Now 1

Now 1
George O. Obikoya 
As Aristotle once said all of us 'by nature desire to know’ we desire to learn to know, 
we want to know for instance wherefrom yea are all we see around us fit ‘ourselves’ whoever is 
the engineer a fit designed within a void only marginally smarter than apes to rule 
the world we really want to know but why? Why can’t we aporetic silent just remain ‘shut up 
and calculate’ as some would say? A point of view this is that we may yet embrace for now it is 
not in our study-scrolls we want to know our fate, O yes it boils down to our fate, and if at all 
it is all in our hands or in nobody’s hands, someone somewhere yes is calling the shots, maybe 
no one is calling no shot everything is simply random chaos is the game, the world a void 
the universe from nada came and into nada will dissolve, ‘big’ questions answers to which we 
may never find we even need not ask ‘float on float on’ we ought to live yea by the now O yea.
Our study may indeed help us direction find to where to even start, which speaks to how hard it 
is yes to even think about these things, whether someone something is out there that created us 
but does not interfere with us or anything in the universe as the deist would say or 
does the theist would counter yea, if there is nothing even remotely of the sort as yet some 
others yea would contend, if we are what and all there is in charge yea of our fate whatever be 
the situation we may able be to figure where to start exploring excavating yea 
ferreting the data we need to forge the information that may further lead us yes toward 
the answers that we seek, what happened prior to the Big Bang where space came from yea in zero time 
how matter yea emerged in fluctuating space what time is what by Jove is going on, these things 
we want to learn to know if only to advance our world yea discombobulated no more nay. 
Fluctuations in space can lead to emergence of matter but does that mean from nothing where did 
space come from and what is zero time? Is there anything other than zero time with time simply 
being changes in configurations in space? An essay titled ‘changelessness of change’ one wrote a few 
years back yea comes to mind discussing time, whether time, past and future rolled yea into now is what 
reality is something yea we ought to mull, or if indeed there is an arrow yea of time, 
in any case we would all likely reach consensus that we now have even if we do not past 
or future able are to reach, except perhaps imagining it in our reveries, so, we 
might just as well relish now stop worrying yes about the past we cannot change or future we 
cannot predict some may posit happy to leave the issue of our fate to providence and lose 
no sleep trying to answer unanswerable questions so to speak; views they have the right to hold. 
We hold the view that knowledge should eclectic be hence open we must to perspectives others hold 
prepared be to incorporate sundry views into yea our works, we ought to humble be admit 
we do not have exclusive rights to knowledge know not everything if anything at all, for we 
exist yea in our world relating to the world, we cannot claim that we are conscious save for in 
relation to someone or something in other words with no one or something to relate to what 
is consciousness what are we yea aware of what is now, the past the future what is spacetime what 
even is anything or anyone what yea is thus our world? Even yes our autonomic 
nervous system we know exists if even by inference we relate to it, as we do to 
a friend, responses we receive may differ if we said hello to someone than increasing yea 
our heart rate jumping up and down, thus tied to now is time to time is consciousness to one and all.
Beside the issue of zero time we cannot escape time however hard yea we try, for it 
pervades existence as we currently conceptualize it shows up yea wherever we turn yea 
alive or dead O yes for it defines our now our past our future as we see our state, it is 
what makes reality coherent yet consensus underpins it yea, not with electrons yea 
choosing yes to be particles when we measure them waves when we are not looking yea, 
thus by convention we know what a tripod is or what a Labrador is what a penguin is, 
thus our reality consensus underlies hence chaos will result, yet we cannot be sure 
that someone else is not seeing something other than we see in a cat, perhaps a cougar not 
a cat, which make ‘now’ different for both persons simply being conscious of two ‘cats’ sized unalike
hence different spacetimes have, in short we cannot be sure if ‘void’ consciousness dissimilar is. 
Physicists will tell us we are one galaxy yes in a mammoth void, yet we may be O yea 
the microscopic component yes of a macroscopic whole, we live yea in a bubble on 
another dimension wherein our neighbours yes exist in other math logics we simply nay 
cannot yet comprehend if even somehow able we or they are to contact a neighbour in 
another realm, well, we may yea be able to imbibe the logics as they may ours too, when with  
our ‘now’ realities converging by consensus able we may be to dodge perhaps a fate 
calamitous presented one sublime, the point here being that ‘now’ our science may advise 
is tied to something that does not exist, time, but is that what we are agreed upon? Do we not try 
to help someone who calls a cat a cougar to a closer look take yea at the harmless cat, somehow? 
Or should we since it suggests the cat is nothing but a cat, that we are certain we are right, are we? 
Our study leads us to be humble in our ways and not impose our ‘reality’ on others 
that we all need to views divergent listen to consider in our inquiries O yes, we may 
be tossing valued data doing not that slowing progress of our study yea, something 
we may not able be yea to afford given the urgency of the issues raised, for instance 
as we attempt to tell apart what is existent and what we do not know yea exists O yes, 
in other words admitting that somethings exist we are yet to know do, maybe even yea in 
our own reality we may yet configure we may yet ‘invent,’ some math equation that may 
yet change our lives, a new cosmology engender quantum theory link, these things are not 
far fetched have happened years before, changelessness of change we must not dismiss, imagination we
must not restrict, be it in math in art in music or in any walk of life, we’ll seek to know. 
It is clear we cannot discount what we all deem reality is therein we exist, our now, 
arrow of time yea we subscribe to and it makes us make sense of our void, makes our world real as with
yea others we relate, our daily lives experience in a shared reality in void, we do 
not need to calculate how long it takes our dog to snag a bone we simply toss the bone and let 
the dog enjoy the catch we do not velocity of that bolus of pounded yam as it makes 
its way into our moistened mouth we simply relish it with palm wine wash it down, our now, one that 
may be different from that of molecules that constitute a bone or a yam or even parts 
of us, or of that computer sitting calmly on our desks, and one is not at all being O no 
tangential now for artificial intelligence is beginning to be as, if not in some 
instances more sentient than humans, in fore the issue of the parts, of ‘now,’ diverse they are. 
That these varied components of ‘now’ and how important they are as we mull our fate is not far 
to seek instructive is given advances we make in science technology in other spheres 
of life, the robots for examples machine learning changing faces yea of music and of art 
with electronic products machine-made galore, the issue of ‘now' and its parts we cannot cower from, 
we must yea at some point consider if we ought to consciousness yes redefine include robots 
yea in the mix of conscious entities, our future front and centre as algorithms take charge 
of our reality yes more and more, by ‘our reality’ we are still only talking yes 
about humans as we all yea agree they are but with some countries already giving robots 
citizenships they may also passports have perhaps other documents just like humans who knows 
we may need to give them drivers’ licenses to vehicles drive yea on our roads, and so on, yea.  
Talking about robots being now increasingly sentient we must remember this is something we 
must take seriously yes we need to start to mull our future which unlikely would be like what we 
know now we need to mull our world that may start to radically different look in just a few 
years from now lest we’re caught off guard self-replicating artificial intelligence weak or strong  
speaking to one another in a language we do not nay understand, something that has O yes 
already happened in a tech company just a few short months ago, we must yea guard our loins 
as Moore’s Law takes hold and we move from narrow or weak AI to super AI and O yes to 
singularity some say in twenty forty or even earlier exponential processing 
power the game, each stage producing increasingly more human AI the final product we 
create perhaps benevolent or malevolent, we should deem this matter urgent and act now.