Definition 3

Definition 3
George O. Obikoya 
As we continue on a journey that further leads us into the land of ‘ghosts of departed 
quantities’ as a Bishop once declared regarding dividing a number by zero one great 
man on whose pate reportedly once fell a pome not unlike calculus once yea upon a time 
is ours, conundrum one piled on another we encounter as we probe the role that language plays 
in our reality, yes in defining even meaning yea of life, that is yea in so far 
as we contend unutterable is what lies beyond hence silent we must be, aporetic 
rhetorically some would say we are when on the one hand we are happy to discard O yea 
a ladder up we climbed to get to where we are decidedly mum, yea right as mum as mummies 
mum for yes on the other we acclaim the chance to deeper dig the void that mockingly stare us 
daring us to the plunge take into knowledge to escape our catacombs of dug-out eyes afloat. 
Pardon me for being dark about it but we must be frank, naysayers surely right we are not O 
no keeping mum regarding what we find beyond what language can express yes on our present stage, 
a multilayered DNA messenger-RNA to ailments cure incomprehensible 
‘mysteries’ O yea all around we must attend to mull, as after all the stage itself may change, 
as songs of architecture over time inform, deep structures overridden in accretions O 
yea marvels we explore, in Giza manifest, in megalithic structures everywhere in voids, 
in sinew of the missives we received immersed in science math or monks and saints we are O yea, 
awe-struck beyond belief as language not existent is nay to define our stage, the new stage right 
there in our face, the ladder gone what yea are choices are sit right across our faces daring us 
taunting mocking us to fall right back wherefrom or plunge into light a new world formulate, unfazed. 
Thus, as we ponder information we encounter more hope yea we happen upon our thoughts yea 
in languages expressed refine yea as we forge ahead to realms were hitherto unknown, hollow 
we are no more philosophically aporetic we truly are evident in how we 
firmly stand yea regarding not nay keeping mum, indeed, not undermining roles we play forging 
reality defining yea our world, scared not to language new create to fit what we find yea 
into yea what we have, throwout O no the baby with the bath water notwithstanding O yes 
paradigm shifts we also yea embrace, a most important point to stress to vistas novel O 
yea opened to investigate, ‘mysteries’ yea we may reveal open to knowledge sources be 
it yea imagination intuition reason anything, limits of languages that we 
currently use clear to us happy we would be yes to remake its face, define our world anew. 
If even now we recognize imaginary numbers ponder yea imaginary roots 
of unity negative we compute gravitational network tubes connecting planets moons 
we dream of corridors in space for our dreams of interplanetary transport networks we work 
with numbers essentially travelling between being and nonbeing why for Pete’s sake should we not 
device a language to communicate with hidden data in our DNA? O yes, as weird 
and creepy as it sounds that is yea what we need to do to knowledge gain that we may know yes who 
or what we are what we are here in void for meaning yes of life, in other words language O yea 
as in representation we must not dismiss as we must not in communication we must 
set be yea to define ourselves our world and to update our definitions language heretofore 
becoming now becoming morn ad infinitum nonbeing being becoming nonbeing being O yea. 
Hidden may yet be data unimaginable in content in magnitude in many yes 
other ways that our languages cannot express besides in DNA, representation we 
consider bringing abstractness yea into life as does something someone yes strands of letters brings 
to life in us, we ought not therefore to regard representation concreteness denies, it is 
beyond deem what we can configure with our logic yea, what we could even comprehend to start 
with meaning of life way beyond our rich to ever hope to know, the question though is how could we 
be sure of that without trying to know whatever anything at all? How did we ‘language games’ 
device we no more could design? If anything it seems increasingly easier to mega-
data handle our algorithms making life look evermore like it’s straight out of sci-fi as 
we able are for instance to be space tourists ‘spend time’ with our relatives deceased. 
Language is not only able to express what is in the world but also what is not, conjure 
we could ways to define whatever we ‘discover’ in our quest for knowledge we cannot perceive,
regardless a common underlying structure seen as underpinning language logic could yea 
unveil or as an interplay of languages in ‘language games’ O yea we able are language 
yea to device organically linked yea to the past, in other words even if we must yea 
paradigmatic shifts adopt we synchronic language analysis has diachronic roots, what 
some may argue would lead us in the end to linguistics ‘ontological slums,’ as others hold 
it may just be yea to that common underpinning yes upon which multiplicity O yea 
of languages pile put differently language ‘now’ ere was language representing abstractness
concreteness intertwined as they ever were and will ever be, essence existence yoked, O yea. 
Where our study has led us thus far is to tell us what we aim for is not far to seek, that we 
could more know ‘bout ourselves and even more about a world we constitute, which may open our eyes
to others we must also constitute we may not yet know yea, doubtless yes this may sound more like 
a leap of faith but let us step back think of what it may mean that dyadic being and nonbeing are, 
that frescos tell tales that could actions spark in us communicating in ‘real time,’ what may simply
configurations changes be as we define concreteness we communicate, the gestures we 
make with our hands for instance or yea with our lips sending messages that may change our world refit 
our mental state depending on who is singing the song others must dance to in a void, a song 
the story in a fresco yes might have inspired, of love perhaps of war yea in a distant past, 
why we must not our language bind as it is not bound-able evolutionary-bound, O yea.    
We talk of music mysteries in art, our study takes us everywhere, wherever knowledge rests 
its head wherein we also comfort seek, for knowledge fear renders extinct the quest for more inspires, 
we talk of science math O yea endeavours we engage in every sphere of life, we talk of peace 
of love of charity of hope, we talk of a new world where justice yea prevails, common to all 
is ‘talk,’ a great yes starting point, but all talk with no action nothing adds to ‘talk,’ bounded we are 
evolutionary-stalled but are we? It is unreasonable not to motion yea impede 
conjecture we cannot nay evolution stop, languages we compound configured are in time, 
and so are even as we ‘talk,’ diachronic synchronic turning right afore our eyes, action 
perhaps not universally wrought in progress in us in ways that divergent or convergent 
may be and energy dispersion may or may not aid, our niche in realms regardless tells O yea.
Definitions we mould with tongues thus may our station change, in life wherein we operate, unknown 
or known to us we make or break our stage, why we must clear be how we interact how we language
deploy, as crystallized ere or as motorized in ‘now,’ unwary not of linkages O yea 
in stories either tells, as stories both convey giving us inklings we must strive not only to 
nay not miss but also nay not dismiss, for therein may be what we want to know, what yea or who 
we are our mission in a void, and some may mock us talking yea of ‘mission’ who believe that this 
is arrant nonsense crazy balderdash, and it may well be save for it is where our study takes 
us and leads we intend to follow with the ladder gone we plan to take the plunge yea into realms 
of knowledge not mum be, ‘nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now 
is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less’ says one ‘radioactivity’ coined.
Even as aplastic anemia loomed, she continued to work with radioactive elements 
that must have caused her illness in the first place fear not in her lexicon her works that seemingly 
the principle of energy conservation opposed rocked physics and led to the sort O yes 
of paradigm shift we earlier mentioned elevating knowledge benefiting all, in peace-
time and in war, the price of giving her life to seeking knowledge from which we all benefit now 
an early death was yet yes in our hearts she will forever be, a true role model for all O 
yea gender-blind we hail, imploring us to keep on seeking knowledge to better know who or what 
we are, improve ourselves to higher take our world regardless aporetic we are yes from time 
to time, to not give up and we will not give up, to follow knowledge wherever it may lead, which we 
intend to do, defined ourselves our void to use knowledge gained for the good of all, our goal, in life.