Definition 2

Definition 2 
George O. Obikoya 
In seeking to know who or what we are define ourselves and yea our world it may interest us 
that there is a second layer yes of information hidden in our DNA expressed based 
on how its strands are mechanically folded into nucleosome bundles in our cells O yea 
this second layer probably a source of disease-forming mutations knowledge of this layer 
hence is potentially a source of information we could use yea to prevent or treat O yes 
diseases that might have elusive been thus far, why we are just finding out that this layer sure 
exists a matter we must mull, how many lives we could have saved this knowledge we hitherto had 
we must contemplate, how yea we defined our DNA as a representation or O yes 
as a communication entity matters more so in relation to its interaction 
yea with messenger-RNA now seen as putatively disease-curing vistas opened O yea. 
Thus, heat-trapping greenhouse gases melt the arctic cap, rising sea levels threaten coastal towns, 
we talk amongst ourselves about the smog we cause remind ourselves about the scorched earth that refit 
the forests yes in ‘ages past’ were evergreen O yes, we talk about a lot of things that yes 
our actions cause that may define our stage, the stage as actors that we enter and we exit in 
our days O yea, that others coming after us may find out in some information nucleosomes 
secrete, or hidden somewhere else in plain sight math may yea reveal, the point here being defining yes
our world with language structured to our world improve, regardless seen yea as representation or 
as yea a tool for time-critical priced communication to achieve our aim, to know who or 
what we are and relate this to our world and where we want to take it what future we seek for our
precious world yea, including recognizing and acclaiming our achievements others to inspire.
We need to others yea inspire to move forward our work, as our study will show work we must do, 
to save our world, work our language will define, in time will multiply our gains, as we able 
will be to fritter not what we need to survive, to ignore not the changes to our voided space 
we cause that could be counter to our aims, making us see the need to knowledge acquisition well 
define, how yea and how not to define educational goals from yea an early stage and to 
encourage adult lifelong quest for knowledge as we all could contributions make to progress no 
matter yea old or young, regardless gender yea, if someone had made gender-based our notions of 
who went to school or not we would probably not have a female physicist, one of our own 
winning the highest academic honour in the world in physics in twenty eighteen, the third 
female yea in history to do so and who no doubt others now have inspired, progress defines. 
Thus, we must pay attention to the use of language to define ourselves our world, one way O yes 
to study which poetic philosophy Plato-style we chose philosophy and poetry 
an ancient agon toss, and in a sense we climb a ladder then discard it aporetic may 
signal something that’s greater than itself, but we must not be silent nay about what we may think 
it is no matter how un-understandable to us appears, in other words even O yea 
representations ‘speak,’ not just among themselves sharing a space on canvas set in stone 
but also with us for whom appreciating beauty is de rigueur pretty much as language 
does as a tool communication yea its goal transformed in time configuration-moulding spells, 
either way thus inspiring in us novel ways to see the transmutation interactions forge, 
extrapolated in a fresco or seen in the motion what we say bespeaks, or otherwise. 
We do not barghest wish for yet we need to be contrite admit we may beget a hex, we may 
invoke yea what we may at last just want to wish away, whereas we want to gain, we want to reach 
our goal of figuring yea who or what we are to better make our world, we want to say O yes 
those unsayable but important yet nonsensical things aporetic we conclude discarding ladders yes, 
our language able spectra to define of human nature actions thereby prompt, why we should not 
discard nay what we find even the ladder gone, for it may be a second layer yea of lots 
of information hidden in our DNA that might otherwise have stayed secreted were we 
not keen to genomes probe, had we not yea among ourselves communicated information shared, 
had we not resources researchers granted to pursue their academic dreams had we constrained 
freedom of speech associations reined, had we defined ourselves our world in terms that stymied growth.
What we deemed inexpressible expressed may therefore take us to realms we never fathomed we could
nay even glean, the start of explorations some may say phantasmagoric are, perhaps a third 
a fourth or more layers of information on our DNA still hiding waiting for us O yes 
to elevate our thoughts, our thoughts that speech or at that non-speech yea expresses to our lives in void
define, our lives that shape our world in tolls of greenhouse gases manifest, in smoggy neighbourhoods,
in fly agaric rains, rudderless we assign our stage, anarchic free we claim we could be after all 
exiting in our shredded mental states we shudder to assign not all else is to blame, the world 
owes us the world we have no part to play but wreck it anyway, who cares we ask ourselves with pride
altruism deceased declaring we define our face, remorselessly with language we devise 
yes we define ourselves with language we invent to interact within and with our fellow beings. 
Sojourners we are in a void, our world, what some would argue represent yea all there is, whereas
salvation or damnation situated deep within is yea however others would contend 
existential being yea our being in void okay maybe yes we would say our study aims our guide, 
thus we would try to find a spot along the spectrum to define our stage, our entry exit yea, 
ourselves yea in relations to our void, a midpoint situate ourselves that inner outer realms 
define in mystic melodies, logical yea atomism temper generalizations 
refute not essence cum existence marry yea O yea, in other words we want to language yea employ 
that cognizant takes of the sundry propositions that could us define, sayable or not we 
want to able be to refit our pates with knowledge that would closer take us to achieving what  
we crave, knowledge of who or what we are defined generalizations with particulars synced. 
This is to say we cannot solely atomize existence essence disregard, what is the chick or egg 
another matter though, one which we may able be to accost up yea a ladder climb that opens up 
our minds to abstractness and concreteness unutterable synthesis perceive, the ladder yea 
discarded wherein aporetic find ourselves over in wonderland until we venture more 
sayable say we are about ourselves by extension our world whereof we want to know that we 
may make it better for ourselves and generations yet unborn, thus we unlock processes gleaned 
even in artwork set in stone imbibing knowledge interactions of its objects sharing yea 
a space speechlessly yea communicate marry them with those time configures in the language we 
invent yea to communicate, languages view as at once representations as well as 
communications tools, our definitions thus open are to modifications as we forge. 
O yes we forge, we forge a brand new world as transmutation in a forge engage, our languages 
increasingly yea representing and communicating frameworks that relationships enhance 
we all O yea embrace, particulars incorporated yes a new world order more and more 
our comfort zone as data we obtain become actionable information we daily use 
to improve our stage, defined anew we forge ahead with grace, language no longer made 
to arms employ in everyday affairs, no longer need for fly agaric rains, we all O yea 
agree to understand the need to smog control to no more scorch the forests nay, we pledge to work 
hard to ensure our world becomes a better place as we define ourselves our world in tongues as one 
we unify expressed the inexpressible we find yea on the mountain top whence mull O yes 
volcanic ashes spread, goodwill to all we celebrate with peace and hope and love yea on our minds. 
To sum up our study for now we must admit language seen as representing fundamental 
deep structures we cannot discount, structures that we may trace to letters twined in layers yea O yea 
of DNA we’re yet to excavate, processes deep within us that define us underpin 
our acts, and interact with processes vicarious pivoting our lives as languages with which 
yea we communicate, essence in tandem with existence must define us yea, why we must aim 
to figure both not aporetic fade when we should see this as a great challenge to ever be 
more resolute to comprehend ourselves our world a glimpse catch of our fate O yea at last take charge 
of coming days with grace, our future in our hands that knowledge faithfully we seek grants now always
our wish to join hands with our fellow humans forge a void anew forevermore our aim, why we 
will keep alive hope for our world O yea, why definitions we would ever cogitate, O yea.