Mr. Leaky 3

Mr. Leaky 3
George O. Obikoya 
Hey Mr. ‘Leaky everything’ what are you, tell me please are you an empiricist or are you 
a rationalist, Humean or akin to an erstwhile Bishop of Cloyne, Leibniz, Descartes? Please
tell me before the end, assuming one exists without being perceived, opposite what the Bishop 
said that quantum mechanics hundreds of years later seems to now is also saying O yea with 
a ‘cat-in-the-box’ tale to wit, materialism immaterialism yea engaged 
synthesis in between? Thus, whether what yes may exist without anyone perceiving it may, 
that nothing nay exists beyond anyone perceiving it, even explicate up in the air 
appears, someone else yea perceiving it regardless ‘all eyes shut’ nay notwithstanding or should 
it Mr. Leaky? Given what you know about the leaks, or claim to know being the self-described ‘leak’ 
that you are leaking everything yea could you kindly explain, abstractions yea beheld, perceived?  
Is pain perception independent of a source external or internal or is it dear one 
emotion Mr. Leaky where ought one pleasure to seek devoid of pleasure physically or 
emotionally either way driving one nuts pushing one to the brink dear mister Leaky what 
have you to say after all it is ‘pursuit of happiness’ or put differently absence of 
pain yea one’s right we all acclaim in law? The issue comes to fore when what no one perceives may still 
exist beyond not what anyone perceives perplexes seemingly perpetually perhaps 
having nothing to do with who or what yea the perceiver or the subject is in our notion 
in our construction but with aporetic fits, the intellectual ‘epilepsy’ that belies 
our unwillingness to address our fate not figuring ourselves our world our motored mental state,
confronted with the universal we prefer to hone in on particulars escape our fate. 
We all can relate to pain of arthritis or emotional pain both that may depression sire, 
even with ‘all eyes shut,’ in other words that pain, immaterial-based or tangible exists 
perceived beyond debate appears, but does it yea only exist perceived or does it still exist 
beyond not what anyone perceives, perpetually exist materialism immaterialism yea engaged?  
Here yea we are again Mr. Leaky aporetic by Jove not rhetorically O nay 
truly flummoxed we are, and philosophically-paralyzed we want to hide in shame, we want 
to give up figuring our motored mental state, please help one hapless so dear mister Leaky help 
us all O yea, but we await your say, it’s easy to ask what the problem is easy to see why what exists 
when one perceives it still exists other perceiving it even with one’s eyes shut except that others may 
be seeing yea a table when one saw a stool, both four-legged and same-sized one still sees a stool. 
Thus, even if perceived what matters is the idea, if even not perceived, an eight could be 
infinity or a flower yea, we may stumble upon math equations sacred numbers we 
may find but this does not mean they were not there prior to our finding them O nay, and there may be
yes some remote locations in our world we do not know as yet inhabited perhaps years yea 
ahead of or behind our civilization not everything existent in our world yea we 
have seen perceived in any way we must admit no matter mocking us ourselves hubristic think 
we have or could being rationalists or empiricists locked in our silos yea, open not to 
ideas we may maybe but couldn’t it also be a reason for our study to explore 
what an idea is given its ‘perception’ in many ways, as Platonic yes noumena 
phenomena replicate, imperfectly, our world therefore an imperfect duplicate in void. 
A perfect immaterial state Kantian ‘idea’ in ‘categorical imperative’ 
for instance or in reason transcendence Hegelian absolute truth reason-based everywhere  
represent materially manifested we see ‘hand’ of essence as in Plato in these 
thinkers yea, we see ‘reason’ aiming yea to more perfect be in imperfect states, the perfect not 
dependent on perceived or not, that we may able be to mull the perfect state does not at all
necessarily translate to being able to perceive nay all there is to it, being able to 
behold beauty without biases does not mean that we could confidently say it is O yea 
‘original’ beauty when we have concurred that imperfect is our void, more perfect we could make 
it with generalizations and particulars considering in void essence existence 
yea intertwined admitting seeking knowledge of both in our studies yes, open to paths afield. 
We may be stuck alive yea in an imperfect world but assuming that it has a perfect yea 
counterpart opens up important paths of inquiries yea, where mister Leaky may be able yea 
to help, assist us in unwinding wounded our genomic substances interacting voided yea, perhaps 
blinding our vision to the nature of reality generalized and particularized 
O yea, how an eight a flower helped us build awe-inspiring domes atop cathedrals in O yes 
medieval days that doubtless would have well-being spiritual and otherwise of worshippers enhanced 
as would have their frescos that stories of faith told in stained glass pointed-domed O yea imagining 
a source of knowledge as yea intuition and reason yes are, enough to fill our hearts with joy 
our souls with hope happiness not pain nay coming our way, depression a ‘cousin’ of pain both with  
similar symptoms history one pushed no longer to the brink the concrete abstract makes, O yea. 
Let’s take a cue from peoples to whom frescos spoke cathedrals domed inspired, let’s in our study aim 
to see how essence and existence interact, for by admitting ‘ideas’ exist perceived 
or not we are admitting that we could ‘ideas’ yea behold we could yea interact with them, 
and they could interact with us, the frescos telling stories in images crystallized O yes 
for centuries coming alive yea in our minds inspiring us to act in keeping O yea with 
the missives they communicate to us for instance, dyadic then the synthesis we ought to mull, 
choosing to save our world by for instance contributing yea our quota to reducing global 
warming saving ourselves our children and those yet unborn as we affect our world and it affects 
us yea, as we the ‘perfect’ seek in our imperfect world, contrite we see ideas way beyond 
our realms as perceptible continuum of consciousness as reachable we aim to fix our face. 
Hey Mr. Leaky can you hear us please? Be kind to us O yes, for we believe our leaky selves 
yea you could seal prevent the leaks for aye, we want to know when we are treading wrong so we may fix
our ways, avoid more leaks until our dying days, when we must leak as our metabolism shuts 
down moribund yes we become energy dispersion overcomes us shrivelled yes we must die, 
whenever death comes knocking know we not, but until then we must continue on our pilgrimage, 
in void, our study must go on to better make our world, more perfect to become our precious world, 
an understanding of which will enable us to figure who or what we are our mission in 
a void, which we could yes assume to start with is to not destroy our planet but enhance its fate, 
and as our study yes progresses we would also see that in saving our world we are saving ourselves, 
true the reverse as everything we do joy or pain spread yea to others harming or hurting void. 
Let us remember seeking knowledge is our path to joy, yes we must seek the light, follow yea what 
or who points to the source of light, immersed in light we better know ourselves and others better know
our world, we understand an eight as cosmic balance order we embrace, the lotus on our minds 
we mull the awe-inspiring domes atop cathedrals yea, that don temples and mosques that inklings grant 
us of perfection yea, that paths yes to perfection in an eight reveal, material O yes 
and immaterial O yea, elevating us and our void O yes, dear Mr. Leaky we 
are grateful to you for helping us yea to catch a glimpse of wisdom Ibis yes we also thank 
and yea we celebrate, for knowledge seals the leaks, in unity of two and three for instance we 
quarternity embrace, the blessings unity of humankind bestows on us and on our world 
we must not nay dismiss, we must indeed never stop seeking to unite our world our goal, O yea. 
You see, we cannot only seek our good care not for others hope it’s okay it will help our world, 
as Mr. Leaky notes it may only leakages fuel worsened yea is our world, reminding us 
that even if in seeking yea our welfare we are not damaging anyone or void we are 
in some respects helping the void but our errors yea of omission also count and in the end 
we may be hurting void not helping others if we could O yea, we need to realize we all 
will swim or sink together rich or poor we sinew have or not neglecting yea our world, we will 
all face the music killing yea our world pain not joy spreading yea, negativity peddling not 
promoting joy, leakiness elevating wellness not nay promoting wallowing in O yea 
physical and emotional pain both physiologically incompatible with joy, 
let us resolve to value ‘truth’ we know ‘reality’ we know seek knowledge to improve our fate.