA Colonization
2 Apr 2012 Nearly Half of Preschoolers Lack 1 Parent-Supervised Playtime Per Day
29 Mar 2012 Immunotherapy Associated With Improved Seizure Outcomes Among Patients with Autoimmune Epilepsy
11 Mar 2012 Children With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Appear More Likely to Have Postconcussion Symptoms
6 Feb 2012 Behavioral Prevention Model Appears to Reduce Bullying, Peer Rejection
24 Jan 2012 Increased Exposure to Compound Widely Used in Food Packaging Associated With Reduced Immune Response to Vaccinations For Children
12 Dec 2011 Study Does Not Find Increased Risk of Serious Cardiovascular Events Among Young and Middle-Aged Adults Who Use ADHD Medications
6 Dec 2011 Childhood Maltreatment Associated With Cerebral Gray Matter Reductions in Adolescents
20 Nov 2011 Infants With High Hemoglobin Concentration Who Received Iron-Fortified Formula Have Poorer Long-Term Developmental Outcomes
11 Nov 2011 Small, Preliminary Study Finds Abnormal Number of Neurons in Brains of Children with Autism
7 Nov 2011 Study Characterizes Epigenetic Signatures of Autism in Brain Tissue
22 Oct 2011 Bacteria Associated With Stomach Ulcers Not Detected in Enlarged Adenoids in Children
9 Oct 2011 Compliance by Children’s Hospitals With Quality Measure For Asthma Care Not Associated With Reduced Readmission Rates
24 Sep 2011 Evaluation of Trends in Pediatric Psoriasis Outpatient Health Care Delivery Finds Some Treatment Variability
23 Sep 2011 Addition of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Drug Treatment of Pediatric OCD Results in Improvement of Symptoms
31 Jul 2011 Overall Rate of Chronic Health Problems for Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Children Does Not Appear to Increase In Adolescence
10 Jul 2011 In Homes Where Child Abuse Reports Have Been Substantiated, Study Identifies Groups at Higher and Lower Risk for Further Reports and Abuse
6 Jul 2011 Length of Parental Military Deployment Associated With Children’s Mental Health Diagnoses
5 Jul 2011 Study of Twins Suggests Genetic Component of Autism Spectrum Disorders May Be Moderate, Environmental Component May Be Substantial
24 Jun 2011 Intranasal Corticosteroid Treatment Appears Beneficial for Children With Obstructive Sleep Apnea
21 Jun 2011 Analysis of Studies Evaluates Tonsillectomy Techniques
4 Jun 2011 Childhood Cancer Survivors At Increased Risk of Certain Tumors in Middle-Age
22 May 2011 Propranolol Associated With Improvement in Size and Color of Head and Neck Hemangiomas in Children
20 May 2011 Prenatal Use of Newer Antiepileptic Drugs Not Associated With Increased Risk of Major Birth Defects
7 May 2011 Limited English Proficiency Among Parents of Pediatric Patients Associated With Increased Length of Hospital Stay
4 May 2011 Study Finds Autism-Related Early Brain Overgrowth Slows By Age 2 Years
23 Apr 2011 Airway Abnormalities Appear To Be Uncommon Among Well-Appearing Babies With Apparent Life-Threatening Events
17 Apr 2011 Need Exists for Pediatric-Specific Research, Prevention Efforts to Reduce Health Care-Associated Infections Among Children
10 Apr 2011 Prevalence of ‘Flattened Head’ in Infants and Young Children Appears To Be Increasing
24 Mar 2011 Newborn Hearing Screenings Do Not Appear to Identify All Children At Risk for Hearing Loss
7 Mar 2011 Media Character Use on Food Packaging Appears to Influence Children’s Taste Assessment
22 Feb 2011 Surgery Sooner Rather Than Later Better for Children with Perforated Appendicitis
12 Feb 2011 Relatively Few Young Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders Receive Assistance After High School
30 Jan 2011 Sleep Evaluation May Help Identify Children At Risk for Respiratory Complications After Tonsil Surgery
16 Jan 2011 Bottle Rockets Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries in Children
5 Jan 2011 Clostridium Bacteria Infecting Increasing Numbers of Hospitalized Children
30 Dec 2010 Prenatal Iron/Folic Acid Supplementation For Mothers In Nepal Associated With Improved Functional Outcomes of Children
6 Dec 2010 Young Children Who Attend Group Child Care Centers Get More Infections Then, But Fewer During School Years
30 Nov 2010 Dosing Directions, Measuring Devices Appear Highly Inconsistent For Many Common Children’s Liquid Medications
11 Nov 2010 Obesity in Adolescence Significantly Associated With Increased Risk of Severe Obesity in Adulthood
1 Nov 2010 Childhood Sexual Abuse May Be a Risk Factor for Later Psychotic Illness
25 Sep 2010 Swallowing Disc Batteries Can Cause Severe Injury in Children
29 Jul 2010 Childhood Cancer Survivors May Have Abnormal Long-Term Cardiac Function
15 Jul 2010 Study Finds Childhood Cancer Survivors Still Have Higher Risk of Death 25 Years Later, From Cancer, Circulatory Diseases
5 Jul 2010 Abused Children Appear Likely to Have Mental Disorders as Young Adults
26 Jun 2010 Ear Tubes Appear Safe for Children With Cochlear Implants
13 Jun 2010 Intimate Partner Violence Against Mothers Associated With Children’s Obesity
16 May 2010 Implanted Lenses May Not Be Superior to Contacts for Babies With Cataracts
26 Apr 2010 Early Treatment Associated With Benefits for Some Children With Retinopathy of Prematurity
25 Apr 2010 Children With Cochlear Implants Appear to Achieve Similar Educational and Employment Levels as Peers
11 Mar 2010 Vaccinating Children For Flu May Help Prevent Transmission, Protect Those Who Are Not Vaccinated
1 Mar 2010 Parents Whose Children Are Dying of Cancer May Consider Hastening the Process
5 Jan 2010 Childhood Metabolic Measurements May Predict Diabetes Development Years Later
21 Oct 2009 Three-Day Course of Antibiotics May Be Sufficient Following Tonsillectomy
11 Oct 2009 Extremely Preterm Infants Receive More Treatments But Are No More Likely to Survive than in Previous Decade
15 Aug 2009 Study Examines Decrease in Delivery-Related Rate of Death of Infants Born at Term
22 Jul 2009 Removal of Tonsils and Adenoids Associated With Ongoing Benefits for Children With Breathing Problems During Sleep
20 Jul 2009 Babies With Mild Facial Paralysis from Forceps Typically Do Not Need Treatment
19 Jun 2009 Sinus Infections May Be a Factor in Toxic Shock Syndrome in Children
11 Jun 2009 Easier Access to Media By Children Increases Risk For Influence on Numerous Health Issues
7 Jun 2009 Childhood Health Disparities Can Have Life-Long Health Effects
22 May 2009 Imaging Study Finds Evidence of Social Orienting Ability Associated With Brain Abnormalities in Toddlers with Autism
22 May 2009 Vaccination Coverage Improves Among Low-Income Children, But Disparities Persist
19 May 2009 Policies on Organ Donation After Cardiac Death Vary Considerably Among Children’s Hospitals
7 Apr 2009 Children With Low Self-Control More Likely to Become Overweight Pre-Teens
19 Mar 2009 Wet Combing More Accurate Than Visual Inspection for Identifying Active Head Lice Infestation
4 Feb 2009 An Estimated One-Third of U.S. Children and Teens Take Vitamin or Mineral Supplements
30 Jan 2009 Genetic Variations Associated With Treatment Response for Childhood Leukemia
26 Jan 2009 Nutritional Supplementation Program Helps Prevent Weight Loss Among Children in African Country
21 Jan 2009 MRSA Head and Neck Infections Increase Among Children
6 Jan 2009 Childhood Trauma Associated With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
1 Dec 2008 One-Third of Farm Workers’ Children Lack Health Insurance
14 Nov 2008 Living With Smokers May be Associated with Inadequate Access to Food
14 Sep 2008 Study Examines Relationship Between Low Birth Weight and Psychiatric Problems in Children
11 Sep 2008 Study Examines Golf-Related Eye Injuries in Children
21 Aug 2008 School-Based Mental Health Intervention Reduces Post-Traumatic Stress Among Indonesian Children Affected By Violence
20 Jul 2008 Statin Does Not Appear Helpful For Children With Learning Disabilities Caused by Genetic Disorder
18 Jul 2008 Child Care Factors Associated With Weight Gain in Infancy
15 Apr 2008 Early Vision Screening Associated With Better Eyesight in Children With Amblyopia
5 Feb 2008 Exposure to World Trade Center Attacks and Other Traumatic Events Associated With More Severe Behavioral Problems Among Preschool Children
29 Jan 2008 Thin bones seen in boys with autism and autism spectrum disorder.
24 Jan 2008 Saline Nasal Wash Helps Improve Children’s Cold Symptoms
17 Jan 2008 FDA warns on use of over-the-counter cough and cold products for kids
11 Jan 2008 Newer Meningitis Vaccine Appears Safe and Effective for Infants
10 Jan 2008 Autism risk higher in people with gene variant.
8 Jan 2008 Removing Thimerosal from Vaccines Did Not Reduce Autism Cases in California
25 Dec 2007 Brain Matures a Few Years Late in ADHD, But Follows Normal Pattern
18 Dec 2007 Behavioral Program May Stabilize Stress Hormone Patterns in Foster Children