Definition 1

Definition 1
George O. Obikoya 
We must wonder what makes us who or what we think we are, ponder likewise about our world, others 
we interact with family friends even pets and kegs, living or not we think we label to 
communicate defined with language yea, or whatever we do, common to all being purveying 
yea meaning language is representation some say others that communication it subserves 
which yea suggests it operates in time, and time itself some say does not exist simply being naught 
but changes in configurations what then language is up in the air is even as O yea 
representation language still it is, something yea it defines, either structurally or yea 
functionally data it shares regardless garbed or not yea albeit as information life 
reveals in clothed forms, in forms wherein the issues that we will address yes in our study and 
we hope we may able be yes to better comprehend what we may say define us and our world. 
In doing so we may yea come across some notions that require us to boundaries crisscross that 
may yea our study twine, for instance limits of thought as purveyor of perception language serves, 
paradoxically enabling explorations on a broader base of what we seek to know 
about ourselves relating to our fellow humans and our voided space, our world, making it apt 
to not be fazed by challenges we’ll face, we must not succour seek in generalizations set 
we must be also to particulars mull as existence we relate to essence that we may 
definitions we seek contextualize, in other words we need not be rhetorically O 
no aporetic genuinely we must be curious to know yea what we seek if even yes 
impassable appear our queries yea, and ‘family resemblance’ intuitively seem nay not 
enough to soothe our thirst for knowledge ossuaries here we come say for its bony pate, O yea. 
Prepared we must to ferret knowledge from its hiding places way beyond the limits O yea of 
perception thought conveys in speech or not language nonetheless, who or what we ask taught babies 
in utero to ‘talk’ yea with their mothers privately we say, as we cannot surmise O no 
all babies talk exactly the same way yea with their mothers ‘and similar things,’ as what they talk 
with we could say something yea is to them the label ‘mother’ foreign yet to learn to smile and cry 
to ‘mama’ language thus ‘acquired’ prior to birth, and we are not being aporetic in any 
sense rhetorically plugged doubting boundaries that we stamp on language in our voided space 
genuinely we are, philosophically aporetic one could if even O yes in 
literary milieus we operate, and caught between critiquing essence cum existence whilst 
at once embracing it we launch ourselves afield in search of springs to quench our thirst at large in voids. 
To couple essence and existence speaks yea to the broad-based frameworks we intend to pivot our 
study to help in finding answers to our queries yea, restrict not our inquiries constrain nay not 
our thoughts, that on the other hand eclectic stimuli to thought they offer us every step of 
the way, the abstract vis-a-vis the concrete able we are yea to contemplate, numbers interred 
in stone in temples on the mountain top on city streets remote locations wherever they may be 
able we are to energize resuscitate to secrets glean they bear, that we may forge ahead aright 
our study better placed, for we may find that babies stories tell about the origin of speech, 
tabula rasa not they are which sure would make us want to know who knowledge put yea in their brains 
O yea, or where it situates, why so and when, essence preceding yea existence what more may 
we ask? Interesting seems our study will be, so let’s be open to receiving answers found. 
Language representing abstracts what we cannot perceive we still express in thought for instance math,
a priori knowledge we have whereof we may not nay be certain but we find the math, that is 
knowledge of it reality defines, but we must take a step further to figure how numbers 
and symbols in math equations somehow come to live, dialectical tensions ‘twixt sides of 
the equal sign we cannot wish away given the issues we must clarify waking up the 
numbers and symbols from their slumber deep, if it’s essence or it’s existence that defines us as 
after all yea ‘all is number’ as theorem forty seven’s progenitor once said, O yes, 
but how and why do they become transformed into heat, or any energy come alive? We may 
become yea aporetic at this juncture pretty much where physics may be now, the more we think 
we know the less we find we know, which may not be bad as it may just be catalytic in our quest. 
Yes, it may just be what we need to move our study forward on the track remain, for knowledge is 
in motion much like energy transformed yea it becomes, configurational changes reveals 
that time explains, evident in communication language explicates, that all defines in processes in void, 
in other words defining processes involves no matter communicating or O yes at 
that representing language is, for even statues bear relations to the others sharing yea 
a space, as objects in a fresco do, alone not stories richly tell on canvass yes witness 
Giotto’s frescos Sistine chapel’s air, so even statues talk, communicate, in motion are 
yes in our eyes as much as hands of clock, changing transforming reconfiguring our thought, our world 
yea as we see it yes define it in as many words as we could bring to life to share make sense 
yea of a void, as one, a new world order coming into life as we our interactions sharp. 
As better we could comprehend what we define the better is our world, as we admit without 
misgivings aporetic we may be yet forward motion give up not on clearer it would 
likely be that we would yes reach our goal, our destination figuring what ‘definition’ is, 
a central role concede energy plays in bringing math to life, as it does frescos stories set 
in abstractness as much as bidding mates adieu, thus we may yes submit we have a starting point 
in understanding void, and all there is in it, yes in defining who or what we are ourselves 
we decompose in interactions language verbalized or not elucidate better we will 
be at getting across our mates and our neighbours we’ll better comprehend our actions thereby root 
in insights that changing configurations grant us definitions we update, operational the word ‘update’ 
as motorized in energy we transform, insights that an industrial revolution bore. 
Social cohesion we desire in seeking knowledge we need to update our world, and to improve 
ourselves our interactions with our neighbours and our mates we need to better come across O yea,
communication tool we need to sharpen to achieve our aim, regardless if we simply gave 
examples adding ‘and similar things’ or sought essential definitions yea our aim remains 
to better make our world, more so as we oblivious are not nay to the chance perhaps of being 
a bit too confident about probabilistic maxims maybe as much as we are about 
wave-function and not objects that is yea the universe, or as we are about quarks branes even
multiverses yea being the holy grail, reminding not ourselves about being wary of so-called 
self-evident generalizations and particulars, being aporetic not feigned O no 
but genuine O yea, we hope our study will open our eyes to knowledge not disdain, not hex. 
In not abhorring definitions yea essential we remind ourselves ‘family resemblance’ 
nay may not be enough to match events and things that language helps define, as it should not O no 
have taken thousands of years for the ‘gold foil experiment’ yes to come along since ancient thoughts 
conceived of atoms yet neopositivism we also aporetic are yes about 
limits of verificationism yea we concede tensions between abstract and concrete aim 
to ease to knowledge gain we need to reach our goal define ourselves our world, in doing so a grasp 
firmer have of reality that seems so hard to grasp, one which we would better be able to 
control, a brand new world for everyone where peace and love prevail where justice rule of law we all 
revere respect adore society think not of ruining but of elevating it O yea, 
a better world enjoy hand over to our children our legacy hope and faith in all O yea. 
Thus, ever open we must be to knowledge foster hinder not nay efforts to define our world, 
our use of language must progressive be, for actions it defines in essence to communicate, 
if even used to represent it sets in motion interactions set in stone we may assume 
yet may reveal the past we cannot access otherwise, or know how not to do, and used to glean 
the future we now only could figure in our reveries, why we must soberly this matter take 
of honing our communication skills to better interact, our thoughts deliver better to 
achieve our aim, we need to realize what role yes language plays since ‘mama’ ‘papa’ days, better 
put since our days in utero, a tool yea of attachment and of bonding psychosocial made, 
hence one tool that may make or break our world defining actions yea, setting in motion what we deem 
is next to do based on our updates of what we communicate, configurations time explains.