Mr. Leaky 1

Mr. Leaky 1
George O. Obikoya 
Hey Mr. ‘Leaky Gut’ what have you done again? You still are breaching my wall soiling yea my blood, 
those toxins sure are killing me provoking inflammation circulating damaging my bile 
factory shortening my life, and as you always do you never say a word save promising 
to stop, but never stop, your admonition of someone that never guzzling alcohol stops one 
concurs a point, but don’t you think we also ought to fund a way to stop the leaky wall? Given 
the magnitude of issues health wise liver damage causes to the health of all, well, to be sure 
secondarily that is mostly whereas multilayered links binding primary sufferers to 
society we cannot nay ignore, we must not pass up chances we have to study yea what 
is wrong, why one percent of hospitalizations in the US in twenty ten due was yea to 
alcoholic liver disease mull, thirty, seventy percent dead one and six months hence, apiece. 
You have been into something Mr. Leaky haven’t you as for you to sit back let so many 
die is not how we think of you neither is it what we should stomach microbes normally contained 
within my gut spewing toxins into my circulation killing off my liver with vicious 
inflammation not much chance giving me to live enjoy my life, why we must find a way to fund 
studies to stop the leaks alacrity buzzing inside our pates, as you have cautioned in the past 
it is a major health issue we cannot wish away, as folks will always drink even O yes 
alcohol banned subterranean grottos head those living in the bottle nowhere else seeing as 
their home, those not following suit to service agitating dopamine threatening brains to burst, 
brains fragile patently depressed, maybe suicidal with inflammatory cytokines in play,
arthritis killing me, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease of obesity sires angst. 
Fibrosis and cirrhosis someone help me ward, as Mr. Leaky doesn’t hear me out, appears 
to have given up on me sentenced me to death, for how else does anyone think anyone could 
a slippery slope climb without a tool, could navigate the complex inflammation maze, could treat 
me not acquainted with the medicine to use, or having any to begin with able not 
to study lacking research funds, researches government or ‘deep pockets’ source for the good of all, 
after all anyone could diabetes have, or able not to sleep depressed or languishing 
in pain, physical and emotional pain hissing thinking ‘bout the millions stashed away in holes 
in bullions vaulted where prying eyes are blind, able not are to reach even hid in plain sight 
O yea, still trying to a state of unforgiving pain and abject poverty engage even 
considering a swap just to be free of pain with anything whatever stops the pain, grant grants. 
To clear be entities may have to wager too, hiss hex or whatever seeing as the person 
does abundance of resources often does not nay every problem solve, we still must these deploy 
not always transactionally but also with our hearts engaged, if even we are not obese 
teetotaler are we are well and sound, we soundly sleep we have no health concerns, again we do 
not want it to appear that companies or governments do not have health concerns, maybe not nay
arthritis or pain in the temple or anywhere termed ‘pate’ their heads not nay exactly pates as 
we have conceived in mates, yet wager they must as we all do yea, everyone every entity 
must pay attention to their social credit scores, recorded live not only in goodwill O yes 
companies ballyhoo, but also to not be voted out corporate death sentence their fate yet 
we do not need to bet on letting some die we could their lives save, giving up on those we could not.
Of course we have in place policies end-of-life decisions yea facilitate, as we do on 
palliative care and on primary on secondary and tertiary prevention of  
diseases and so on and so forth we must these things have, our health services able must be to 
account for knowledge gained in studies such as those our own Mr. Leaky would hopefully support
without nay reservation what is right to do, the end of moral action after all the good 
of one and all we do not need to bet, or do we mister Leaky do we have to bet, do we? 
We do not have to say we would not treat me being a bottle-head, obese, or any other ‘flaw 
of ailment’ have someone ascribes to me being flawed yes drinking like a fish and eating like a cow, 
as if one could not Kluver-Bucy syndrome have a surgeon ‘blame’ that yanked my amygdala to 
my fits control, or anything at that nothing has to do with personality flaws, O yea. 
Must we wager dear Mr. Leaky to those microbes rein or grant the bugs free reign after all one 
may say that they have roamed free in my intestines for aeons causing me no grief? True but we know
better now than we did about dropsies and inflammatory cytokines, don’t we dearest one?  
Questions regarding altruism we need to address regardless if, and we are frankly just 
here speculating as one may not keen be on the common good to fund a study nay, regardless if 
we were to hope a dime our Mr. Leaky ever would donate to researches we need, despite 
being the miasmic agent killing us all with anamorphic pardon me, metamorphic bugs, 
agency-mode unknown we need to speculate, as with the surgeon that ‘enriched’ my taste or one 
in nineteen forty nine that even won a major prize in Medicine ‘treating’ psychoses yea, 
the need to seek the good of all let’s say implies that of society our world and all there is. 
Thus, we must seek the good of our social organism in its ramifications what known and 
unknown involved in its existence and survival as an entity, a living entity,
‘life’ as with ‘goodness’ we define in general terms we may able not be to articulate 
as we should yea, for we are still talking about not knowing everything we ought to know to reach 
our goal, altruism at least we quibble over no more even as one may diets to the 
hilt to not be nay deemed obese, whatever be the goal, cosmetics or coverage down the road 
for ‘pain,’ who doesn’t headache have? We also likely not would argue that we must one not offer
treatment for liver disease to someone for simply being yea a ‘recovering alcoholic’ 
who fell off the wagon mourning lost a spouse, or because we think they ought to goodness seek on own,
or they may not be keen others seeking goodness for them or they don’t care about it anyway.  
Before we move on in our study we should first apologize to Mr. Leaky for what may 
unfair be we affirmed declaring who the agent is when we cannot claim to fully know what 
causes the leaks, why we in fact funding for researches we here yea advocate, we want to add 
though that we are not theorizing an hypothesis we need, our aim to rule out or rule in 
the agent as we tease the case with fine-toothed combs methodological rigour ever we 
embrace, we hope that in the end we fully grasp mechanisms involved in leaky toxins that 
may hex our days, regardless living in or out yea of the bottle living in a cave, O yea, 
why we must understand the leaks applicable to other ‘leaky’ states no matter at what scale  
micro- or macro-made, thus ultimately we seek goodness for the social organism helping those 
in need, for what we failed to do may come back yes to haunt us novel problems flabbergasting raise. 
For instance we cannot ignore the issue yea of climate change, of cattle prions seeking of 
fishes being washed ashore in numbers dead, coastal cities at risk of being submerged whole islands
at risk of being gobbled rising sea levels ringing alarm bells so, in chorus we sing ‘something is 
leaking somewhere else mister Leaky what is going on?’ Our study therefore leads us to many 
spots yes wherein ‘causation’ hides, if even associations we found yes we have forged ahead, 
be it at micro or at macro levels we have seen the need to altruistic be, the need 
to reach out to our fellow humans save our precious void, and we have realized that reaching out 
to others is in fact reaching out to ourselves, reverse altruism we practice maybe nay 
even knowing not is helping the social organism helping all of us, and yes plugging 
the leaks eventually eliminating them results, my liver disease history at last. 
Dear Mr. Leaky, thank you for not being so mad at me, one only is trying to play one’s part 
in making void a better place for all, one is convinced about not being deluded having faith 
in mates, believing we all progress seek in void, which means progress not only for ourselves, for as 
we strive to pain discard happiness to enjoy positivity we spread in our lives, and this 
not only to our families but also to our friends colleagues everyone in our lives and to 
our precious world, the social organism we ensure lives on, reverse being sadly true, but we 
are not nay even going there, we’re not gains in our study frittering no way, we are moving 
on keeping hope alive, yes we are joining hands to forge a brand new world, a world wherein yes peace
and love reside forever in our hearts and souls, open to knowledge seek wherever we could to 
improve of world we welcome contributions of our fellow humans wish all well evermore, O yea.