On Faith 2

On Faith 2
George O. Obikoya 
Well O well, now that interferon gamma has not only been linked with immune response but yes 
also more recently yea in the brain, the interaction yea between the brain and yes O yes 
the immune system opening vistas for better understanding brain diseases including 
mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression we are treading paths unknown in void 
regarding even yea our personalities and our social behaviours being determined by 
battles between pathogens and our immune system why we must not renege on our promise not 
to give up seeking knowledge to ourselves and yes our world and others better explicate, the quest 
for knowledge something we need to consider deem, we urgent reasons have yea to pursue and so 
with vigour and to inculcate in youths and all given ubiquity of pathogens vis-a-vis our very precious brain 
being a ‘soft target’ for upending void, anathema to us, or should, surviving being our beat. 
The beat of bugs atop my pate like bongos make me want to dance bursting loose yea my brain, alarmed 
attacked brain fag my fate as battles rage on in a helpless being, my blood-brain-barrier now fully cracked 
my being breached violated its integrity as pathogens engage in wanton destruction 
yea of my brain amoeba everywhere, microbiota asking for a dance, at large prions 
viruses prancing in meningeal vessels linking lymphatic systems to my poorly brain, 
as interferon gamma to the rescue fights them tooth and nail, to save my face, to stop me being 
in physiologic shock run amok in my days, rinascita imbued in me, ‘triumph’ back in 
my lexicon, the battles won but nay not lost, call it the musings of an optimist, one who 
believes in our ability to work together secrets of the brain and of other organs 
yea in our body and their interactions with our world, and all in it reveal, yes, bugs and all. 
Speculum sine macula we pray would further open up our eyes to see behind the veil 
of nature lights up yea our inner eyes to see the inner void, as someone verily O yes 
ere terra incognita saw rebirthing of the times, as we unite in faith O yea in one 
another to reborn our world, duty see our pursuit of light of Wisdom for the good of all, 
that we may yes be ‘salt and light,’ informed enough to sound be yea our views which merrily share with 
our fellow humans to advance our world thereby enhancing knowledge of ourselves and others in 
our worlds, building consensus forging forges forged, a smithy in the works base auric into moulds, 
in other words circumspect we must be to not digest the flawed, yet cower not we must not be 
afraid nay we ought not ever not nay afraid to see our works yea immanence imminent may 
yet spell focused not we are on the pearls yet in the skies but how to bring them down to earth our aims. 
This is the key point we ought not to miss, dismiss, for we are working on yea hypotheses and 
nay theorizing not, no moral absolutes here nothing of the sort, we are not claiming we 
are privy to divine truths only saying they must somewhere be, divined divinely we yea may 
supposedly say even then not declaring we are certain why the sky may turquoise bluish be, 
save by consensus by beliefs we share, that unity tolerance justice breed, society 
ensure keeps keeping on the red moon we concur on why it may be anything but dark, halfway admit 
we must have gone, regardless hidden not lacking light we may find someday this far side as we may 
the parts of paths unknown we tread, but still we tread we venture into realms, cerebral cosmic realms 
microcosms macrocosms may yes indeed depict, immanence imminent indeed, O yes, 
meanwhile, we clean our petri dishes pathogens to culture further comprehend, ‘softness’ seek, pound. 
O yes, that’s what we want to do sensitivity once established we must pound the bugs before 
they reach our brains, or anywhere inside our body yea, why we must keep working on our aims 
of understanding everything about us and our world O yes, what prions are for instance why 
they are yea freaking out our cows, by extension pulverizing us, where were they prior to when 
we yea discovered them, what else is somewhere we are yet to find out that may even need no cows 
no cattle to descend on us we must inquire without ado no absolutes of any kind 
here we just data seek to information build that may our fortunes change, for better not for worse, 
the thing being what it is whatever yea we seek, whatever it is bugs or what that may affect 
us in such profound ways, personality-altering bugs that interferon gamma fights to 
the bitter end, our loyalty yea to the human entity as one as bugs will all attack. 
In any case we cannot thrive in silos we must forge relations with our fellow humans build consensus to 
advance our world, the fellow who discovers what a bug is sensitive to gains nothing nay 
hiding the findings in a petri dish, an imminent blockbuster medication that would have 
created jobs hid in a petri dish? Did someone say that petri dishes into bullions turn?
You never know what someone has been into spelling ‘forge,’ until a bug-attack in cryptic labs 
as petri dishes Aladdins become, a genie malevolent is, immanent yea may be 
wiping out all yea in its wake pervasive in the voids yea of interconnected worlds as jet-
set woodworks not outside the realms nay of imagination art mimicking life we want to thwart 
may hex, why we must not toss thoughts of ours a brand new world of unity in diversity, nay, 
a new world order we need to embrace ecumenism make our mantra yea, to forge ahead. 
Put yea another way we may not know exactly how creepy ticks really are until we take 
a peep at them under electron microscopes, we may then wonder what put that together how 
and why must they attack us spread diseases like wildfire O yes in our woodworks who for Pete’s sake is 
having such fun and why? Why we should ask why anyone will not collaborate on findings that 
may lead us to the answers that we seek, answers that may protect us save our children save our void
our very precious world, for not only may we find out how ticks yea come about we may then be 
able yea to exterminate them free our ecosystems from these illness-peddling bugs, others 
like them destroy yes to advance our world, again we find yea in our study that we need to bond, 
there are too many bugs we already know to not do that with many more perhaps hidden somewhere 
we do not know we need to study on in hope we may find yea before they find and maul us all. 
They may be in a hurry too, like us yes on a mission to a bug destroy, for we may bugs 
be in the eyes of some we do not know exist, and where, watching us studiously on how we 
manage change in our world evolving right afore our eyes, what we do with knowledge we gain we 
deploy in void, if penchants we have yea for advancement or seppuku either they’re game, immolating 
may be forte they consider for advancement or the other way round key either way is that 
we may be toast ferreting toasts becoming toasts by choice neglecting other aspects of ourselves 
and of our world engaging in acts that may others rile we do not even know exist, O yes, 
why we must come together build consensus see ourselves yea as being intertwined with fellow beings 
in voided spaces faced, faces galore we cannot start to figure in our present state, maybe 
electron microscopes may help, or we may search the other way Hubble beg for a trick or two. 
Whatever we do it is clear we hide our research findings at our own peril the genie yea 
coming for us first prior to miasmic being in voids, true, conflicts of interests and views 
yea must arise as we may have not just varied takes on root causes of an issue but also 
on its solutions, and since we cannot certain be that one ‘truth’ yea or another is O yes 
absolute we must seek consensus yea for progress in our world, progress that leads to peoples that 
are healthy living in a world where hope and charity are norms where peace and justice reign, O yea, 
a world we have a real chance to create by consent not by conquest one we may perpetuate, 
a legacy of hope to better which we leave yea for our offsprings even yet unborn, a world 
consistent with our innate quest to live and thrive a quest that serves us but also our world, why we 
cannot afford to not research our world, seek knowledge from its bosom ever seek the light, O yea. 
Let us continue to research our world, at every level knowledge see to better make our world, 
our study let us not discard as we investigate ourselves yea in an ever complex world, 
let us O yes look in the mirror immaculate and entreat for knowledge we lack to improve 
ourselves our fellow humans to improve our world, that we may dance to tunes of tubas of the bloom 
of daffodils the music of the spheres, that we may live in peace and harmony befriend and not 
behead, the whole wide world our home and not in silos lock ourselves shut out the world O no, for we 
are born to live, and die not nay before our time but could researching not the bugs, studying not 
nay other bugs inquiring not complacent in our ways, as if helpless capitulate to bugs, 
perhaps unwary we may be our world destroying in instalments letting out the bugs, yet we 
may change our course it is not too late nay, we need to research fund collaborate in faith, O yea.