On Faith 1

On Faith 1
George O. Obikoya 
Our study takes us on a journey we hope to learn much from as we try to tease out what may be 
the main defining notion of our times, of who or what we are and goings on yea in our world, 
something that we must come to terms with as we travel in a world arrestingly mysterious 
superbly entertaining as it is exhilarating verily real at times unreal seems 
at all times what is real what is unreal doubtful anyone could be sure subscribed to ‘balance of 
probabilities’ perhaps willing to bet on one or the other of the dated O yes or 
prevailing schools of thought may wager may just choose to pitch and roll with aporetic tides, issues 
of yore remaining thorny even now perplexing fleshed issues anew quite not so new that minds 
tormented through the ages still now yea demoralize, elusive ever pitching one’s tent here 
or there somewhere yea or the other some may argue seems like playing dice, gambling in vain, O yea. 
There really is nothing wrong or at that right subscribing to a point of view that ere now or 
maybe always will leave us with nothing else but in awe, at being so hard to penetrate we will 
likely flummoxed be issues we attempt to figure ever yielding not what we desire, knowledge 
we seek to help us comprehend our nature manifest in efforts of our scientists and all 
committed in their various fields to contributing to progress of humankind everyone keen 
to see our world advance, mirage may prove to be again as it did in the past, leaving us with 
many more questions than yea answers in the lurch O yea, leaving us scratching our heads in 
vain for the answers that increasingly appear nay we may never find, leaving us in a state 
of shock, and philosophically aporetic truly flabbergasted too much to describe, 
to matters make worse we do not have much to lean on that had not been subjects of a war, of words. 
It may be the nature of philosophical discourses to engage in intellectual fits 
of exercises strongly held views on subjects of interest yet we must ask who is right who 
is wrong, we must inquire who has evidence to support their views and how strong or weak is 
the evidence what basis we have to its strength determine to judge rightness wrongness or at that 
what may be in between, given for instance possibilities may not be more or indeed less 
than probabilities as we may yea the latter view along say a visual analog 
scale on yea a continuum with the possible, possibilities and probabilities 
seamlessly sewn, engaged, enabling us a little wiggle room to determinations we make 
we may yet better explicate, that we may able be to say it is fair to say this or that 
evidence we provide is weak or strong to this or that extent, hopefully we could war prevent. 
So, we still discourses have but we all agree we do not want to fight, we now preach ‘no more wars,’
it’s one thing to evidence have that somewhere falls along a spectrum of consciousness that we all 
decide, in other words the basis of discourses on a subject is consensus yea we reach 
yes even with the ‘proof,’ given that our study has led us to consider that ‘balance of 
probabilities’ we ought to embrace yea as a useful starting point that we may have the room 
to move to issues yes explore elusive over time, thus we present our notions O yes of 
the subject realizing we must work with others to consensus reach on where we go from where 
we’re at evidence takes us yea, one outcome of realizing the critical role that placing 
consensus high in our considerations is consistent with commitments we have to give all 
a chance, unwary not that no one has a monopoly of knowledge we must collaborate. 
It’s hard to not see how connected we are notwithstanding what we may deem set us yea apart, 
to something not see yea in others that remind us of ourselves and O yea of our world, something 
that to consensus we all owe our fate, consensus operational at every level of 
society helps keep our world in place, prevents us annihilating one another and not 
to fly agaric rains our go-to conflict resolution play, thus we may look eat drink dance and play 
differently but somethings are to us all common to survive O yea, an imperative that 
is inherent in us with evolutionary underpinnings we cannot discount, therefore 
we do not want our world destroyed we want it to survive, we want no wars nay peace and love we seek, 
in other words inherently yes we subscribe to working yea with others to improve ourselves 
and yes our world, why we must take the issue of consensus seriously in our daily lives. 
The point here is about being careful ballyhooing viewpoints we cannot be absolutely sure 
of we must therefore it consider needs placement along a spectrum wherein, yes, this 
also is by consensus, we could weigh the ‘proof’ agree where it would best fit on the spectrum yea, 
for proof we may think that we have but we may just be wrong and ‘proof’ we may not have yet turn out to 
be right, why we must not forget that we have to believe in one another to the right thing do 
for we are inherently wired yea to survival seek and not destroy ourselves, by extension 
nay not destroy our world, the point is realizing we must work with others forge a brand new world, 
a world based on consensus progress-focused yea, a world to which yea we commit ourselves one yes
whose best interests we all seek, the point is realizing we may not be right at all times we 
may not be always wrong why we must not unwilling be to join hands with our fellow humans yea.  
To pitch one’s tent some place is not for anyone to disparage whereas we ought to seek to understand
why wherein it is yea, as our study has so far shown seeking consensus ought not to involve 
affray, it has to harder be to reach consensus quibbling all the way, contrariwise it must be not much of 
a hassle striking an agreement with a friendly face, and that is what the other party ought 
to seek as well, seeking accord better than waging war, evident in wanton destruction in 
famine unthinkable suffering we see yea in war, witness prosperity progress and peace 
we see in peace time yea, thus understanding via discourses conversations helps us to approach 
the subject on a level field, enables us to not be hostile but be open O yes to 
another’s point of view facilitating the consensus that we seek regarding subjects mulled, 
believing in one another to progress seek for all is crucial to saving our world O yes. 
Since we agree surviving is inherent in us we cannot dismiss the need to try to save 
our world, for how could we survive without our world? It is as imperative for us to preserve 
our world as it is to preserve ourselves, why it is our responsibility both so to do 
a task that must be done, regardless we are rationalists or empiricists, to start with we 
are human beings surviving yea our aim, a biological constant we all share as we all 
share also the ‘cosmological’ constant in a sense O yea, surviving in a world we have 
destroyed? Clearly, we cannot survive in a world that nay does not exist, in other words we trash 
our world to trash ourselves and trash ourselves to trash the world, both we cannot afford, imagined not 
we should a state wherein we’re able not to see the ‘logic’ in what we believe, let alone not 
to see it in our minds untainted in some way, unnatural bets we take coming in our way. 
As we continue to issues examine that still plague us who or what we are and why yes we 
are here yea for examples we must not works of past sages toss, insights of others ere we need 
to ponder and relate to whence our study yea, we must thus prepared be to collaborate with 
not just the living but also the dead, deceased speaking to us in prose and verse in science and 
in math interred in books in brick and mortar stores and digitalized, in works of art in music in 
all human acts endeavours that add to survival of our world and our survival add to progress yea 
in voids, thus we must also not discount potential links between our world and others in the realms, 
as after all some would contend we plan to live on Mars, but do we know if some already live 
there and if so what do we want to do? Exterminate them? What if they could exterminate us? 
Implied yes is the need to hone our skills building consensus work with anyone anywhere O yes. 
What we must also not forget is fulfillment building consensus brings, having faith in ourselves 
and in our fellow humans to the right thing do, something we must all cultivate yes for the good 
of all, including of our priceless world, it may be that we differ in how we perceive ourselves 
our world and how they ought to operate that’s fine but we must be set to not anything do 
to harm ourselves or harm our world harming either hurting both costly ventures we cannot afford, 
whereas we stand to benefit from doing everything we could to save ourselves and save our world, 
our precious world O yea, it is a task that must be done our mantra make we must, for we have nay 
nowhere to go at least not until we are able to exist on any other planet or 
anywhere else O yea, for now we ought to keep building consensus to achieve our aim, we need 
to start believing in ourselves and others and believe we could improve ourselves and save our world.