Mr. Leaky 2

Mr. Leaky 2 
George O. Obikoya 
Hey Mr. ‘Leaky Brain’ what have you done again? First it was my intestine now it is my brain,  
what are you up to mister Leaky have compassion please, it’s not a flight of fancy prancing in 
my pate, it’s not a case of apes and angels agon sorting out, a dialectic not O no 
synthesis cyclic voided historicism on hold, for dated may the issue be yea of 
a subject in objective voids consider never mind the symbolist a Mr. Leaky foe, 
it’s all about some bug or something we can go to bed, let’s go to bed forget about the bug, 
we’ll check it out in petri dishes in the lab yea in the morn we should be fine till then, O yes, 
so off we go to hit our sacks not letting you off not just yet no Mr. Leaky you’re still in 
a hole, you know one of those black holes your event horizon driving me insane, you are, by Jove,  
affecting an observer mister Leaky and we’ll bring you back, you will return unfix the brain you fixed. 
You inculcated in me yes a lot about my brain, now see what you have done, my porous brain 
sadly is leaking able not to figure what is what a task that must be done O yes, my blood-
brain barrier breached everything is everywhere my insides up in flames inflamed cytokines at 
large toxins in my pate, my gluten-free ‘cucumber’ even pickled not enough to stop me O 
no leaking knowledge or prevent me going nuts again imbibing fuzzy science music math, 
yes mister Leaky you could microbiota love even as you tell us to forget the bugs, 
and we may not nay want to ticks examine under the electron microscope infested angst-
ridden promptly concur ‘let’s not debate the bugs’ in unison rend air, then off we go to bed, 
insomniacs merrily we keep counting sheep in vain, dear mister Leaky all because of you, 
if even it’s your name, if only we could wipe off historicism remix our cyclic fate. 
We can’t forget the bugs, my leaky brain is leaking all it’s got, whereas one able must be to 
figure if indeed social and cultural history tells who one is, where value judgements stand 
must hollow anyone beat leaky-brained or not, don’t they say winners write history of a war? 
And that apart some may also contend subscribing to a viewpoint of externality being 
yea what defines us present times reflecting ages past is, even on the surface, flawed, the Celts     
did not invite nay Julius Caesar Kent to tour and he did not invade the island just so 
to kill a druid, some may indeed the point advance epochs in history insist yea stand alone, 
and we would in our study ask what happened to internality? In other words could one avow 
Descartes deceased is where we ought to be to contemplate our fate? Why Dreyfus ere of Berkeley said
poets are the vanguards of humanity and hope of some new understanding of being instructs. 
Also, as Santayana and Eliot yea concurred it’s hard to disregard the need O yea 
however one conceives it for philosophical poetry to metaphysical be, of course 
within the broader framework of the subject albeit not parroting philosophical wars 
in iambs rather woven into fabrics of the poems, were the quest to insights gained as well 
yea offered to enrich our understanding of ourselves and of our precious world, the matter not 
nay only of a subject observing an object what being conscious simply signifies but also who or what 
is the subject if the object is a subject what yea is a subject when an object it observes is only there 
because it was observed not there nay otherwise, Schrodinger’s cat at once alive and dead forget 
the dead cat bounce for now, the question mister Leaky is do you really mean to say you could stop 
the leaks but do not anyway or do you admit you cannot stop the leaks? Speak or silent stay. 
Pardon me Mr. Leaky we are not at all trying to put you right beneath the kliegs, nothing 
like that we nurse, we only want to know what causes yea the leaks and how to fix your fix, blimey 
if even it’s your name, as after all a name denotes but more important may communicate, 
and as you like to say your preference is being called mister Leaky no one knows your name, your real 
name that is but yea what you do, you leak, that functions languages perform yes you remind us yea, 
the reason for the question we asked why we want to know if you could stop the leaks, and indeed by
extension if you caused the leaks, if only science could explain the leaks, or if ‘science’ we’re yet to know 
could also leaks explain we struggle to engage, to comprehend O yea, consciousness we aim to
elucidate, being conscious meaning being of something or someone concrete or abstract otherness 
defined in externality but also internality, did someone say Descartes is dead? 
We cannot be but solidly in after-physics ground our inquiries in verse we try to place, 
the matter of our being we cannot nay ignore, that conscious being that automobiles built, landed 
yea on the moon, that person that a mother father could be at some point in kindergarten at 
another grown, the conscious being relating to yes other conscious beings, it is this consciousness 
we must explore O yea, what some would call the mind, Husserl says follows a hierarchy of strict rules 
a notion being employed now in artificial intelligence some may argue credence lends to 
what being conscious really implies, indeed whether or not continuum of consciousness yea we 
must mull, if Mr. Leaky is to blame solely required to light shed on the issue of the leaks, or if in fact 
we need to step back cast our nets wide to explore the deep, whichever way we choose clear it must be 
our study is leading us closer to finding out who or what we are our world to butterfly. 
If even Mr. Leaky vanished yea into black holes we could the data information it 
has still recovered in ‘soft particles’ disturbances on event horizons even holograms, 
in other words physical states encoded in a wave function really do not permanently 
vanish into a black hole making it legitimate to ask if we exist in other realms, 
and if our world a duplicate has somewhere else we know not yet if so where when and how, and do 
these worlds communicate or are yea separate? Should we consider information so retrieved 
partial or full likewise entanglement if they are fully linked, or deem it risky to try to 
shake hands with myself on the ‘other side’ as we may face annihilation lost for aye my face, 
the notion of being able to visit with dear ones now deceased remoter fading yea? We need 
to answers seek to queries such as these to better know ourselves our world possibly afterlife. 
You see dear Mr. Leaky where we’re going with this why we need your help, for you are leaking and 
may know why may be able to what goes on inside blood-brain barriers we may not fathom yet, 
you may know what yes compromised the integrity of the walls and why, we hope you would open 
‘sesame’ let us in to the secrets you secrete regarding leaky walls and all, phenomena 
noumena you would explicate, we want to know how that cat could exist and not exist at once, 
we want to know where we’re at regarding yea the ‘measurement problem’ more so as it applies 
to subject-object abstract-concrete states, and how else we could consciousness define accounting not
for otherness be it external or internal states, tangible intangible or somewhere 
yea in between, at once we see and do not see existing in what we may term, lacking any 
other, a mesmerizing anamorphic state, the anti-matter of a mattered state O yea. 
Some islanders might have wanted the Romans to stay when another Caesar wanted them to return 
yes home an empire in retreat extended far too wide to cope with what resources left to keep 
the state alive, and pretty much like someone flawlessly coping with daily life sometimes and not 
even aware of life’s routine until something goes wrong as Husserl says, consciousness ‘under the 
radar’ to which we may attest as sometimes we query how we could drive back home from work without 
even noticing we must able be to with symbolists yea empathize, for we know not what 
‘conscious’ is that yea operates behind the scene until something goes wrong otherness kicks in yea, 
how islanders perceived the Romans when they first landed at Kent opposite was to when about 
to leave may point to operations of internality and externality converged at 
personal and yes at collective states, running complex governance and warding off Jutes at play. 
We must not dismiss social and cultural forces operational in spelling who we are, 
historicism we must not reject but gospel truth not also deem value judgements that are 
yea inherent in processes that yield its tales may spin them even upside down, maliciously 
or simply as iterations farther removed are from the original orally passed on or 
even written down yea, worse still ascribing evolution of society only yea to 
historical dialectic robs us of the inner workings of the social organism 
we must not nay dismiss, which may be engines driving forces external without us knowing nay 
until something goes wrong, as with persons O yea, something that we could have prevented studied we
could have yea fixed, why Mr. Leaky we want you to stay, don’t vanish into black holes we want you
around, we hope you will open our eyes to leaky issues we confront in void, knowledge we seek.