On Faith 3

On Faith 3
George O. Obikoya 
With faith in one another we can mountains move, when cliches help to all inspire we must shy not 
away, as after all products yea of reality we share they are mountains we all agree 
are what we think they are, for language we use to define them speaks for consensus, for us O yes 
being able to concur on what we all perceive, but what about those we do not perceive, numbers 
for instance that we think out that are yea intangible and independent of tangibles they 
describe O yea, the number three does not seize to exist because we have dismantled tripods it 
described, which begs the question if it was there somewhere prior to constructing tripods or we made 
it up, a question some would deem counterintuitive given Nautilus, considering the 
patterns we see yea all around us that suggest numbers were there before yes we discovered them, 
yet flustered we become thinking about the late-comer the ‘naught,’ more so mulling, infinity. 
Like everything else we reach agreements on how we use a placeholder use imaginary 
numbers mull yea infinity, we reach consensus on the workings of our axioms to math 
recreate, we are able to numbers see as being two-and not one-dimensional able 
we are yes to conceptualize some other realms dimensions hitherto did not nay cross our minds, 
thus it appears we may invent math after all at least to some extent, but we cannot be sure 
we are not simply finding out about an axiom that’s already there, innate appears to be 
abilities we have to numbers yes manipulate there somewhere in our brain we may say math 
resides, whatever we decide consensus manifests, thus even with a subject so sublime 
we all adore it deem it language yea of God we still cannot rule out realities galore, 
and that our universe is riding on an expanding bubble in another dimension, ‘stringed.’
Well, it may sound yea like a quantum leap to speculate on multiple universes but wait; 
manipulating numbers yes enables us to do just that, we cannot nay discountenance 
how mathematics has helped to our world remake, how it has physics helped to tie together ‘thought 
experiments’ provide those pretty equations that we in awe accost, an instance of collaboration we 
must not ignore, what prospects we would have had to the cosmos better know had mathematicians 
not worked with Einstein or we do not have Physicist Mathematicians yea nowadays cannot 
but guessworks be, and here we are we dare to say still struggling to figure whereof our world despite 
yes all the math, and physics notwithstanding progress we have made, those fundamental questions we 
have asked over millennia here with us remain, we still do not know nay for certain if our brain 
is math creating or discovering, or both some would say here consensus we have not achieved. 
Our study thus reveals the limits of our thoughts of even we want to agree on something there 
has to be something we want yea to agree upon, our hope on ‘string theory’ some contend yea was
misplaced the models we ‘invented’ to explain our universe have not worked out so very well 
so far, does it mean we are veering off ‘the track’ alternately not working hard enough O no 
‘discovering’ math that’s already there ‘hidden’ yea in our void, our very precious world in all 
those patterns in Nautilus onions in void? Does it mean we have much more to discover we 
could start discussing manifest in thought experiments in observations we make in goings 
on in our world? In other words the conversations must continue something we must have to aim 
to reach consensus on, the point here being that we cannot afford to shut ourselves out from the void 
we must prepared be to collaborate with fellow humans for the good of all, and save our world. 
Let’s take a look around and value all the goodness in our world, how far we have come from yes being 
hunters-gatherers to living yes in our present ‘wonderland,’ our world where noble efforts of 
those yes before us have a comity of nations forged, the peace we all enjoy now yes we owe 
to many like us who yea gave their lives for us, who reached consensus on contentions that we may 
live in a more peaceful a more prosperous world, betterment of our world pursued in meetings on 
meetings in conversations at every level of operations everywhere in void, O yes, 
let’s take a closer look at where we are at where we were compare, one nay cannot gainsay efforts 
we made yielding abundantly, we even have robots almost our look-alike doing things that 
we do with promise to do more, we have mapped the human genome found cures for 
many diseases that not long ago havoc wrecked yea on us, consensus at the core, of all. 
It is therefore, not only in the sciences and math that we should reach accords, we need 
to seek consensus in our interactions with our fellow humans in whatever we engage 
in every walk of life, including in our personal lives yes in our homes yea, workplaces in 
relating to the world at large, and we must not forget that underpinning consensus is faith 
in one another in our voided space, our priceless world O yea, without faith hard it would be to 
repose trust in our fellow beings, for we cannot be certain someone is telling the truth or not,
we cannot be absolutely sure of anything in our world so we must not wait for some ‘proof’ 
for someone else to trust, thus all we need is faith, once we are able to agree we cannot find 
the ‘truth’ in void even ‘dodecahedron’ and the other four Platonic solids we must mull 
contrite, aware yes we are in a cave, shadows we see in void, why we must aim to see the light. 
We need to seek the light to more ‘discover’ in our present state, enabled we could knowledge gained
deploy new knowledge yes ‘invent,’ not only with regards to ‘cosmic consciousness’ but also to 
yea comprehend links between realities here and chthonic yea, or may exist wherever they 
may be, to know if matter really are vibrating ‘string entities’ if so if anything else yes  
is matter we do not consider yet, so, our study we must yes pursue to lead us to where 
math truly lives, if it resides in our right brain language yea on the left, or in both yea they do, 
maybe just more in this split-brain model or maybe we may have to ‘live’ yea in the brain cell to 
its ways mysterious know as we have been able to do in that yea of a virus able to 
prevent it making cell walls hence effectively terminating it thereby preventing viral 
diseases yes, what we could not have nay achieved isolating ourselves collaborating not. 
It must by now be clear to even the most skeptical that consensus can get us all very 
far in medicine in private and public life in sciences in every walk of life, but faith 
we must have for it all to work, some may already be saying we’re talking ‘blind faith’ and they may 
be right, depending on where one is starting out one could be talking yea about faith inherent 
in us, that which in fact is what we yea refer to in our study what we hope will guide us in 
our interactions with our fellow beings, enable us to base consensus yea on faith in beings 
such as ourselves aspiring yes to similar goals as we are ‘wired’ all to do, realities 
we see and feel within which we conduct our ‘thought experiments’ we hope this faith will guide us in 
as we all venture into realms known and yet unknown seeking knowledge to advance our precious world 
improve our lives O yea, as we all realize we need to work together forge a brand new world. 
One yea could say we all aspire yea to survive in void, inherently thus we are wont to seek 
ways to attain that goal, our aspirations therefore coinciding we are not going to do 
anything that would thwart our aim, we are not going to mutually assure destruction of 
our precious world, similarly faced with a choice to live or die we inherently will choose to 
survive, will pleasure choose over pain hence we will yea collaborate to not jeopardize chances 
we have to live and thrive O yes, why we could count on faith to see us through negotiating in 
our voided space, more so as we cannot be certain we could trust the other person not to lie 
but to negotiate as a stakeholder in the issues raised, no matter how remote it may 
sound issues that we interact on we must realize could help or hurt us all, as after all 
a butterfly could cause a hurricane, we live yea in hypersonic worlds, on a bubble yea. 
We have seen much we have learnt much, our study on faith has revealed commonalities we ignore,
humanity we take for granted but yea is the glue that binds us all, that ought to make us see 
the need to forge a brand new void, a new world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace, the bond 
that faith inspires in us that makes us want to reach consensus on the issues raised that progress sire 
in void, we must not pass up chances we have to ‘invent’ a better world for all, by seeking knowledge we 
yea place ourselves in vantage points to ‘hidden’ numbers find, data already there discover for the good 
of all, maybe we ought to take a leaf from our hunters-gatherers ancestors who would have all 
been wiped out in the hostile environments wherein they lived had they not learnt to band together to 
predators face, were they exterminated would we all be here today? Let’s think about it let us face the 
fact that no one may be here in future if we chose to not trust faith in ourselves and others, nay.