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27 Oct 2018 MedlinePlus Feed
24 Sep 2016 Use of Wearable Device Does Not Improve Weight Loss
18 Sep 2016 Barriers to Skin Cancer Prevention in Uninsured, Minority, Immigrant Populations
10 Sep 2016 Prevalence of Celiac Appears Steady but Followers of Gluten-Free Diet Increase
27 Jun 2016 Lisinopril Associated with Reduced Risk of Conduction System Disease
22 Jun 2016 Increased Rates of Stroke, Heart Failure, CHD, and Death in Black Individuals with Atrial Fibrillation
11 Jun 2016 Intensive Treatment, Severe Hypoglycemia in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
30 May 2016 Can a Healthy Lifestyle Prevent Cancer?
21 May 2016 Lowering Target Level of Systolic Blood Pressure for Older Adults Reduces Rate of Cardiovascular Events, Death
3 Apr 2016 Cardiovascular Safety of Obesity Treatment Naltrexone-Bupropion Uncertain
27 Mar 2016 Many AFib Patients at Highest Risk of Stroke Not Receiving Recommended Oral Anticoagulant Therapy
21 Feb 2016 Task-Oriented Rehab Program Does Not Result in Greater Recovery from Stroke
18 Jan 2016 Source of Stem Cells Used for Bone Marrow Failure Treatment Varies Worldwide
16 Jan 2016 Palliative Care Initiated in the ED Associated with Improved Quality of Life
11 Jan 2016 Proton Pump Inhibitors Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease
10 Jan 2016 Findings Raise Questions About the Implications of Notifying Patients of Incidental Genetic Findings
7 Jan 2016 Long-Term Follow-up of Risk of Cancer Among Twins
5 Jan 2016 Exercise and Diet Improves Ability to Exercise for Patients with Common Type of Heart Failure
2 Jan 2016 Low-Rate of Job Retention Following Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis
1 Jan 2016 Study Examines Intent of Glaucoma Patients to Use Marijuana for Treatment in a City With Legalized Medical Use
26 Dec 2015 Kidney Injury Common Following Vascular Surgery, Associated With Increased Risk For Cardiovascular-Related Death
21 Dec 2015 Timing of End-of-Life Discussions for Patients with Blood Cancers
20 Dec 2015 Younger Age Associated with Increased Likelihood of Targetable Genotype in Patients with Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
5 Dec 2015 Review Does Not Support Monthly Lab Testing for Oral Isotretinoin Use for Acne
29 Nov 2015 Postoperative Clostridium difficile Infection in the Veterans Health Administration
19 Nov 2015 Socioeconomic Factors Associated With Undergoing Surgery for Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer
14 Nov 2015 Suicide Rate Significantly Higher for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
9 Nov 2015 Many Adults with Severe Mental Illness Not Being Screened for Diabetes
7 Nov 2015 Endovascular Intervention Associated with Improved Functional Outcomes Following Stroke Compared to Standard Treatment
6 Nov 2015 Study Examines Bacterial Susceptibility to Antibiotics Used to Treat Gonorrhea
4 Nov 2015 Off-label Prescription Drug Use and Adverse Drug Events
31 Oct 2015 Using Superlatives in the Media for Cancer Drugs
23 Oct 2015 No Association Found Between Duration of Storage of Red Blood Cells Transfused for Cardiac Surgery and Risk of Death
18 Oct 2015 Comparing Total Body Examination vs. Lesion-Directed Skin Cancer Screenings
12 Oct 2015 Study Examines Concussion-like Symptom Reporting in Uninjured Athletes
11 Oct 2015 Indoor Tanning and Skin Cancer Among Gay, Bisexual Men and Women
10 Oct 2015 Study Explores Potential Mechanisms for Cancer Resistance in Elephants
8 Oct 2015 First-Born in Family More Likely to be Nearsighted; Priority of Education May Be Factor
5 Oct 2015 Study Examines Incidence of Serious, Highly Drug-Resistant Group of Bacteria
3 Oct 2015 Psoriasis, Risk of Depression in the U.S. Population
21 Sep 2015 Risk of Stroke at Time of Carotid Occlusion
12 Sep 2015 Surgery Improves Quality of Life for Patients With Chronic Sinus Infection, Sleep Dysfunction
7 Sep 2015 Study Finds Association Between Blood Levels of Trace Metals and Risk of Glaucoma
2 Sep 2015 Medication Improves Measure of Kidney Disease in Patients with Diabetes
30 Aug 2015 Misconduct-Related Separation from the Military Associated with Increased Risk of Being Homeless
28 Aug 2015 21-Gene Recurrence Score and Receipt of Chemotherapy in Patients with Breast Cancer
24 Aug 2015 Stopping Antihypertensive Therapy in Older Patients Did Not Improve Functioning
20 Aug 2015 Drug Helps Patients with Diabetes Lose Weight
15 Aug 2015 Emergency Department Intervention Does Not Reduce Heavy Drinking or Intimate Partner Violence
12 Aug 2015 In Vitro Fertilization Using Frozen Eggs Associated With Lower Live Birth Rates
10 Aug 2015 Study Finds Association Between Blood Levels of Trace Metals and Risk of Glaucoma
6 Aug 2015 Bariatric Surgery Procedure Lowers Tolerance for Alcohol
3 Aug 2015 High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation Not Associated with Benefits for Postmenopausal Women
30 Jul 2015 HPV16 Detection in Oral Rinses for Oropharyngeal Cancer
25 Jul 2015 Study Finds Some Vietnam Vets Currently Have PTSD 40 Years After War Ended
23 Jul 2015 Adjuvants Improve Immune Response to H7N9 Flu Vaccine
19 Jul 2015 Intervention Lessens Severity of Tinnitus
18 Jul 2015 Drug Provides Improvement for Diabetic Kidney Disease Patients with High Potassium Levels
9 Jul 2015 Study Details Army Suicide Attempts, Risk Profiles for Enlisted Soldiers, Officers
3 Jul 2015 Longer-Term Follow-up Shows Greater Type 2 Diabetes Remission for Bariatric Surgery Compared to Lifestyle Intervention
27 Jun 2015 Control System Shows Potential for Improving Function of Powered Prosthetic Leg
14 Jun 2015 Overall Rate of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Remains Stable in U.S.
13 Jun 2015 VTE Incidence Low, Largely Unchanged Despite Increase in Surgical Prophylaxis
1 Jun 2015 Is Diabetes Protective Against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?
31 May 2015 Metformin Use Associated with Reduced Risk of Developing Open-Angle Glaucoma
25 May 2015 Concussion with Loss of Consciousness Associated with Risk for Brain Atrophy, Impaired Memory in Retired NFL Players
24 May 2015 Studies Examine Prevalence of Amyloid among Adults and its Association with Cognitive Impairment
22 May 2015 Pliability, Elasticity of Skin Increase Following Wrinkle Treatment with Botox
17 May 2015 Newer Method of Oxygen Delivery Shows Benefits for Patients at Risk of Respiratory Failure after Surgery
12 May 2015 Mediterranean Diet Supplemented with Olive Oil or Nuts Associated with Improved Cognitive Function
7 May 2015 Impact of Post-Treatment Surveillance in Head & Neck Squamous Cell Cancer
2 May 2015 Use of Vena Cava Filter Does Not Reduce Risk of Recurrent Blood Clot for Patients Receiving Anticoagulant
29 Apr 2015 Certain Genetic Factors Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis Severity, Risk of Death and Response to Treatment
28 Apr 2015 Emergency Department Intervention Improves Rate of Treatment for Opioid Dependence
24 Apr 2015 Study Shows Feasibility of Using Gene Therapy to Treat Rare Immunodeficiency Syndrome
12 Apr 2015 Axillary Lymph Node Evaluation Performed Frequently in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ
30 Mar 2015 An Apple a Day Won’t Keep the Doctor Away but Maybe the Pharmacist
28 Mar 2015 Variety of DBT Interventions with Therapists Effective at Reducing Suicide Attempts
24 Mar 2015 Use of Stent, Compared to Medications, Increases Risk of Stroke in Patients With Narrowed Artery Within the Brain
23 Mar 2015 Effect of Smoking, Alcohol on Feeding Tube Duration in Head/Neck Cancer Patients
15 Mar 2015 Lower Prevalence of Diabetes Found Among Patients With Inherited High Cholesterol Disorder
14 Mar 2015 Germline TP53 Mutations in Patients with Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer
10 Mar 2015 Vegetarian Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancers
3 Mar 2015 Long-Term Follow-up of Benign Thyroid Nodules Shows Favorable Prognosis
2 Mar 2015 Eating Nuts & Peanuts Associated with Reduced Overall, Cardiovascular Death
28 Feb 2015 Study Suggests Need for More Sensitive Lung Cancer Screening Criteria
26 Feb 2015 Blood Samples as Surrogates for Tumor Biopsies in Patients with Lung Cancer
25 Feb 2015 Postoperative Mortality Rates Low Among Patients with HIV Prescribed ART
20 Feb 2015 Improvements in Cancer Survival Better for Younger Patients
17 Feb 2015 Study Shows Beneficial Effect of Electric Fans in Extreme Heat and Humidity
15 Feb 2015 Physician-Controlled Decisions in Cancer Care Linked to Lower Quality Rating
7 Feb 2015 Study Compares Effectiveness of Different Transfusion Strategies for Severe Trauma
3 Feb 2015 Hospital Readmissions after Surgery Associated Mostly With Complications Related to Surgical Procedure
31 Jan 2015 More Than 2 Million Years of Life Saved in 25 Years of Organ Transplants in U.S.
20 Jan 2015 Hospitalization for Pneumonia Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
14 Jan 2015 Clinical Trial Examines Safety, Effectiveness of Drug to Treat Binge Eating Disorder
10 Jan 2015 Scottish Study Finds Substantially Shorter Life Expectancy for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes
6 Jan 2015 Bariatric Surgery Associated With Improved Long-Term Survival
2 Jan 2015 Report on Remission in Patients With MS 3 Years After Stem Cell Transplant
1 Jan 2015 How Economic Insecurity Impacts Diabetes Control Among Patients
20 Dec 2014 Study Compares Effectiveness of Antiviral Drugs to Prevent Hepatitis B Virus-Related Hepatitis among Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Lymphoma
16 Dec 2014 Low-Glycemic Index Carbohydrate Diet Does Not Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Insulin Resistance
14 Dec 2014 Survey of Primary Care Physicians’ Beliefs on Prescription Drug Abuse
13 Dec 2014 Timing of Test, Surgery, Insurance Examined in Sleep-Disordered-Breathing Cases
10 Dec 2014 Islet Cell Transplantation After Pancreas Removal May Help Preserve Normal Blood Sugar
8 Dec 2014 Tramadol Associated with Increased Risk of Hospitalization for Hypoglycemia
3 Dec 2014 Longer Surgery Duration Associated with Increased Risk for Blood Clots
29 Nov 2014 Delaying ART in Patients with HIV Reduces Likelihood of Restoring CD4 Counts
17 Nov 2014 Drug Helps Lower High Potassium Levels Associated With Potentially Lethal Cardiac Arrhythmias
11 Nov 2014 Study Examines Life Expectancy Among Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Cirrhosis
4 Nov 2014 Combination Treatment for Metastatic Melanoma Results in Longer Overall Survival
30 Oct 2014 Self-Reported Cognitive Difficulties Better for Patients with Tinnitus in Clinical Trial
29 Oct 2014 Adult Eczema May Be Unrecognized Risk Factor for Fracture, Other Injuries
16 Oct 2014 Uncontrolled Hypertension Highest Among Patients with Moderate/Severe Psoriasis
11 Oct 2014 Study Shows Feasibility of Treating Clostridium difficile Infection With Oral Administration of Frozen Encapsulated Fecal Material
5 Oct 2014 Hospitals with Aggressive Treatment Styles Had Lower Failure-to-Rescue Rates
2 Oct 2014 Effectiveness of Treatment to Reduce Blood Clots in Otolaryngology Patients Admitted for Surgery Examined
30 Sep 2014 Study Finds Acupuncture Does Not Improve Chronic Knee Pain
25 Sep 2014 Rate of Diabetes in U.S. May Be Leveling Off
20 Sep 2014 Study Compares Effectiveness of Treatments for Blood Clots
13 Sep 2014 Study Examines Immunosuppressant Effect on Central Nervous System Disorder
10 Sep 2014 Study Examines Vitiligo, Alopecia Areata and Chronic Graft-vs-Host Disease
31 Aug 2014 Inhibiting Inflammatory Enzyme After Heart Attack Does Not Reduce Risk of Subsequent Event
28 Aug 2014 Photodynamic Therapy vs. Cryotherapy for Actinic Keratoses
23 Aug 2014 Patient, Tumor Characteristics for High-Mitotic Rate Melanoma
12 Aug 2014 Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Screening Reduces Colorectal Cancer Incidence, Rate of Death
9 Aug 2014 Using Long-Detection Interval for ICDs Associated With Reduction in Hospitalizations, Costs
2 Aug 2014 Study Examines Postoperative Pneumonia Prevention Program in Surgical Ward
26 Jul 2014 Comparing Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatments
23 Jul 2014 Greater Odds of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Those with Military Service
20 Jul 2014 Physicians Have Higher Rate of Organ Donation Registration than General Public
19 Jul 2014 Telecare Intervention Improves Chronic Pain
18 Jul 2014 Vision Loss Associated with Work Status
12 Jul 2014 Removing Gall Bladder For Suspected Common Duct Stone Shows Benefit
10 Jul 2014 Study Does Not Find Increased Risk of Blood Clot Following HPV Vaccination
2 Jul 2014 Bone Marrow Transplantation Shows Potential for Treating Adults with Severe Sickle Cell Disease
27 Jun 2014 Stem Cell Transplantation For Severe Sclerosis Associated With Improved Long-term Survival
21 Jun 2014 Use of Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Not Associated With Increased Risk of Cancer
17 Jun 2014 Analysis Finds Mixed Results for Use of Thrombolytic Therapy for Blood Clot in Lungs
12 Jun 2014 Long-Term Follow-up After Bariatric Surgery Shows Greater Rate of Diabetes Remission
2 Jun 2014 No Sign of ‘Obesity Paradox’ in Obese Patients with Stroke
26 May 2014 Conflicting Conclusions in 2 Bronchiolitis Studies; Editorial Explains Why
24 May 2014 Surgical Site Infections Associated with Excess Costs at Veterans Affairs Hospitals
16 May 2014 Monoclonal Antibody Combined With Statin Results in Further Reduction of Cholesterol Levels
12 May 2014 Resveratrol in Red Wine, Chocolate, Grapes Not Associated With Improved Health
4 May 2014 Study Finds Large Increase in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Among U.S. Youth
27 Apr 2014 Conservative Management of Vascular Abnormality in Brain Associated With Better Outcomes
24 Apr 2014 Study Examines Patient Preferences For Emergency Treatment of Stroke
21 Apr 2014 Thyroid Disease Risk Varies Among Blacks, Asians, and Whites
6 Apr 2014 Metformin Does Not Improve Heart Function in Patients Without Diabetes
29 Mar 2014 Analysis Supports Use of Risk Equations to Guide Statin Therapy
27 Mar 2014 Greater Distance From Transplant Center Associated With Lower Likelihood of Receiving Liver Transplant, Higher Risk of Death Among U.S. Veterans
20 Mar 2014 Differences Seen in HPV Positive, Negative in Squamous Cell Head, Neck Cancer
18 Mar 2014 Study Finds High Utilization of Neuroimaging for Headaches Despite Guidelines
13 Mar 2014 Blood Biomarkers Could Help Guide Return to Play for Athletes After Concussion
6 Mar 2014 Anti-Coagulant Treatment For Atrial Fibrillation Does Not Worsen Outcomes for Patients With Kidney Disease
1 Mar 2014 Blood Transfusion For Patients Undergoing PCI Associated With Increased Risk of In-Hospital Cardiac Event
24 Feb 2014 Vegetarian Diets Associated With Lower Blood Pressure
22 Feb 2014 Study Finds Low Rate of Surgical Site Infections Following Ambulatory Surgery
19 Feb 2014 Intracranial Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis Associated with Increased Stroke Risk
13 Feb 2014 Fewer Doses of HPV Vaccine Still Results in Reduced Risk of STD
9 Feb 2014 Non-Invasive Measure of Heart Tissue Scarring May Be Useful For Determining Patients Most Suitable For Procedure for Irregular Heart Beat
4 Feb 2014 Study Examines Consumption of Added Sugar, Death for Cardiovascular Disease
26 Jan 2014 Many Cardiovascular Devices Approved by Process That Often Does Not Require New Clinical Data
20 Jan 2014 Vitamin D Status Associated With Multiple Sclerosis Activity, Progression
8 Jan 2014 Hospital Quality Associated With Racial Disparities in Cardiac Surgery
5 Jan 2014 Autopsy-Based Study Examines Prevalence of Atherosclerosis Among U.S. Service Members
21 Dec 2013 Study Examines Safety, Effectiveness of Weight-Loss Bariatric Surgery
20 Dec 2013 Study Suggests Patients with Diabetic Macular Edema Not Getting Prompt Care
15 Dec 2013 Study Suggests Overdiagnosis in Screening for Lung Cancer with Low-Dose CT
13 Dec 2013 Traumatic Brain Injury Associated with PTSD Symptoms in Marines
30 Nov 2013 Study Finds No Increased Risk of Retinal Detachment With Use of Certain Antibiotics
28 Nov 2013 Micronutrient Supplements Reduce Risk of HIV Disease Progression and Illness
19 Nov 2013 Medication Adherence After Hospitalization for Acute Coronary Syndrome
5 Nov 2013 Undetectable Viral Load Associated with Decreased Illness, Death in Patients with Hepatitis C
27 Oct 2013 Brief Risk-Reduction Counseling At Time of HIV Testing Does Not Result in Reduction in Rate of STIs
7 Oct 2013 Use of Post-Operative Blood Clot Rate as Measure of Hospital Quality May Be Flawed
1 Oct 2013 Following Bariatric Surgery, Use of Opioids Increases Among Chronic Opioid Users
29 Sep 2013 Increased Risk of Blood Clot in Patients with Head & Neck Cancer Not Receiving Anticoagulation Therapy
22 Sep 2013 Chronic Care Management Program Does Not Result in Increased Abstinence From Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence
19 Sep 2013 Higher Cataract Risk Appears Associated With Statin Use
15 Sep 2013 Combination Therapy For Severe Alcoholic Hepatitis Does Not Result in Improved Survival
1 Sep 2013 Anticoagulant Does Not Reduce Rate of Ischemic Events Among Certain Patients Undergoing PCI
30 Aug 2013 Study Examines Risk of Death in Patients with Psychiatric Illness Participating in Drug Trials
29 Aug 2013 Head and Neck Surgeons Knowledgeable, Have Positive Attitudes and Beliefs About Human Papillomavirus Education And Vaccination
16 Aug 2013 Survey Estimates Extent Of Nontreatment and Undertreament of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis In U.S. Patients
13 Aug 2013 Healthy Diet, Moderate Alcohol Associated With Decreased Risk, Progression of Kidney Disease in Patient with Diabetes
3 Aug 2013 Study Suggests Average of 3 Years Of Apparent Age Saved After Facial Plastic Surgery, No Consistent Improvement in Attractiveness
30 Jul 2013 Glucose Intolerance, Diabetes or Insulin Resistance Not Associated with Pathological Features of Alzheimer Disease
25 Jul 2013 Lymph Node Metastases Appear Associated With Stem Cell Mutations in Breast Cancer
22 Jul 2013 No Benefit Associated With Echocardiographic Screening in the General Population
19 Jul 2013 Study Examines Effects of Aural Atresia on Speech Development, Learning
10 Jul 2013 The State of Health in the United States
5 Jul 2013 Home-Based Walking Exercise Program Improves Speed and Endurance for Patients with PAD
23 Jun 2013 Study Evaluates Procedures for Diagnosing Sarcoidosis
16 Jun 2013 Certain Inflammatory Biomarkers Associated With Increased Risk of COPD Exacerbations
12 Jun 2013 Autoimmune Diseases and Infections Associated With Increased Risk of Subsequent Mood Disorder
2 Jun 2013 JAMA Internal Medicine Publishes Several Articles on Shared Decision Making Between Physicians and Patients
30 May 2013 Study Suggests Cost-Effectiveness of Resident-Performed Cataract Surgery for Uninsured Patients
25 May 2013 Study Suggests Certain Noncancer Pain Conditions Associated With Increased Risk of Suicide
23 May 2013 Increased Intraocular Pressure in Patients with Glaucoma
18 May 2013 Study Suggests Cuataneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Carries Risk of Metastasis and Death
15 May 2013 Study of Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicide Risk in Deployed Military Personnel
2 May 2013 Study Examines Utilization, Outcomes, Costs of Inpatient Surgery at Critical Access Hospitals
18 Apr 2013 Study Examines Treatment Patterns, Survival Among Medicaid Patients With Head And Neck Cancer
8 Apr 2013 Study Suggests Interventions Are Needed to Sustain Tobacco Abstinence After Release From Prison
6 Apr 2013 Investigational Vaccine Not Effective in Reducing Post-Operative Staph Infections
2 Apr 2013 Medication Duloxetine Helps Reduce Pain From Chemotherapy
29 Mar 2013 Review Article Examines Sublingual Immunotherapy For Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma
26 Mar 2013 Chelation Therapy May Result in Small Reduction of Risk of Cardiovascular Events, But Findings Do Not Support Routine Clinical Use
17 Mar 2013 Follow-up of Results, Complications of Combined Rhinoplasty, Genioplasty
14 Mar 2013 Use of Sildenafil For Treatment of Heart Failure Does Not Result in Significant Improvement in Exercise Capacity, Clinical Status
2 Mar 2013 Long-Term Use of Medication May Improve Heart Function, But Does Not Improve Symptoms, Quality of Life for Heart Failure Patients
22 Feb 2013 Bariatric Surgery Not Associated With Reduced Overall Health Care Costs
14 Feb 2013 Newer, Shorter-Course Antibiotic Shows Similar Effectiveness For Treating Skin Infection
10 Feb 2013 Inflammatory Biomarker Levels May be Associated With Increased Risk of Macular Edema
29 Jan 2013 Cardiac Disease Associated With Increased Risk of Nonamnestic Cognitive Impairment
16 Jan 2013 Advanced Airway Procedures for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Associated With Poorer Neurological Outcomes
6 Jan 2013 Study Finds No Significant Difference in Survival Between Patients Who Receive ICDs in Clinical Practice vs. Clinical Trials
25 Dec 2012 Autopsy-Based Study Examines Prevalence of Atherosclerosis Among U.S. Service Members
19 Dec 2012 Intensive Weight-Loss Intervention Associated With Increased Likelihood of Partial Remission From Diabetes, Although Improvement in Rate Modest
10 Dec 2012 Diabetes Prevention Program Interventions Lead To Reduced BMI over Usual Care
29 Nov 2012 Studies Examine Whether Therapies for Heart Failure Are Associated With Improved Survival
21 Nov 2012 Study Suggests Repeat Testing Common Among Medicare Beneficiaries
11 Nov 2012 Study Examines Smoking by Inpatients During Hospital Stay
6 Nov 2012 Eating at Fast-Food, Full-Service Restaurants Associated With Increased Calorie Intake
28 Oct 2012 Low Tidal Volumes for All?
17 Oct 2012 Weight Loss Surgery May be Associated with Increased Substance Use Following Surgery
5 Oct 2012 Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Appear To Be At Increased Risk For Blood Clots
6 Sep 2012 Cardiac Study Evaluates Prevalence of Unrecognized Heart Attacks Among Older Adults
21 Aug 2012 Statin Therapy Associated With Lower Risk of Pancreatitis
7 Aug 2012 Adults Who Are Normal Weight At Time of Diabetes Diagnosis Have Higher Rate of Death Than Those Who Are Overweight At Diagnosis
1 Aug 2012 Exercise Results in Modest Reduction in Symptoms of Depression for Patients With Chronic Heart Failure
24 Jul 2012 Increased Heart Attack Risk Associated with Total Hip, Knee Replacement Surgeries
23 Jun 2012 Diabetes, Poor Glucose Control Associated With Greater Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
11 Jun 2012 Meta-analysis Examines Intensive Glycemic Control, Renal Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
6 Jun 2012 Study Examines Comparative Effectiveness of Rhythm Control vs Rate Control Drug Treatment on Mortality in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
21 May 2012 Study Examines Retinal Vessel Diameter and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in African Americans with Type 1 Diabetes
16 May 2012 Prenatal Micronutrient, Food Supplementation Intervention in Bangladesh Decreases Child Mortality Rate
13 May 2012 Study Examines Collaborative Care Intervention Among Patients with Depression
10 May 2012 Consumption of Probiotics Associated With Reduced Risk of Diarrhea From Antibiotic Use
6 May 2012 Use of Fish Oil Supplements Does Not Significantly Reduce Rate of Failure of Grafts for Hemodialysis
2 May 2012 Study Examines Subclinical Hyperthyroidism, Coronary Heart Disease and Mortality Risk
19 Apr 2012 Study Compares Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy with Medical Treatment in Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
8 Apr 2012 Drug Added to Chemotherapy Treatment Following Surgery For Colon Cancer Does Not Improve Disease-Free Survival
28 Mar 2012 Antipsychotic Medication Associated with Modest Heart Attack Risk in Older Patients with Dementia
25 Mar 2012 Use of Adrenaline During Resuscitation For Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Not Associated With Improved Patient Outcomes
18 Mar 2012 Routine Glaucoma Screening Program May Benefit Middle-Age African American Patients
8 Mar 2012 Surgery Soon After Failure of Drug Treatment For Epilepsy May Lower Risk of Seizures
28 Feb 2012 Behavioral Intervention in Physician Offices Associated with Modest Reductions in Waist Circumference
19 Feb 2012 Cost-Effectiveness of Options to Treat Open-Angle Glaucoma
2 Feb 2012 Compliance With Proposed Emergency Department Performance Measures Does Not Differ Between Safety-Net and Non-Safety-Net Hospitals
21 Jan 2012 Prevalence of Obesity in U.S. Still High, With Little Change in Recent Years
8 Jan 2012 Heart Attack Patients in the U.S. More Likely To Be Readmitted to the Hospital Than Patients In Other Countries Heart Attack Patients in the U.S. More Likely To Be Readmitted to the Hospital Than Patients In Other Countries
1 Jan 2012 Hypertension Treatment Associated With Long-Term Improvement in Life Expectancy
22 Dec 2011 Cancer Survivors Have Increased Risk of Cutaneous Melanoma
30 Nov 2011 Patients Requiring Transfer to Another Facility for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Rarely Meet Recommended Guidelines for Transfer to Treatment Times
23 Nov 2011 Study Evaluates Association Between Urinary Salt Excretion and Risk of Cardiovascular Events or Death
14 Nov 2011 Certain Medications Used for Diseases Such as Rheumatoid Arthritis Not Associated With Increased Risk of Hospitalization For Serious Infections
2 Nov 2011 Recipients of Organ Transplants at Increased Risk For Broad Range of Cancers
18 Oct 2011 Hospitalization for Heart Failure Among Medicare Patients Has Declined Substantially
11 Oct 2011 Use of Vitamin E Associated With Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
4 Oct 2011 Suspects of Child Abuse Homicide Are Convicted at Rates Similar to Suspects of Adult Homicides, Study Finds
17 Sep 2011 Large Increase Seen in Number of Lymph Nodes Evaluated for Colon Cancer, But No Corresponding Rise in Node-Positive Cancers
15 Sep 2011 Stronger Graduated Driver Licensing Programs For Teens Show Mixed Results for Rates of Teen Involvement in Fatal Crashes
23 Aug 2011 Diet That Combines Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Results in Greater Decrease in LDL Than Low-Saturated Fat Diet



16 Aug 2011 New Analysis Indicates That Risk of Bladder Cancer From Smoking Greater Than Previously Reported
28 Jul 2011 Test Measuring Blood Glucose Control May Help Improve Ability to Predict Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Events in Patients With Diabetes
20 Jul 2011 Cardiac Disorder May Affect Broader Range of Patients Than Previously Reported
9 Jul 2011 Small, Rural Hospitals Show Poorer Results on Measures of Quality of Care, Patient Outcomes
27 Jun 2011 Diastolic Dysfunction of the Heart Associated With Increased Risk of Death
13 Jun 2011 Bariatric Surgery Among Older, High-Risk Patients Not Associated With Reduced Mortality
4 Jun 2011 Childhood Cancer Survivors At Increased Risk of Certain Tumors in Middle-Age
31 May 2011 Study Finds No Association Between Having Organ Transplant Surgery at Nighttime and Poorer Survival After One Year
11 May 2011 Since Introduction of New Screening Tool, Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis Rates Have Increased but Related Deaths Have Not Decreased Accordingly
8 May 2011 Physicians and Nurses Caring for Pediatric Patients Communicate Better in Small Teams, Study Finds
7 May 2011 Structured Exercise Training Associated With Improved Glycemic Control for Patients With Diabetes
5 May 2011 Rate of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgeries Decreases Substantially
29 Apr 2011 Low Health Literacy Associated With Higher Rate of Death Among Heart Failure Patients
27 Apr 2011 HIV Infection May Be a Risk Factor for Heart Failure
17 Apr 2011 Lengthening Dosing Schedule For HPV Vaccine May Provide Effective Option for Expanding Use of Vaccine
11 Apr 2011 Combined Use of Three Markers For Kidney Disease May Help Predict Risk of Kidney Failure, Death
9 Apr 2011 Risk of Death From Opioid Overdose Related to Higher Prescription Dose
31 Mar 2011 Periocular Treatment Improves Eye Comfort and Quality of Life For Patients With Facial Paralysis
22 Mar 2011 Occasional Physical, Sexual Activity Associated With Short-Term Increased Risk of Heart Attack, Cardiac Death, Although Absolute Risk Is Small
14 Mar 2011 Heavy Drinking Associated With Increased Risk of Death From Pancreatic Cancer
5 Mar 2011 Low Health Literacy Associated With Greater Variability in Following Prescription Drug Instructions
26 Feb 2011 Patient Education Helps Earlier Detection of Skin Lesions After Kidney Transplant
19 Feb 2011 Higher Levels of Compound in Blood Associated With Lower Risk of Respiratory Disease
23 Jan 2011 Quality Improvement Intervention for ICUs Results in Increased Use of Evidence-Based Care Practices
20 Jan 2011 Few Surgeons Seek Help for Suicidal Thoughts
14 Jan 2011 Many Recommendations Within Practice Guidelines Not Supported by High-Quality Evidence
10 Jan 2011 Many Patients With Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators Do Not Meet Criteria For Use
29 Dec 2010 Outcomes After Recurrence of Oral Cancer Vary by Timing, Site
21 Dec 2010 Gene Alteration Identified That Predisposes to Syndrome With High Risk of Cancer
18 Dec 2010 High Levels of “Good” Cholesterol May Be Associated With Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
22 Nov 2010 High Alpha-Carotene Levels Associated With Longer Life
14 Nov 2010 Having First-Degree Relative With Atrial Fibrillation Associated With Increased Risk For This Disorder
12 Nov 2010 Wide Variation in Risk of Death From Heart Disease in England Largely Attributed to Population Characteristics
2 Nov 2010 Veterans With Bipolar Disorder May Have Increased Risk of Suicide
27 Sep 2010 Self-Management Counseling for Patients With Heart Failure Does Not Improve Outcomes
18 Sep 2010 Depressed Medical Students More Likely to Associate Stigma With Depression
22 Aug 2010 Surgery Can Be Safely Performed in Settings With Limited Resources
4 Jul 2010 Cancers of Sweat Glands, Other Skin-Related Structures May Be Increasing in United States
1 Jul 2010 Report Examines Whether Statins Prevent Death in High-Risk Individuals Without Heart Disease
26 Jun 2010 Being Obese, Weight Gain During and After Middle Age Associated With Increased Risk of Diabetes Among Older Adults
13 Jun 2010 Childhood Hardships Associated With Pregnancy Troubles in Adulthood
22 May 2010 Most Patients Survive Common Thyroid Cancer Regardless of Treatment
16 May 2010 Restless Legs Syndrome Appears to Occur Within Families
15 May 2010 Study Finds Poorer Cognitive Performance Among Adults With Sickle Cell Anemia
25 Apr 2010 Higher Consumption of Dietary Added Sugars Associated With Unfavorable Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
20 Mar 2010 Highly-Focused, Potent Radiation Treatment Provides Targeted Tumor Control and May Improve Survival For Patients With Inoperable Lung Cancer
28 Feb 2010 Tests Used To Measure Effects of Medications on Platelet Function May Provide Only Modest Benefit in Predicting Clinical Outcomes in Cardiac Patients
21 Feb 2010 Botulinum Toxin Injection May Help Prevent Some Types of Migraine Pain
17 Jan 2010 FDA Warnings Associated With Reduced Atypical Antipsychotic Use Among Older Adults With Dementia
15 Nov 2009 Ventilation Treatment in Prone Position For Patients With Serious Lung Disorder Does Not Provide Significant Survival Benefit
12 Nov 2009 Laser Surgery Does Not Appear to Have Long-Term Effects on Corneal Cells
21 Oct 2009 “Superobesity,” Chronic Disease Burden Associated With Risk of Death Following Bariatric Surgery
19 Sep 2009 Implantable Defibrillators Not Associated With Reduced Risk of Death in Women With Heart Failure
22 Jul 2009 Evaluating More Lymph Nodes May Not Improve Identification of Late-Stage Colorectal Cancer
23 Jun 2009 Analysis Does Not Support Association Between Genetic Marker, Stress and Risk of Depression
19 Jun 2009 U.S. Counties With More African American Patients May Have Fewer Colorectal Cancer Specialists
29 May 2009 NFL Players Have More Favorable Glucose Levels, Similar Cholesterol Levels, Higher Rate of High Blood Pressure Compared to Other Healthy Young Men
22 May 2009 Study Examines Trends in Gallbladder Cancer Over Four Decades
13 May 2009 Age-Related Eye Disease May Be Associated With Cognitive Impairment
23 Apr 2009 Stem Cell Transplantation Helps Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Achieve Long-Term Insulin Independence, Improves Beta-Cell Function
15 Apr 2009 Imaging Reveals Abnormalities in Pathways Connecting Brain Areas in Those With Writer’s Cramp
19 Mar 2009 Acitretin Therapy May Help Reduce Nail Psoriasis
18 Mar 2009 Medication Does Not Appear to Reduce Progression of Atherosclerosis
16 Mar 2009 Health Insurance Status Associated With Frequency of Eye Care Visits
27 Feb 2009 Persons Who Survive Cancer More Likely to be Unemployed
11 Feb 2009 Dialysis Patients Residing at Higher Altitude Have Lower Rate of Death
21 Jan 2009 Racial Disparities in Survival Among Patients Diagnosed With Lung Cancer Decrease When Patients Given the Recommendation for Appropriate Treatment
16 Jan 2009 Relapses More Frequent in Patients Diagnosed With Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis
2 Dec 2008 Childhood Social Program Leads to Better-Functioning Young Adults
15 Nov 2008 PTSD Symptoms Associated With Increased Risk of Death After Heart Events
13 Aug 2008 Refractive Errors Affect Vision for Half of American Adults
23 Jul 2008 Study Examines Motivations for Tattoo Removal
15 Jul 2008 Older Adults Who Bring Companions to Medical Visits May Be More Satisfied With Medical Care
23 Apr 2008 Survival Rates Appear Lower for Scalp and Neck Melanoma Than for Other Sites
5 Mar 2008 Use of Adult Stem Cells May Be Beneficial for Some Patients with Certain Cardiovascular Disorders and Autoimmune Diseases
22 Feb 2008 Disparities in Awareness of Heart Attack Warning Signs
11 Feb 2008 Studies Identify Modifiable Factors Associated With Exceptionally Long Life
5 Feb 2008 FDA Approves Drug-Eluting Heart Stent
31 Jan 2008 Diuretics Appear Comparable to or Better Than Other Drugs for Treating Hypertension in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome
15 Jan 2008 Genetic Differences May Help Explain Response to Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
18 Dec 2007 Most Adults With Conditions that Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk Have High Blood Pressure
17 Dec 2007 Combination Therapy Including Antibiotics May Be Beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis